A Love Story??

2 Best Friends, go to the same school--- 2 boys change their lives.. but along comes drama and stupid arguments...


21. Do Me The Honor's?

Cavin's POV-
I was walking up the trail on Wentworth Park.. Thinking about my recent break-up with Chelsea... She said she didn't like me because I wouldn't have $ex with her. But I never broke my promise to Hailey. I looked up from my feet and seen 3 teens about my age. I looked at the teen who was looking at me. As I got closer, I noticed it was Hailey Barron. I felt bad for dumping her so hard last time and saying I blocked her. But I needed to make things right.  I walked up to her, looked her in the eyes and told her. " You're all I ever think about, I never EVER broke my promise, I feel like im missing a part of my heart that you have. Will you do me the Honor's of being my girlfriend again?" She jumped into my arms and kissed me and didn't stop until we had to go. Which was about 5 minutes after.

Chris's POV-
I'm so fucking tired of waiting for that BITCH to break her promise! THAT WAS 4 YEARS AGO. She finally walked in the door. I seen everyone waiting for her outside the house. I grabbed her by the waist. "Chris, what are you doing?" She asked. " Im  getting what I wanted 4 years ago bitch!" I yelled. "Chris, no! Stop, I just, cant break my promise." She pleaded. "Well, hes not here to help you now, is he?" I say. " CAVIN!!! HELP ME!!" She screamed. "What the fuck?! He's here!!?" I yelled. She laughed . And I tried to get down her pants as fast as I could. I hand it down her pants, but not in. Cavin burst in and pulled her away and I chased after them. He kicked me in the nuts and I fell to the ground.

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