Opening Act

Lindsey a 18 year old brunette and her two blonde 18 year old friends Kyra and Kendra start a YouTube channel of them singing. Their friend Josie also 18 years old, is their stylist. But what thing will happen when the famous boy band One Direction ask them to be their opening act? Will they ditch their stylist? Date a member? Will the band break up? Or break a heart? Many things can happen when going on tour with your best friends and your fav band!


1. We're Friends.


Hiiiia I'm Lindsey and this is my first fan fiction! :)






"Kyra, I can't believe we already have 100 views on the cover we posted yesterday!" 


I know that's not alot but for 'normal' people like us that's crazy!

Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you who I am! I'm Lindsey, with the brown hair and eyes also a little acne on my face. My body isn't skinny but I'm not fat so in the middle.


"That's cuz we're amazayn!" Kyra yelled from the bathroom were she was straightening her blond hair.


I love her one direction comments! Also Kyra has gorgeous blue eyes that are sometimes.hidden behind her glasses.

We were meeting up with Josie and Kendra at Josie's where they stayed after making the video yesterday.


"Yo, you almost done in there yet I'm getting crazy texts from Josie since were suppose to bring lunch over there?!" I questioned while she just stood there sticking out her tongue!  I giggled and got up to tell my sister Bailey where we were going since my parents were gone out with the little boys shopping.


Turning off the music in my parents way out I got a glare from Kyra. I gave her a confused look and she said "You turned it off right before Niall's solo!"


I just sighed and ran to baileys room. "Hey, can I come in?" I just stood there waiting for a response but no one answered. So I do what I always do, just walk in! She was just sitting there playing a game on her phone. "So... Me and the quuuurls got 100 views on your video we posted yesterday!"


"Really?! Thats good, also alot!" Rolling her eyes in complete sarcasm. We just sat there for a few minutes before Bailey spoke up again. "Was there anything you wanted me for or to tell me?"


What did she think I was going to give her something or tell her sorry!? NOT happening!


So i just replied with "Nope, just wanted you to know that me and Kyra are leaving soon and I'm not gunna be back until after dinner or later." She smirked and started to play with her dirty blonde hair, she had that evil look upon her face, with her bluey eye staring wholes in my head. What in the world did i get my self into!?

"Well, while your out buy me those shoe from Payless that i loved, and mom & dad won't know about the fight and cookie jar." Oh yeah, so what we had a 'fight' and I just have a really bad temper sometimes and I kinda smashed the cookie jar. Know I have to get her shoes, the same cookie jar and and bake/buy cookies!


What could go wrong today?




Well i know it was short but it's my first time writing so Comment/Fan/Vote! :)


P.S. Follow me on twitter @Lindsey1D211

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