Truly, Madly, Crazy, Deeply In Love With You... ♥

This is my first fan-fiction so I am so sorry if it sucks. >.<

Vanesa & her older sister Nicole are two completely different girls. Now new to life in England. Nicole (17) becomes known as the athletic, out-going sister while Vanesa (16) became known as the geeky, nerdy, shy girl but, when they become the best of friends with Liam Payne's girlfriend Emily, their world changes almost instantaneously.

sooo what happens when two sisters fall for the same guy?

a story of secret admirers, true love & fights.


9. Suicidal♥

Niall's P.O.V.

"U-Uhh. T-They died in car a-accident, last summer. It was my fault."

"Wait, w-what?" Lou said. We all turned to see someone opening the door. 

"Nicole!" I yelled, running up to her & pressing my lips to hers.

"Hey Ni." she smiled.

"I missed you." I whispered. She smiled.

"I missed you too," she said, she immediately turned to look at Vanesa. "what the fuck were you thinking?"

"I-I just... it's too much to handle sometimes." Vane whispered.

"I know but that's not the way I raised you," she began, "most importantly our parents would've never wanted you to suffer this much. Vane, you have a great guy like Harry by your side. I doubt he wants to see you unhappy.."

"I don't. I want you to be happy.. I want to be the one that makes you happy." Harry whispered to Vane.

"Wait, wait, wait." I interrupted, all attention fell on me. "Your parents? Please, explain?"


Nicoles' P.O.V.

*Flashback - Summer 2012*

I was interrupted from my work by a phone call.


"N-Nicole, I-I can't d-do it a-anymore."

"Vane, slow down. What do you mean?"

"I-I... Aiden hit me."


"I-I can't do it anymore, I love you Nicole." called ended, the line went dead. I got up & went to my temporary bosses office. I told her I had a family emergency, lucky for me she didn't ask any questions & let me go. I called my parents who were on a road trip. I told them what had just happened & they became worried. They said they would drive back as fast as they could besides they were only a couple hours away. I got to the house & found Vanesa on the kitchen floor, crying uncontrollably with a knife in her hand. 

"I want to die." she spoke quietly, repeating it over & over. "I want to die." 

"No, no. I don't want you to die. Give me the knife, please." I whispered, slowly walking towards her.


"Give me a hug goodbye, at least?" She gave me a small nod. I took the opportunity to snatch the knife from her hands when she gave me the hug.

"You're not leaving me." I said. I took her to her room so she could get some rest. Once she fell asleep, I went down stairs. My phone started ringing.

"Hello." I spoke.

"Yes, I this Miss. Nicole Monrroy?"

"Yes, this is her. What can I do for you?"

"We're sorry to inform you but your parents were in a serious car crash. A drunk driver hit them & they didn't make it." 

"W-What? Are you sure it's them?!"

"Yes, their I.D's were found in the car accident. We're really sorry for your loss. We will be in contact, Goodbye." 

The line went dead. What now? 

*End of Flashback*

"What?!" I heard Harry yell, "Why would you ever think of killing yourself. Thank you for stopping her Nikki, if it wasn't for you I would've never met her." I weakly smiled at him. Thinking about my parent, I didn't have the word to respond.


Harry's P.O.V.

"Why?" I whispered. Everyone else had gone to get coffee but I stay.

"It hurts to always be treated like a joke & picked on just because you're not as thin as the other girls." she said.

"You're no joke."

"Well that's not how my ex felt & everyone that picked on me for being a different size than everyone else."

"As a wise man once said, the wise man being Niall Horan, shower of cunts." she giggled at my comment.

"You're the first one to take me seriously, not judge me." I smiled at her.

"I would never judge you." I said. The rest of the boys walked in. 


"Alright, doctor said he'll be in here to do a final check up in a bit then, we can go home." Liam smiled. "Okay, what should we do?" Zayn asked. "Well they never got a chance to finish hearing Little Things, let's sing it for them!" Lou said. We all agreed, luckily Niall carries his guitar everywhere so we had it.    



Your hand fits in mine 

Like it's made just for me 
But bear this in mind 
It was meant to be 
And I'm joining up the dots 
With the freckles on your cheeks 
And it all makes sense to me.


I know you've never loved 
The crinkles by your eyes when you smile 
You've never loved 
Your stomach or your thighs 
The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine

Zayn & Liam:

But I'll love them endlessly

I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth 
But if I do, it's you, 
Oh it's you, 
They add up to 
I'm in love with you, 
And all these little things


You can't go to bed, 
Without a cup of tea, 
And maybe that's the reason 
That you talk, in your sleep 
And all those conversations 
Are the secrets that I keep 
Though it makes no sense to me


I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape 
You never want to know how much you weigh 
You still have to squeeze into your jeans 

Niall & Harry:

You're perfect to me 
I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth 
But if it's true, 
It's you, 
It's you, 
They add up to 
I'm in love with you, 
And all these little things


You'll never love yourself 
Half as much as I love you 
You'll never treat yourself right, darlin' 
But I want you to, 
If I let you know, I'm here for you, 
Maybe you'll love yourself, 
Like I love you 


And I've just let these little things 
Slip, out of my mouth, 
'Cause it's you, oh it's you, 
It's you, 
They add up to 
And I'm in love with you, 

And all these little things, 


I won't let these little things 
Slip, out of my mouth, 
But if it's true, 
It's you, it's you, 
They add up to, 
I'm in love with you, 
And all your little things


"That's song is amazing." Vane said.

"Well, it should be Ed, Niall & Harry spent weeks writing it!" Lou yelled. I blushed a little.

"When did you guys come up with such a great  idea for a song?" she asked looking at me.

"When you came into my life." I smiled. 


"You're insecure, shy, geeky, adorable & those are the things that captivated me about you." I whispered. She smiled & kissed me.  


"I love you." we both said.

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