Truly, Madly, Crazy, Deeply In Love With You... ♥

This is my first fan-fiction so I am so sorry if it sucks. >.<

Vanesa & her older sister Nicole are two completely different girls. Now new to life in England. Nicole (17) becomes known as the athletic, out-going sister while Vanesa (16) became known as the geeky, nerdy, shy girl but, when they become the best of friends with Liam Payne's girlfriend Emily, their world changes almost instantaneously.

sooo what happens when two sisters fall for the same guy?

a story of secret admirers, true love & fights.


6. Her Hurt, My Jealousy & A Mistake♥

Harry's P.O.V.

"YOU WHAT?!?!?!?!?!" Louis yelled, more excited than you can possibly picture him. We were at Nikki & Vane's flat, it was around 10 a.m. & the girls were making breakfast. The boys & I were sitting on the couch, they asked me how our first date went & I explained, every detail.

"I gave her the second paper airplane necklace Lou." I smiled.

"This means... you must like her a lot Hazz." Liam said, patting my back.

"I do. I wouldn't have given it to her if I didn't." smiled, looking at her make breakfast. She looked so fit in her joggers & my oversized t-shirt. I smiled to myself.

"You took a while to give it to Tay.." I interrupted Zayn. 

"Don't ever talk to her in front of Vane, i'd rather she not know that happened." I said, sternly.

"Breakfast is ready boys." Vane walked in, eating a piece of bacon. I stood up & pecked her lips.

"Mmm.. Bacon." I said, our noses touching. She laughed & pulled me into he kitchen. I walked & she already had my plate set on the table. "Thanks babe." I smile & peck her lips.

"HEY! C'mon guys, no PDA when we're eating!" Louis yelled.

"You're just moody because El's not here." I teased. 

"That's it Styles." Louis said. I suddenly felt something hit my face. Strawberry jam. I heard Vane laugh so hard. I flicked some at her, it landed on her nose. 

"Harry!" she screeched. I started to laugh so hard, I couldn't breath. In the next couple of minutes there was food everywhere. We were all laughing & having fun. We helped the girls clean up & by 'we' i mean me & Liam. 

"Babe, go get ready. We're heading off to the studio in an hour, i'll be back in an hour, I need to go to my flat to get showered &  changed." I said, looking at her with a smile.

"Okay." she pecked my lips & walked upstairs. I walked out the door & headed to my flat & got in the shower which took me about 15 mins. I got dressed & headed back to Vane's flat. This time in my car. I got to the front door & knocked.

"Hazz, you don't have to knock love. Just use the key I gave you." I heard her yell. I laughed, I mentally face-palmed myself for forgetting she had given me a key.

"Sweetie! I'm home!" I yelled as I walked through the door.

"Shut up." I heard her laugh. She walked down stairs. 

"Wow. That's casual for you?" I asked sarcastically. She was wearing some light blue skinny jeans, a peach-ish shirt with black bird designs on it, a knitted cardigan/sweater thing & white tennis shoes. I had told her to pack some clothes, so she could stay at my flat for the night because we would be at the studio all day so she was carrying a floral pattern backpack that matched her outfit. She looked like a little school girl. [Vane's Outfit:]

"Yes." she smiled responding. "& Nicole already left with Ni." 

"So we're alone?" I smirked.

"NO! So calm yourself Harry." Louis said, winking at me as he walked out of the kitchen. I cursed under my breath. Vane started laughing.

"Let's go." I said, pulling her hand.

"Wait, grab my phone. It's on the counter in my room." she said walking out. I sprinted upstairs & spotted her HTC Windows phone. I grabbed it & it vibrated. I looked at the screen & saw a text from Niall.

From: Ni :)

'Hey, I need to talk to you about the conversation we had in your room yesterday before your date with Hazz. Let's chat over lunch? x (:'

I was shocked. What had Niall told Vanesa before our date? I was curious. I would confront him.. alone. I walked out of the house & handed Vane her phone.

"Thanks babe." she said, shooting me a smile.

"No problem." I said. I turned on the ignition & started driving to the studio. The car ride was pretty quiet. Vanesa had her earphones in & texted who I guessed was Niall. I was getting jealous. I climbed out of the car & opened the door for her, intertwined our hands.

"Welcome back Mr. Styles, the rest of the boys are on the second floor, Studio B." the receptionist said to me.

"Thanks." I said with a faint smile. I said pulling Vanesa by the wrist.

"Harry." she said. I ignored her. "Ouch, Harry. You're hurting me. Let go!" she yelled.

"Sor.." I was interrupted.

"No." she said, "I don't understand why you're so upset. You can't even look at me. If you didn't want me to come you should've told me. I would've stayed home." she whispered, hurt in her tone.

"It's not that, i'm sorry." I said. "C'mon." I said reaching my hand for her to grab it. She rejected it & walked past me into the studio where the boys were. My heart broke.

"Vane!" I heard them all yell. They ran up to her & gave her a hug. She smiled.

"I'll take you up on that offer Ni." I head her whisper. I clenched my hands into fists but I calmed down when she turned around to look at me with a hurt in her eyes. Niall hugged her.

"Harry, we need you to record your part for 'Little Things' step into the booth." I did as I was told. I put on the head set & began to sing...

'I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape 
You never want to know how much you weigh 
You still have to squeeze into your jeans
You're perfect to me'

I Lou pull her to the control room, giving her a head set so she could hear me sing. She put them on but refused to look at me. But I saw her instantly turn around to look at me when she heard me start singing. Tears in her eyes. She got up, shaking her head & walked out of the studio. I immediately shot up & ran after her.

"Babe.." I yelled. When she heard me she only walked faster but, not fast enough. I caught up to her & stepped in front of her.

"Why?" I asked.

"I just can't." I heard her whisper.

"Okay, can we talk about this?" I said.

"No." she said trying to get past me.

"Please," I started, "it's Niall's turn to record. Do you want to hear him?" she nodded yes. She started to walk back. I knew she wanted to hear him. Once back in the room, she sat back down in her previous position & put her headset on, as did I.

'You never love yourself half as much as i love you 
You'll never treat yourself right darling but i want you to 
If i let you know, i'm here for you
Maybe you'll love yourself like i love you oh'

He was staring at her the whole time, she smiled at him. Jealousy still building up in me. I got a text for Taylor...

From: Taylor

'Hey ;) what are you doing today? Let's have lunch together? I'm in town for a couple of weeks."

To: Taylor

'Sure, meet me at the little café near the studio at 2. (:'

Perfect, I thought to myself. The rest of the boys recorded & we were done at around 2 p.m.

"I'm going to have lunch with Niall if you don't mind." she whispered still keeping her distance. 

"Alright. I'll go have lunch alone." I said, coldly. 'Alone.' Lie. She gave me a hurt facial expression, a tear escaping from her right eyes. Niall wiped it off her cheek & hugged her. I heard her sob into his chest.

"Bye Harry. I'd kiss you but I don't know if you even want that anymore." she whispered, between tears. Niall kissed her forehead. They walked out, together. I was mad so I headed to the café about 5 minutes away from the studio to meet up with Taylor. The walk gave me time to think. They're hiding things from the rest of us but most importantly, she's hiding something from me. I had the right to be hurt. Not her! I drew my conclusion: she's cheating on me with Niall.

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