A Love Story??

2 Best Friends, go to the same school--- 2 boys change their lives.. but along comes drama and stupid arguments...


28. Docked In California!

Cavin's POV-
After last night, I woke up to Hailey snuggled in my arms. While she was asleep, I gentley rubbed her tummy and kissed her cheek. I got off the bed that was now just 1 bed. Since we got a master bedroom, there is 2 king size beds. I got up and saw a note from Jared and Des. ~Hey Hailey or Cavin, we are docked in California now. Gone to look at some puppies to adopt.~ Oh, we're docked ? "Hailey, babe get up.. We are docked in California." I say. "Hmph?" Shes so cute when shes asleep.

Destiny's POV-
"Okay, looks like this is the address." I tell Jared. "Yep" He agrees. *Knock**Knock* A older lady answer the door. "Oh well, Hello dear." She said with a calm voice. "Hi, we are here concerning the puppies." "Oh, come right in. Their over here!" She said pointing to a corner. "Their so adorable!" I say squealing. I looked at one of the puppies.. Their eyes were a beautiful shade of blue JUST like Jared's. The dog made me feel, special for some reason. But then I looked at the other puppy and she just had heart melting eyes. I wanted to take them both... But we only took the first one I saw. It was a boy so we named him  Max.

Hailey's POV-
I got up finally and Cavin had brought me in a plate with pancakes. They we're really good. He made the best pancakes! Once I finished, I got dressed in my ripped jeans. I put a tube top on with the same color bra. Me and Cavin were waiting for Des and Jared to show up with their new puppy! I was super excited. I got a text from Des. ~Hey, meet us on the 2nd floor. The dog is allowed out for 20 minutes then he has to go back to the kennel!~ ~KK, Be right there!~ I showed Cavin and we got an elevator to the 2nd floor.


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