A Love Story??

2 Best Friends, go to the same school--- 2 boys change their lives.. but along comes drama and stupid arguments...


14. After School

Destiny's POV-
So after the bell rang, we were doing presentations. Me and Hailey were doing them together. When we got up, I whispered to her. "Hey, Jared is coming to my house after school! Wanna come?" She nods and we do our presentation. "And thats how the telephone was made" Hailey finished. Everyone clapped and they did their presentations until the home bell rang. Me and Jared walked to the bus hand-in-hand. Me and Hailey sat together and Jared was across from us. We played truth or dare for a while..."I dare you to kiss Jared!" Hailey said. Me and Jared shrugged out shoulders and then kissed eachother. "Ooooo!" Hailey said. We all laughed. 

Jared's POV-
We finally got to Des's bus stop. When we got there, we went up to her room to hang out. She had a few One Direction posters up. "Wow, got a few posters huh?" I asked. "A FEW?!? THIS IS LIKE A MILLION! ARE YOU CRAZY ?! " Hailey screamed. We all laughed and laughed. "Lets go outside!" Des said. We all agreed and went outside and Chris came outside with us too! "Oh hi Chris!" Des yelled. Chris kind of ignored her. "Hi Hailey!" Chris yelled.

Chris's POV-
I came outside with Des and  HAILEY. I just wanted to see Hailey. I kind of tried to ignore Des. She said hey but I went straight for Hailey. "Um, Hi." She replied. "So whatsup?"Des once again interupted. "Would you shut the FUCK up Destiny?!" I yelled. She let go of Jrad, Jade, Jared's hand. I didn't care who he was. Then she ran down the road. I didn't care. I grabbed Hailey's hand and starting walking. "EW, LET GO OF ME! I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!! STOP IT!" She yelled. I just pulled her hair into my grandparents house who wasn't home.

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