Opening Act

Lindsey a 18 year old brunette and her two blonde 18 year old friends Kyra and Kendra start a YouTube channel of them singing. Their friend Josie also 18 years old, is their stylist. But what thing will happen when the famous boy band One Direction ask them to be their opening act? Will they ditch their stylist? Date a member? Will the band break up? Or break a heart? Many things can happen when going on tour with your best friends and your fav band!


2. I think I know you...


hiiiiiia! ummm well heres another chapter.. :) enjoy!



**Lindsey's P.O.V.** 

"So c-come on 
You got it wrong 
To prove I'm right I put it in a so-o-ong 
I don't why 
You're being shy 
And turn away when I look into your eye eye eyes "

Kyra & me sang, more like yelled in the car on our way to subway. If Josie was in the car right now she would be freaking she loves Zayn, Just like i like Louis, Kyra likes Niall, Kendra likes Harry, and well Liam taken by the beautiful Danielle Peazer.

 After subway we finally made it to Josie's were we met a hungry Josie waiting, with a happy Kendra. We ate then made plans for the day, First it was to the clothing store then to the shoe store.

"Josie, Lindsey GET YOU ARSES OUT HERE NOW!" she must be tired of watching us try on everything in the store and we've only been in here for an hr. But it must be her lucky day cuz this is the last thing i'm going to try on and then to the cash! I hope...

I walked out with the last dress I was going to try on, to see 6 pairs of eyes on me 4 eyes i knew but 2 I didn't. Josie came out of the room beside me, i tore my look away from the man in a striped shirt to look at the 7th shirt she had tried on, luckily each time she tried on a new one shed like it better than the one before. Soon putting Mr.Stripes [yea i just nicknamed a stranger] back in view i noticed he had a shocked but happy look on his face almost like he was mesmerized by me. But my luck it was probably just the dress and he probably thought it would be perfect for his girlfriend.

Suddenly I finally recognized his face it was...





**Louis' P.O.V.**

We were all here --meaning the boys and me and also Paul-- Waiting for the perfect moment to ask these girls if the want to be our opening act when we go on our American tour. Management wanted to try something different this tour so they told us to watch YouTube videos and chose a really good singer or group of singers to become our opening act. 

We then stumbled across these girls who sounded amazing and were really pretty. I really liked the brunettes voice, she was pretty seemed down to earth, and i bet is really kind. I cant wait to meet her soon. 

"Louis, move your bum it's to close to my face" Niall whispered. but i ignored because i was mad that we had to hide still and i was staring at a shirt that would be great to wear on the plane. it looked very comfy and had stripes! so i got up and ran over to it seeing if they had my size, ignoring all the comments coming from the boys. 

I was holding the sweater then something startled me, "Josie, Lindsey GET YOU ARSES OUT HERE NOW!" i laughed before turning around to see two girls with blonde hair. They looked familer, but i guess i could have seen they somewhere before. They were waiting for two other people because one called out two names. 

I was staring when another girl walked out of the change room in a beautiful dress, she had brown hair ,brown eyes and a gorgeous smile! She was beautiful  then another girl walked out in a bright green tee but i still had my eyes on the one in the dress. She looked back at me while she did there was a look of happiness and shock  on my face. All because I just relised who they are! Why they all looked  They are...




Hoped you liked it, upload soon! i hope...


*Lindsey xx

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