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Lindsey a 18 year old brunette and her two blonde 18 year old friends Kyra and Kendra start a YouTube channel of them singing. Their friend Josie also 18 years old, is their stylist. But what thing will happen when the famous boy band One Direction ask them to be their opening act? Will they ditch their stylist? Date a member? Will the band break up? Or break a heart? Many things can happen when going on tour with your best friends and your fav band!


8. Talk and Tease


I hope your 2013 is an amazing year! kisses! xx :)

- Lindsey





*Niall's P.O.V.*






"So, Liams been distance with all of us." I told Lindsey as soon as we closed the door.




"Really? What does he do all day?" She asked concerned.




"He'll be fine at first. Laughing, smiling, just being normal Liam but then as soon as he picks up his phone. His whole attitude changes. He has a scowl on his face and is angrily bashing his thumbs against his phone." I spilled leaving out some things but they weren't important.




"Now Niall, by the time I leave this room he'll be back to normal. Believe me."



" I'll believe it when I see it." I replied sticking out my tongue. And with that she was gone.






*Liam's P.O.V.*




"Knock-Knock! Can I come in?" the voice startled me. Not even caring who it was. I just lay there in the dark.




"Okay, well I'm coming in anyways. Hope your not in the nude!" that would of made me laugh but I was just not my self.




"Please Liam.








I wanna talk." I moved my body further away from the body sitting to my left.




"I need you to do more than that."


"Don't you want to talk to little Lindsey?" I started to turn over when my phone went off. Looking at the text then rolling over to face her.



"Ugh! I'm tired of talking." I replied in a quite, stressed voice. Lindsey put her phone on the table next to her and frowned at me.



"I know what is going on.


Just talk.


Spill everything.


I don't judge.


Middle Finger Promise." She softly spoke. Shoving her middle finger in my face. I slowly sat up lifting my hand to wrap my middle finger around hers.




"Promise? I just need to have some one who won't tell everyone." I squeezed her finger. she smiled and turned to face me.


"I was told by a fan that Danielle was going to Paris. She even had a photo of her and Danielle. But they weren't the only ones in the photo. Danielle's ex-boyfriend, Max Heatley, was in the photo with his arms around her. I know it could of been photo shopped but then more and more fans were showing me pictures of Danielle and Max holding hands and hugging around Paris." I showed her some of the pictures.




"Okay so then what happened?"




"I talked to Danielle when she came back and she told me that she was with him. that the photos were true. She told me that I didn't need to worry about the photos or her and Max ever being together again. Now when I make plans to be with her she's blowing me off, saying that she's busy." I finished with a giant sigh.


"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Hun. Why don't you just think about what your heart wants. Sleep on it! So when you wake up in the morning you'll know what you want, to keep letting her blow you off or end it and move on. Don't let this get you down, you being sad makes everyone else sad." she spoke grabbing my hand and holding it to my heart.




"Hey! Go tweet your fans ask them to find some funny jokes or happy quotes." Lindsey said letting out a little giggle.




"Bye Liam. Don't forget to smile now" she whispered into my ear. I kissed her fore head and layed back down.


"okay I will." grabbing my phone beside me. a smile started forming on my face almost matching the one on hers.




@Real_Liam_Payne : DIRECTIONERS. I'm trying to get a good laugh! tweet me your favourite jokes! xx :)








*Back at the boys house*


*Kyra's P.O.V.*




'Sooo kyra our little Irish man has taken a fancy to you." Louis said in a deep voice, hopping over to the couch beside me. Awww Shit this wasn't happening right now. I get teased enough from the girls, about how much I like Niall now these 3 boys are going to tease me.



"Does he now?' I said in a serious tone. Almost bursting out in laughter by the kinky look on Harry's face.



"She Lying!" Louis Screamed causing Zayn to jump 4 feet in the air. I almost peed my pants! (L0L inside joke between me ~LINDSEY~ and kyra! (; )



'Come on Kyra, He looks at you all the time, hugs you anytime he can. He's definitely interested in some way." Harry Spoke up. I just nodded my head not disagreeing with him or any of them.



"He is flirtatious and friendly with you and nobody else. He is clearly feeling something special towards you." Zayn spilled, with a smile on his face.



" it's a direct hit to my heart then..." I mumbled to myself. hoping they didn't hear me. A moment of silence came after my comment. I looked at louis who was giving me a weird look like this one 0.0 GREAT THEY ALL HEARD ME...!



"O-M-G! you like Niall and he likes you!' Louis yelled in my face.



"LIKE O-M-G! YOU GUY SHOULD DATE!" Zayn mocked Louis excited tone. While harry died of laughter. i let a little giggle slip from my lips.



"her face!' Harry yelled pulling himself together after almost dying,and putting his hand up to my face to see if I had a fever, which wasn't true. I now a light shade of pink from blushing.



"Awww, she's blushing!' Zayn added.



The both started to chant "Kyra and Niall sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!' and "K+N" and also "KYRA LOVES NIALL!" My face was now BRIGHT pink.


Louis was still sitting beside me with a huge smile on his face mumbling places we, meaning him and Lindsey and me and Niall, could all go for a double dates.



"So, you guys are official?' I asked and he nodded his head, Grinning. I have to say they were perfect for each other.



"Yea, we were going to tell everyone tonight at dinner." He said smiling like crazy."I really like her." Louis spilled.



"OH, Hun i can tell and she likes you just as much or more!" I told him happily.


The room suddenly went silent again. I turned towards the boys who were singing and dancing around and yelled "wow, bored already of say how much I love Niall and he loves me...?" and BAM there he was, NIALL JAMES HORAN, standing with a giant smile on his face miles long and Lindsey curled in a ball on the floor from laughing beside him.



"WELL THIS JUST GOT REALLY AWKWARD..." I said toward Harry and Zayn.






I hope you liked this chapter.. I know its short but i just finished exams and this week started a new semester.


thanks for reading, please vote and comment <3 -Lindsey

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