Opening Act

Lindsey a 18 year old brunette and her two blonde 18 year old friends Kyra and Kendra start a YouTube channel of them singing. Their friend Josie also 18 years old, is their stylist. But what thing will happen when the famous boy band One Direction ask them to be their opening act? Will they ditch their stylist? Date a member? Will the band break up? Or break a heart? Many things can happen when going on tour with your best friends and your fav band!


6. Much Better


*Kyra's P.O.V*

      I either have to call Lindsey's mom and explain why i cant come home for 2 weeks because of a Irish blond boy stuck to my wrist, or i could just go back and tell her then. we were all sitting in harry's living room eating popcorn and watching a movie. i, obviously was sitting with Niall on the small couch, harry and Kendra were cuddling on half of the big couch with Louis and Lindsey beside them and zayn and Josie were on the floor, zayn with his arm around Josie and her head on his chest.

   The movie just ended and i decided it was probably time to ask Lindsey about the situation with me and Niall. "Hey Linds?" i whispered across the room to her. she looked over at me as if asking what i needed. "how are we going to explain this to your mom?" i motioned to mine and Niall's hands that were resting on his lap. "oh shit. umm should we just call her?"

"I dont know.. what do you think she will say?"

"She'll probably be like 'LINDSEY, KYRA!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! I'M WORRIED SICK HERE! COME HOME RIGHT NOW! YOU BETTER NOT BE STAKING THOSE BOYS AGAIN!' " Lindsey said in a annoying voice witched caused everyone to stare, 'but on the other hand she might not even answer.. we could give it a try, right?" 

     she pulled out her phone and came and sat beside me so i could talk to.after a couple rings i heard her moms voice come through the phone

"hey sweetie, where you been?" in a kind of worried tone.

     "Hey mom.. sooo umm me and kyra need to tell you some thing but don't say anything until we finish explaining okay?" Lindsey asked carefully.

  I heard her mom say something but Lindsey just nodded and put it on speaker phone.

    "hey mommy!" i said into the phone. you see, since i live with Lindsey and her family they insist that i call them mom and dad.

"hey kyra! so what did you girls want to tell me about?" she asked. well here we go..

"okay so you know how i called you and told you that band one direction found us at the mall?"

"no but did you find them or are you telling the truth, they are all you girls talk about!"

me and Lindsey blushed a deep read while the boys chuckle. well that's embarrassing..

   "yeah, anyways, long story short they found us! we left the mall came to Harry's place and then we played truth or dare and kyra and Niall have to be handcuffed together for a while so she kinda cant leave here unless Niall comes then they would all want to come and dad has a stricked rule no boys after 9 which as of right now its soon going to be 9.. so could we work something out with them and ill call you back after?"

   I heard her mom laugh on the other side of the phone "Niall is that one that kyra absolutely adores right? well of course! have fun girls. love you! i'll tell your dad he might take it better if i tell him"

     oh my fucking god... she did not just say that.. Niall is laugh his ass off right now while my whole face is on fire. Lindsey is also laughing along with the other boys as she finishes talking with mom.

    when she hangs up and everyone stops laughing we talk about how and where we are going to stay.

    "kyra, you can just stay in the house with me. i don't think Liam would mind." Niall said to me.

"are you sure? i don't want to be a bother to anyone." even though i really didn't want to not stay with him.

     Niall looked at me like I'm crazy, for the second time today, and said " its fine really. and we're handcuffed together, what other option do we have." he laughed.

well looks like im staying with Niall. "But what about you Lindsey?" i asked her.

"oh she's fine! she can stay with me! right Lindsey?" Louis said, a little to happily.

lindsey giggle slightly and nodded.

"what about clothes?" i asked.

   " you can where my clothes tonight and then we will get you and Lindsey some clothes tomorrow." Niall told us.

    Lindsey pulled out her phone and left to go call her mom back.

      After a bit of talking Kendra and Josie had to go and i was falling asleep on Niall's shoulder. he looked down at me and smiled. " do you wanna go to bed?" he asked.

     I nodded while rubbing my eyes. we said goodnight to Lindsey and they rest of the guys and walked back to Niall's. once we got inside and into his bedroom i noticed that its almost impossible to get undressed. "umm Niall, how are we supposed to change?"

"ooh yeah.." he muttered.

    After 10 minuets of trying to figure out how to remove our clothes and change we finally found a way. i followed Niall to his dresser and he gave me one of his shirt, and that's it. "Niall, i need pants." i told him, laughing slightly. " no you don't" he smiled down at me. i just laughed and told him to turn around. it took a while for both of us to change but we finally got into bed.

    we were both laying on our backs staring up at the ceiling. i don't know if hes asleep or not but i was freezing and couldn't get to sleep. i felt myself shiver and Niall turns his head to look at me. well i guess hes not asleep.

     "are you cold?" he asked me. "yeah, a little." i mumbled back "come here" he said and pulled my over so his chest. mmm he was soo warm!

"is that better?"

"much better." i smiled into his chest and quickly fell asleep.





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