A Love Story??

2 Best Friends, go to the same school--- 2 boys change their lives.. but along comes drama and stupid arguments...


26. How can this happen?

Jared's POV-
Me and Des were chatting about what happened and how me and her have a future. I got a text from Cavin. "Dont bring Des back, jeff is here and hes looking for u . he wants revenge bc u took his girl?" I was so confused. "Tell him to come at me!!" I text back. "Something wrong babe?" I hear Des ask. Her voice is so caring and sweet. "Oh, um yeah im fine hun!" I tell her. "Maybe we should go to our cabin and get some rest!" She asks. "NO! , I mean, um, no. Let's go for a walk on the deck." I tell her.

Hailey's POV-
"Jeff, why can't you just get over her?" I ask him. "BECAUSE HE TOOK MY GIRL!" He yelled. "Calm down Jeff." Cavin said. "DONT TELL ME TO CALM DOWN!" He keeps yelling. "Okay, Jeff, we will just get another Cabin" I say. He pushes me alittle. "Woah! My girl is pregnant!!! Don't EVER touch her again! You got it?!!" Cavin yells. Jeff backs off for awhile. "C'mon babe, lets get a new room. We got all of their luggage." I tell him. He nods and we walk to the desk. "May we have a new room?" We ask the lady. " Sure, you already paid, so heres you're card." She replies. "Thank you m'am."  And we get our new room.


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