A Love Story??

2 Best Friends, go to the same school--- 2 boys change their lives.. but along comes drama and stupid arguments...


27. A Nice Walk...

Destiny's POV-
"So, why are we going for a walk on each deck?" I asked Jared. "I dunno." He says. He gets a text.. He reads it and looks at me. "We have a new room babe." He says. "Oh, why? "  "I don't know..." He replies. I knew something was up. But I didn't wanna ruin the moment. We just continued walking for a while. We stopped at a railing and saw dolphins. They were so cute! I wish I had a dolphin. "Babe, can we get a dolphin?" I asked him. He laughed..."Not unless we buy a ocean." I giggle. "Maybe we should get a dog or some sort of animal" "That actually sounds like a good idea!" He replies.

Jared's POV-
"Babe, you go inside, I am gonna find the number to a dog breeder or something." I tell her. "Yay!" She squeals. I laugh at the excitement. I dialed a number that was on an ad. It said German Shepherd Baby's for sale. When I dialed, a woment picked up. "Hello?" "Hi, I called concerning the baby German Shepherds." "Oh, well there is 2 left, if you wanna come take a look." Okay, I was wondering where you live? " " Oh, we live in California. Are you close?" She asked. "Well, we are on a cruise to there and we get to stay there for 1 hour." "Oh, then you can come take a look!" She said. "Yes, we will be there in... 2 hours." I reply. " Okay. Heres my address" She gave me her address. We hung up and I told Des.


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