A Love Story??

2 Best Friends, go to the same school--- 2 boys change their lives.. but along comes drama and stupid arguments...


32. Aw.

*8 Months Later* Another Long Skip .
Destiny's POV-
Hailey's baby was due soon.. Max is alittle bigger but hes super good and is protective. Cavin didn't go to jail but he got sued and won. Jeff's funeral was a few months back and me and Jared are engaged! I was walking downstairs. I got an apple from the fridge and started eating it. I took a bite out of my apple and Hailey came down the stairs. "Woo , Woo , Woo!" She said making weird noises. "Des, I am.. I-n lab-b-or." She said out of breath. "Come on!" I said helping her. The boys were at work. I helped her into the car. She started to scream. "You are NOT having this child here!" I said. She laughed and continued making pushing noises. On the way there, I texted Cavin.

Cavin's POV-
I was working in my office. I got a text. "Cvin Haileuy lab8r nuew go to hispital" I read it. She must have been in a rush if it's spelt that way. I texted Jared. "Hailey's in labor at the hospital!" I clicked send and told my boss I had to go. He nodded and let me go. He was really nice. When I was driving, I listened to some music. I finally got there and I asked what room. "Room 203" She said. When I got in, the baby was being pushed out. I felt sick, but I didn't wanna show it. When the baby was born, the doctor put it in Hailey's hands. "Congratulations Hailey O'Day, you just gave birth to a baby girl." The doctor said. Hailey started to cry with happiness. I smiled and walked up to her. "May I hold her?" I asked. "Of course!" She said. She gentley passed me the baby. I snuggled her. "What will we name her?" I asked. "How about Ciara?" She asked. "I love it!" Des said. "Ciara Marie O'Day." I said.

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