Truly, Madly, Crazy, Deeply In Love With You... ♥

This is my first fan-fiction so I am so sorry if it sucks. >.<

Vanesa & her older sister Nicole are two completely different girls. Now new to life in England. Nicole (17) becomes known as the athletic, out-going sister while Vanesa (16) became known as the geeky, nerdy, shy girl but, when they become the best of friends with Liam Payne's girlfriend Emily, their world changes almost instantaneously.

sooo what happens when two sisters fall for the same guy?

a story of secret admirers, true love & fights.


5. First Date, Paparazzi & Fans♥

Vanesa's P.O.V.

"It's perfect., he'll love it!" I smiled at Nikki.

"Go try it on then girl!" she said excited. So I took the dress in my hands & tried it on. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror. I knew he would love it. I took some black heels & white bag to match it. I stepped out for Nikki to see.

"Whoa. You're right he will love it, I mean I do." she smiled.

"Thank you." I smiled.

"Okay, let's go pay & get you ready, it's already 5 p.m. We only have 2 hours." she said, rushing me. We bought my things & drove home. Once we got home she told me to go shower. I ran & showered within 20 minutes. I put on my bathrobe & checked my phone, only to see a text form Harry, I smiled to myself.

From: Harry <3

'Hey babe. I really can't wait for tonight. <3 I have so many surprises for you, i'm nervous! haha What color bow-tie, shirt or blazer should I be wearing tonight? (:'

To: Harry <3

'i'm excited & nervous as well. haha omg, more surprises Harry, really?<3  (/.\) ummm velvet red, black or white. :)'

From: Harry <3

'Yes, more surprises princess. So many more than you think. This, is just the beginning baby. Trust me. <3 and Okay. :)'

To: Harry <3

'aww, such a cheesy, cheeky boy. I'll see you soon. x'

From: Harry <3

'xxxxx <3'

I smiled. I couldn't wait. I did my make up, not too much. Just the basics, mascara, blush, red lipstick & some eye shadow. Nicole insisted on doing my hair so, I let her. she did a simple up-do with two braids wrapping around the crown of my head. I ran up stairs & looked in the mirror, I was satisfied with how it came together. I laid my dress on my bed & smiled at Nicole's choice. I put it on, my heals were next. l took one last look in the mirror & smiled. 

"You look beautiful." I heard a heavy Irish accent say. I turned around to see Niall standing there.

"Ni, how long have you been there?"

"Long enough to accept you're going on a date with Harry." 

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"You like Harry?" he asked.

"Well, I honestly do... a lot. He's the only one that has actually made an effort to get to know me & like me for me." I said.

"I like you too." he whispered. I was shocked.

"W-waht?" I stuttered.

"You heard me." he said, sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Ni, I liked you from the beginning. You were pretty damn caught up with Nikki & now that i start to like Harry, who just happens to be one of your best friends & bandmates, you tell me this?" I said.

"I know, it was stupid of me to come. It's just something I wanted you to know. I'm technically with your sister & I like her... a lot. But my feeling for you are there & will stay there." 

"Go be with Nicole." I said.

"I'm sorry, no matter what happens, you'll always be my girl best friend Vane." he smiled giving me a hug.

"and you'll always be my only best friend Ni." I smiled & hugged back.

"Hazza sent a car to pick you up, it's waiting outside. I'll walk you to it." he said grabbing my hand. We walked downstairs & I heard Louis, Zayn & Liam laughing. Once we reached the bottom of the stairs, they stared in awe. 

"Wow!" Louis said.

"Do I really look that bad guys?" I said, hiding behind Niall.

"No!" they all shouted at the same time.

"You..." Louis began.

"Look..." Liam continued.

"Absolutely..." Zayn said.

"Breathtaking..." I heard a raspy voice say, behind the boys.

"Hazz?" I smiled.

"Wow..." he said with a dimpled smile plastered on his face.

"I agree." they all said, melodiously.

"Thank you guys! Velvet blazer, I like." I smiled & winked at Harry. 

