Truly, Madly, Crazy, Deeply In Love With You... ♥

This is my first fan-fiction so I am so sorry if it sucks. >.<

Vanesa & her older sister Nicole are two completely different girls. Now new to life in England. Nicole (17) becomes known as the athletic, out-going sister while Vanesa (16) became known as the geeky, nerdy, shy girl but, when they become the best of friends with Liam Payne's girlfriend Emily, their world changes almost instantaneously.

sooo what happens when two sisters fall for the same guy?

a story of secret admirers, true love & fights.


2. An Innocent Confession♥

Harry's P.O.V.

It's Friday. After learning that the girls lived only literally 5 minutes away from us, we walked them home everyday but now we were finally home. It's been almost a week since we met Vane & Nikki, which is we started calling them once we got tired of calling them by their full names. I've been getting to Know Vane in particular. She captivated me, the way she shyly smiled every time I told her she looked beautiful.

"Man, those two can not possibly be sisters." I heard Zayn say, interrupting my thoughts.

"Well, why not?" I said, waiting for the answer.

"Well, they don't really look alike, I would've not known they were if Emily didn't mention them being sisters." Liam said.

"Plus, you gotta admit, they have completely different personalities." Zayn said. It was true, they looked different in some angles & also were different personality wise.

"Yea, they're both very beautiful & smart," I say, " but Vane's sort of shyer than Nikki is. They both have insecurities but Nikki hides it behind her out-going personality. Vane makes it more noticeable." I say, smiling.

"Yea mate. Anyways, who are you talking to Harry?" I heard Liam ask from the other room.

"I think we all know the answer to that!" Louis yelled.

"Harry fancies Vane, Harry fancies Vane!" they all chanted, except for Niall which was odd for him, usually he loved teasing us & getting a good laugh out of it but lately he's been awfully quiet.

"Niall, can I talk you you... alone?" I say, looking at him.

"Sure." he said. We got up & walked out of the flat into the backyard. He sat near the pool & looked at me, as if he was asking me why I dragged him out of the house.

"Why have you been so quiet lately?" I asked, urging for an answer.

"Um... I don't know what you're talking about." he said getting up. 

"You know exactly what i'm talking about Ni," I said, worriedly. "What aren't you telling us?" 

"Well I don't know, you like Vane &..." his voice trailed off.

"Woah, wait, do you like her too?" I said, jealousy in my tone.

"No, well I don't know..." he said, "I care for her but I like Nikki." 

"Ni, you can't like both." I said. He didn't answer, he just stood up & walked away. The rest of the day was sort of chill but I couldn't stop thinking about that talk with Niall. I realized that him & Vane were getting close too. I grew sort of jealous. I didn't sleep at all that night, I kept thinking maybe Vane liked him too.

*Next Morning*

I woke up to strumming on a guitar & 3 voices singing...

"Niall: It's time to get up, in the morning

Louis: (in the morning)

Niall: Got McDonalds breakfast for you

Liam: (just for you)

Louis: or any other brand.

Niall: We drove 2 miles just to get it.

Liam: So you better get up & eat it.

Liam & Louis: You don't wanna be a selfish, lazy (crazy) boy... (Harry)

All: SO WE GOTTA GET UP!!! (GET) TIME TO GET UP!!! IT'S TIME TO GET UP! it's time to get uupp. IT'S. TIME. TO. GET. UP. It's time to get up. (time to get up) 


Liam & Lou: IT'S TIME!

Niall: It's time to get up-

Liam: It's time too...

Louis: Shhh!

Liam: Get up.

Louis: It's time.

Liam: Doobie Doo.

Liam & Louis: waaakee (gett) UPPPP.."

So I got up & joined it...


I yelled with a huge grin on my face. I heard Niall laugh & say "YAY!" which made me laugh. We ate & laughed about the lads silly song all morning.

"Should we take the girls shopping today?" Zayn asked.

"Um... yea, i'll go call Emm!" Liam said nearly tripping over himself. I laughed at how much he liked his girlfriend, they were so cute together.

"Actually, Vane & I already have plans.." my voice trailed off as I spoke. I got a lot of 'awe's' & 'ooooOoo's' which made my cheeks feel hot, but a jealous glare from Niall.

"Yea, I think I should do the same with Nicole." Ni said. The room went silent for a moment as we looked at Niall.

"I think that's a good idea." I whisper, breaking the silence.

"Okay, sooo it's settled Zayn, Liam, Emm, Eleanor & I will be going shopping today then." Lou said.

"Alright." we all replied, getting up to go get ready. I really hope Vanesa enjoys today, I want her to not be afraid of being herself around me. I looked at my phone & saw a text, I instantly opened it & read it,

From: Vane <3 

'Hey. :) I'm ready for our day together, pick me up when you can. x :)'

To: Vane <3

'Hey babe. I'll be there in 15 minutes. :)'

'Our' day together, I liked the sound of that. I smiled to myself. I quickly changed, putting a black button-up shirt with white dots on it over my grey t-shirt some navy blue chinos jeans & slipped on my white Converse. [Harry's Outfit:’s-Harry-Styles-looks-for-mature-outfit-in-Chinos-and-Polka-dot-Top.jpg]

I grabbed my phone, wallet & keys. I drove to her & Nikki's flat, walked up to their doorstep. I knocked. I suddenly heard footsteps getting closer to the door, I took a deep breath & a step back. The door open & there she was, in a white vintage dress, a knitted grey sweater & tights. Her hair was nicely placed to one side, she wore her red lipstick, as always, which complimented her skin color & the two beauty marks she had on the right side of her perfect lips ever so perfectly. She didn't wear a lot of make up which was good, a natural beauty she was. Looking as beautiful as she did everyday, she smiled. She had a beautiful smile. I didn't notice I was staring in awe until she said something. [Vane's Outfit:]

"Hi Harry." she pushed herself up on her tip-toes & kissed my cheek.

"Hello beautiful." I said, she smiled shyly. I took her had & led her to the car. 

I thought for a second, I really like this girl & today was going to be nothing but perfect. 

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