Opening Act

Lindsey a 18 year old brunette and her two blonde 18 year old friends Kyra and Kendra start a YouTube channel of them singing. Their friend Josie also 18 years old, is their stylist. But what thing will happen when the famous boy band One Direction ask them to be their opening act? Will they ditch their stylist? Date a member? Will the band break up? Or break a heart? Many things can happen when going on tour with your best friends and your fav band!


3. Ooops... Surprise...


Ummm I didn't know what to write so here it is chapter 3!!! :) _____________________________________________

oh yeah Kendra- is a blond haired (always in a ponytail) & blue eyed ( she's the girl with the ponytail in the cover pic) she also is one of the singers and has freckles
Josie- she is our stylist she has shoulder length hair that's brown also brown eyes she's not in the cover pic
Kyra- a singer with blonde hair that's shoulder length, blues eyes glasses (second blonde in the cover pic)
Lindsey/Me- brown hair longer than shoulder length, brown eyes singer (brunette in cover pic)

*Harry's P.O.V.*

"Lou, get you sassy ass-ey back here!" I called to the boy who decided to get that stupid sweater and ruined our plan... 

Oh well, I see Liam freaking out in the corner I tell him it will be fine and go get Louis.

"Omg! Louis are you crazy, you go off to get a sweater" I notice he's making eye contact with a group of girl their cute but ones kinda shocked looking. Shit! I think they know who we are... 

*Kyra's P.O.V.*

What is this girl staring at? She just looks like so star struck. I felt like slapping her, until I turned around...

"Holy muff-muff!" Lindsey came and cover my mouth.

"Shut up and turn around, I'll tell Josie you tell Kendra." Lindsey whispered.

I did as told, telling Kendra was pretty easy but looking over towards Lindsey and Josie was a funny sight. 

Lindsey was pretty much holding her down. She crazy about Zayn, can't really blame her he's hot!

*Niall's P.O.V.*

as i walked over to harry and louis i noticed that they were staring at something near the changing rooms. as i started getting closer they had a worried/ shocked look in there eyes and i started getting really curious. as i turned past the last rack of sweaters i seen what they were staring at. there was a group of 4 girls.

The one girl had brown that was around shoulder length and she looked like she was holding another girl back.. and another girl with blond hair but black underneath  looked like she was calmly talking to another blond girl.


i could only see there backs but i could tell that they had already noticed us. i turned back to harry and he suddely had a look of realizaton on his face. he explained to me and louis who they were and we went to get liam and zayn to tell them our plan.






*josie's P.O.V*


OH.MY.GOD! i am freaking out!! one fucking direction is standing on the other side. ( pardon my language.. i swear alot) so as you can see.. i absofreakinglutly love one direction! but when i turned back around they were gone. even though im kyra's, lindsey's, and kendras stylist i still love them. i mean.. we're all 18 so its not like its a bad thing..


but when i noticed they were gone i couldnt help feeling disapointed when they left.. just as i was about to start a new conversation with the girls someone popped up from behind me and shouted "SURPRISE" and to be honest with you i screamed and nearly pissed myself..










hii (: im kyra, lindseys beest friend (: and we're gunna help each other write this book so when ever we are with each other we will update (: just thought i'd let you know (:






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