"Let's take pictures!!!!" Lou & Nicole both shouted. We laughed. We all took pictures together. Nikki & I with our girly pose. Niall & I, he kissed my cheek while I stuck out my tongue & through out a peace sign. Zayn & I, with our partners in crime pose.. back to back with our hands shaped as guns. Louis & I, he decided i should give him a piggy back ride in the picture. Liam & I, blowing kisses at the camera.  All of the band & I, all five of them carried me. Nikki & Harry, awkwardly staring at each other. Harry & the boys playing with toys Lou had brought with him. Finally me & Harry. The picture was amazing, it was of us looking at each other in the eyes, hand in hand.

When finally got to head out, we walked out & got in the car. The car ride was 45 mins long & I was blindfolded. Harry held my hand the whole way. The car came to a abrupt halt.

"We've here!" Harry said.

"Finally." I said. I felt someone carry me.

"Hazz! You got to stop doing that." I giggled.

"No, you're my princess." he kissed my cheek. 

"Reservation of two for Harry Styles." I heard Harry tell someone.

"Ahh right this was Mr. & Mrs. Styles." a man said. I giggled at his comment "Mr. & Mrs. Styles'.

"Thank you." Harry said. I heard the man walk away.

"Can I take this off now?" I whined.

"Mmmm, yes." he said. I gently removed the blindfold.

"Whoa." I said.

"What? You don't like the restaurant?" he said looking at me.

"I do, it's beautiful Harry." I smiled. There was twinkling lights dangling down from the ceiling. The theme was vintage, just the way I like it. Red & beige.

"I hope you don't mind, I pre-ordered our food." he said, grabbing my hand.

"Hmm, yea. It's fine." I said, caressing his cheek with my free hand. He smiled & asked the waiter to bring our food. I saw Harry whisper something to the waiter, he nodded & walked away. All of a sudden, the lights dimmed. I gasped. Harry laughed as he lit the candles at the center of the table. 

"Beautiful..." I whispered to him. He kissed my cheek. The waiter brought us our food.

"Lemon Linguine with Chicken & Spinach Fettuccine Primavera for two." he smiled.

"Thank you." I said. Then Harry & I were once again alone.

"How'd you know I like Italian?" I asked.

"Nicole is a big help." he smiled. I should've known, I thought. She's really amazing. "Eat." he smiled. I took a bite, it tasted absolutely amazing.

"Wow." I said.

"I cooked it, I knew you loved my cooking." he laughed.

"I really do." I laughed. We finished eating.

*30 Minutes Later*

"Thank you Harry... for everything. Really, it's been amazing." I smiled as we began to walk out of the restaurant, hands intertwined.

"No problem babe." he smiled at me. Those dimples were so adorable, I thought to myself. It was around 9 p.m. As we walked out, I was blinded by flashes.


Harry's P.O.V.

"Hazz?" she said looking at me.

"Just smile babe. This is going to be happening a lot from now on." he said, wrapping his arm around my waist. "Now, let's give them something to talk about, shall we?" I smirked. I wanted the world to know, I was with her.

"What do you..." I interrupted her, planting a kiss on her lips. She instantly wrapped her arms around my neck. I picked her up, off her feet. The paps went crazy, camera flashes everywhere. I felt her smile in between the kiss.

"Okay, enough." I whispered, "I have another surprise for you babe." I smiled, lifting her off her feet once again & carrying her through the crowd of paps. We got to the car.

"To the next destination, Dave." I smiled, he gave me a thumbs up through the mirror.

"Why'd you do that?" she said, looking at me.

"Do what love?" I asked.

"Kiss me, in front of the cameras." she said.

"Because, i'm with you & I want the world to know." I said, kissing her cheek. She smiled & pecked my lips.

*15 Minutes Later*

"Here, sir." Dave said.

"Dave, how many times have i told you.. call me Harry." I said, "You've been driving me around for a while now, c'mon man." I laughed.

"Sorry." he laughed with me. I smiled at him.

"C'mon babe." I said, helping her out of the car. As we got out, I noticed a group of girls standing there.

"Hi Harry!" they all screamed. I waved. "Can we get a picture?" they asked. I looked at Vane.

"Go." she smiled. I walked towards the fans & they snapped a couple of pictures.

"We love you!" they yelled.

"I love you guys too." I smiled. As we began to walk towards our destination I heard one of them say something that pissed me off.

