A Love Story??

2 Best Friends, go to the same school--- 2 boys change their lives.. but along comes drama and stupid arguments...


8. Practice.~

Destiny's POV-
"C'mon Hailey! We don't wanna miss the bus now do we?" I yell. "Shush! I'm right behind you!" She yells back. I laugh. We make it on the bus. "Here Russel, Hailey is coming home with me.." I say with confidence. "Okay. Thanks for bringing a note girls." He replies. I just ignore him. He was a really mean bus driver. We sang the song the whole ride home. But it was so loud. "Have a good day ladies." I hear Russel yell. I run into the house, come on Hailey. "Mom, were home. Going outside to practice". I yell. "Okay hun, stay where I can see you. " I just walk out. My mom is kind of "Over Protective" . We start singing. When Chris comes outside. (My neighbor/best friend) "Hii Chris!" I say. "You stopped dancing"! Hailey shouts. "Calm yoself!" I yell back. "Let me see!" Chris asks. "But i'm shy.." I admit. "Come on pleaasee?" Hailey asks. "It will be good for practice." "Fine, only for you guys." I cave in.

Chris's POV-
I liked their dance. It was, entertaining. Wait, that sounds wrong. Oh, god. "Chris you okay?" Hailey asks me. "Yeah". I reply. I don't know why, but after I broke up with Des a long time ago..I've had feelings for Hailey..She was, well, hot. It was kind of odd. "Chris, we're going in, it's supper!" Des says. "Oh, okay." I reply.  ~~

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