Truly, Madly, Crazy, Deeply In Love With You... ♥

This is my first fan-fiction so I am so sorry if it sucks. >.<

Vanesa & her older sister Nicole are two completely different girls. Now new to life in England. Nicole (17) becomes known as the athletic, out-going sister while Vanesa (16) became known as the geeky, nerdy, shy girl but, when they become the best of friends with Liam Payne's girlfriend Emily, their world changes almost instantaneously.

sooo what happens when two sisters fall for the same guy?

a story of secret admirers, true love & fights.


14. Finally. ♥

Harry's P.O.V.

"Now boarding Group 1 on Heathrow Airlines. Flight 116 to John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York." the lady on the boarding agent announced.

"That's us." Liam announced.

We all got up & started walking towards the gate that lead to our airplane. I had no idea what happened in the car ride over here. I just know that Vanesa likes Niall, I mean, she kissed him so they must be together, right? 

We boarded the plane.

"Hey, are you sitting with Vane." I was quickly removed from my thoughts. Liam.

"Um, no. She's sitting with Niall." As much as it hurt me to say it, it was true. She wants nothing to do with me.

"Oh, can I sit with you?" Liam said looking at me with a curious face. "Zayn is kinda sitting with Louis, Niall's sitting with Vane so you're the only one left."

"Sure." I gave him a weak smile.

"Okay, what's wrong Harry?"

"Nothing. Just tired." 

"Oh." He responded, bluntly. 

"You don't believe me?"

"Nope. So tell me. It's odd that you aren't with her and Niall is."

"She's with him now."

"What?" He was surprised.

"We broke up." 

"Why?" He was seriously asking more questions than the IRS. 

"I hurt her."

"Wait, you hit her?"

"No, I just have this need to hurt her and become aggressive when i'm with her. Her innocence, her shyness makes me become aggressive, I can't control it. She couldn't handle that side of me." I said. The more he asked, the more painful the answers became. Soon, the conversation died down. I found myself falling asleep, so I took my headphones and fell asleep to the music.


Niall's P.O.V

"I don't think you'd be able to handle as much food as I can love." I laughed, Vane had challenged me to a food eating contest.

"I bet I can!" she smiled at me.

"Challenge, accepted." I smiled back at her. 

"So what do you guys usually do on tour?" she asked, laying her head on my shoulder.

"We usually live on the bus, but if we have a few concerts at the same venue, we rent out a whole hotel floor, we each get our own rooms," I began, she looked up at me, "don't worry, you'll be staying in my room."

She sighed in relief because we both knew she couldn't be left alone. She smiled at me and pecked my cheek before I offered her one of my ear buds so we could share the music on my iPod. It wasn't long before I heard her softly snoring.


I smiled because for the first time since I met her, I finally had her. And I wasn't planning on letting her go.

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