"I love him but who's the one night stand this time?" she said. I noticed Vane heard when she let go on my hand & started to walk back to there car. I stopped in my tracks, took my Vane's hand, I turned around & walked towards them.

"Excuse me," I spat. "the girl you just called my 'one night stand' is very special to me. It's not a one night stand, we're on our first date. I'm sick & tired of being called a player. You call yourself 'Directioners'? I don't believe that. Think before you speak because words affect people more than you realize. You don't know her & you don't know me. Now apologize to her, because you almost ruined our first date, I brought her here for a reason & when she heard you say that, she was hurt. She tried to walk away from me. I almost lost her. If you really are fans, apologize." I nearly yelled.

"Sorry." they mumbled & walked off.

"I'm sorry about that babe." I said, taking her face in my hands. She didn't say anything & looked away, trying to hide the tears that escaped her brown eyes. "Please, don't cry." I said, sadness in my voice.

"I-I don't know." she began, "Am I a one night stand Hazz?" she said. She began to walk away from me again. I ran towards her.

"What?! No!" I yelled, "I'll prove it to you, can you just give me that? If I don't then & only then, i'll allow you to walk away from me." I said, afraid she might keep walking. She looked me straight in the eyes. "Please..." I whispered.

"Fine." she said, "Where are we anyways?" she asked.

"It's a surprise." I smirked.

"Oh god Hazz." she laughed. We walked through the gates. She gasped.

"Our rose garden." she turned to look at me & smiled. Her eyes sparked under the twinkling lights.

"Yea. I wanted to bring you back so I can ask you & give you something." I said. She gasped.

"Babe, we made it officially to the paparazzi back there but, I haven't really asked you." I began, "Will you be my girlfriend, princess, love, one and only & all those other cheesy things?" I finished. She smiled.

"Of course, i'd love nothing more Harry." she said, leaning up to kiss me.

"Wait, not yet babe. Not so fast." I laughed. 

"Sorry." she smiled & waited patiently. I pulled out a small, long velvet box. She gasped at the sight. I opened it, revealing a small paper airplane necklace. She lightly brushed her fingers over it. I smiled at the admiring way she looked at things. 

"I want you to wear this." I said. She put her hand on my neck, slowly revealing the exact same paper airplane necklace of my own. 

"Hazz..." she looked up at me. I smiled.

"I want you to wear it, because it symbolizes us becoming one." I started, "No lies or secrets, only trust." I smiled down at her. I took the necklace in my hands, gently removing it from the box. I put around her neck.

"Never take it off." I said, wrapping my arms around her waist & pressing my lips to her cheek from behind.

"I won't." she whispered. She turned around in my arms & pressed her lips on mine. Our lips moving in sync. We ended our passionate kiss & walked back to the car. We got home around midnight, the guys had crashed on Vane's couch. They were probably waiting up for us. She grabbed my hand & lead me to her room.

"We'll sleep here again tonight. I'm going to take a shower." she said taking her clothes with her.

"Alright" I said, smiling. I pecked her lips before she went off. I found my sweats, boxers & a white t-shirt on the bed with a note.

'We knew you two would be home late so we waited up for you, we're probably asleep so we brought you a change of clothes so you sleep comfortably Hazza. :) P.S. Don't have too much fun! - Louis <3' 

I laughed at his note, took the clothes & changed. I got in the bed & Vane came out of the shower, I smiled seeing her in sweats & a t-shirt with her hair in a messy bun. She looked beautiful.

"Hey." she whispered.

"Hey girlfriend." I smiled, patting the spot next to me.

"Boyfriend..." she giggled, climbing into bed, she started playing with my necklace & her own.

"I wrote a couple songs about you, well Niall & Ed Sheeran helped me but we're recording them tomorrow for the new album." I began, "Do you want to come see us?" I asked, playing with the necklace I had placed around her neck just a couple hors ago. I smiled as the memory came back to me.

"Yes." she said pecking my lips, slowly falling asleep in my arms.

"Goodnight babe." I kissed the top of her hair.

"Goodnight love." was the last thing she said before dazing off.


Perfect. Today was perfect. I thought falling asleep with my now, new girlfriend in my arms. 


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[Vane's Hairstyle:]

[Harry's Outfit:]

[Harry & Vane's Picture Before the Date:]

[The Paper Airplane Necklace:]

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