A Love Story??

2 Best Friends, go to the same school--- 2 boys change their lives.. but along comes drama and stupid arguments...


5. Sign Up--

Jeff's POV-
It was FINALLY friday. I just wanted to stay home and sleep in. The Talent Show sign ups were today.. Hailey and Des walked up to me. "Sup?" Des asked me. We all call her Des now. "Not much, you signing up today?" I ask. "YES!" Hailey yells. We both yell. "What are you singing?" I ask them. "Hollaback Girl" She says. "Nice, never heard it before." I say. "Yep, anyways. We gotta go, class is starting in a few minutes." She says. "Yeah, if Mr.Harpel comes in and we're not in our seats, were in trouble." I say. "Lets go" Des says.

After the following announcments, can everyone who is signing up for the Talent Show come to the music room? ****

Destiny's POV-
I raise my hand. "Mr.Harpel can we go sign up?" I ask him. " You may leave. Anyone else who is signing up, go do it". Half of the class got up and left. Me and Hailey talked on our way there. We signed our names and class. "Wow, I'm gonna be so shy." I tell Hailey. " Yep you are" She replies..... 

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