Opening Act

Lindsey a 18 year old brunette and her two blonde 18 year old friends Kyra and Kendra start a YouTube channel of them singing. Their friend Josie also 18 years old, is their stylist. But what thing will happen when the famous boy band One Direction ask them to be their opening act? Will they ditch their stylist? Date a member? Will the band break up? Or break a heart? Many things can happen when going on tour with your best friends and your fav band!


5. Getting To Know Each Other..


Liams P.O.V

      So i was on the phone with Danielle but she wasn't acting like her usual happy self.. she has been avoiding me since last weekend when we were supposed to go on a date but she blew me off and said she has other plans and now shes doing it again.  'why do you keep blowing me off and saying you have other plans when we already had plans? is something wrong?'  i wasn't even paying attention to what was going on around me. i knew that Kyra and Niall were in the bathroom talking but that's about it.

   She texted me back saying ' i have dance rehearsals Liam, i cant make it, sorry.'   ugggh! I'm so frustrated right now. i know that she has dance but i havent seen her in a week and I'm starting to get suspicious. ' fine. whatever, have fun.'

   i'v had enough right now. i need to go home. i stood up from the table causing everyone at our table to look at me. " I'm going home." i muttered and ran out the door and called a taxi.


Zayn's P.O.V

    There was definitely something wrong with Liam.. he wasn't acting the same and i was starting to get worried. he was glaring at his phone while tapping a reply.. right after he left Kyra and Niall walked out of the bathroom with Niall's arm around Kyra's shoulder.  when they sat down Kyra looked around the table and must have noticed Liam wasn't here. " where's Liam?" she asked. i just shrugged my shoulder's and while harry replied "don't know, he just got up and left. "ohh.. okay" she looked confused but let it go.


Harry's P.O.V"

     We were all getting along with these girls pretty well so i thought it would be god to spend some more time with them. "hey, um do you guys wanna come back to our house?" i asked, mostly to Kendra who was slightly leaning on my arm and shoulder. i must admit though, she was very beautiful and there was no way i was going to ask her to get off. i smiled down at her as she replied with " yeah sure, i'd love to" she smiled. " how about you girls?" she questioned. there was a course of 'yeah' and a 'fuck yes'. the last one obviousy belonging to Josie. we all chuckled at her answer and got up to leave after finishing meals. i got up to go pay for the bill then we all left.


Kendra's P.O.V

     woah! they have a huge freaking house. on the way there we followed the guys in our car and met them at their house. there was 3 really big houses lined up in a row with big glass windows. "so, Louis and i share the first one, Zayn and josh (the drummer) share the one in the middle and Niall and liam share the last one. what house would you guys like to see first?" harry questioned.

    Kyra said she wanted to see nialls so Niall took her into his house. " meet at mine and Louis' when your done!" harry shouted after them. they gave a thumbs up to show that they heard then disappeared into the house.

   Harry looked at me and said " so what about you?"

    "I want to go to yours." i smiled up at him. he nodded his head and started walking. he told the others we were going in but Lindsey and Louis said they were coming with us.

    I seen Josie and zayn head towards his house so i guess she going with him.


(a/n- i don't really feel like describing the houses but there big and the insides are the same as the other 2 houses so use your imagination.)


*Kyra's P.O.V*

      I may have seemed a little straight forward but for some reason i just wanted to stay by Niall. i don't think its bothering him so i guess he was fine with it. we walked into his house the he shared with Liam. he took into the living room area and showed me around there. then he lead me to the kitchen. after the kitchen he showed me all the rooms and everything that was up stairs.

  As of right now we are walking back down the stairs to go to Louis' and Harry's. "wait, isn't Liam here?" i asked. i haven't seen him since before the whole Kyler thing at the restaurant.

     "I'm not sure, ill go check his room." "ill come." i smiled at him. we walked back up the stairs to where I'm guessing is Liam's room and Niall knocked on the door. "Liam, are you in there?" there was no answer so Niall turned around to leave but  heard sniffling noise from the other side. "wait Niall, he's in there. i can here him."

    Niall turned back around and knocked again. " liam i know your in there. whats wrong?" he questioned.

   "nothing. leave me alone." Liam muttered from behind the door. " c'mon mate. you can tell me."

    "No. just leave me alone." Niall sighed and said " fine but when your ready to talk we will be at harry's." there was no answere so we turned to walk back down the stairs." i wonder whats wrong.." i said to Niall worryingly. " i don't know. hes been acting different for a couple weeks." i just nodded and we kept walking.

     When we got to harry's door it was unlocked so we just walked in. Right as we walked in we heard louis yell "LETS PLAY A GAME!" i laughed and we walked into the living room where everyone was sitting on the couches. There was only one spot left so Niall walked forward, still holding my hand and sat down, pulling me onto him lap.

   "no Niall, its fine i can sit on the floor. I'm to heavy."

     He gave me a look like i was crazy and said " Kyra, you are super light. im not even kidding. your lighter than a feather."

      " are you sure?" i asked

    "positive." he smirked.  awwe hes too cute! i smiled back at him and leaned back, resting my back against his chest and he wraps his arms around my waist.


*Lindsey's P.O.V*

    Awwe. they are just so cute cuddling on the couch. anyways I'm sitting beside Louis on the couch as he keeps yelling about playing truth or dare. oh dear lord, not truth or dare.. done get me wrong, i love that game but with 5 super sexy guys and my 4 attractive best friends some thing crazy is about to happen. I feel something warm wrap aroung my waist, it startels me at first but then soon moves away... What was happening to me?

     "Can we play now?!" Louis whinnied once more. "yes Lou, we can play now." i smiled at him. "FINALLY" he yelled. i just laughed at him. " I'm asked first?" he, once again, yelled through the house. we played for about half an hour and so far harry and Niall had to switch pants, Louis had to wear socks for 24 hours and Kendra had told us some of her secrets, zayn cant use hair products for 48 hours, josie isn't aloud to swear for a week, and kyra and niall had to be handcuffed together for a week.. I'm now the only one one who hasn't been asked and its kyra's turn so im pretty sure she will pick me and it will be bad.. considering I'm the one that made her and Niall be handcuffed.

     "Lindsey, truth or dare?" kyra asked me with an evil smirk plastered on her face. uh oh.. "dare?" i said, more like a question. " i dare you to make out with louis in that closet." she smirked at me. god.. why did i choose dare.. i guess this isn't that bad considering Louis is very attractive and i definitely wouldn't mind a little make out with him.. does that make me sound creepy?

     Louis looked at me and smiled. wait! he smiled?! does that mean he wants to? dear god i hope so.. kyra stood up, dragging niall with her and shoved us into a closet. well here we go.. I'm gunna make out with a sexy, British guy with a nice bum..



*Louis' P.O.V*

      I really hope she wants this as much as i do.. to be honest with you, Lindsey is very hot.  i was kinda exited to do this but i was worried that she didn't want to and i didn't want to pressure her into it. i noticed that she jumped when i put my arm around her so i moved it away fast, i got scared she  didn't want me to.  " you dont have to do this if you don't want to, i understand."

      She looked at me through the blackness of the closet and smiled " what makes you think that i wouldn't want to make out with an extremely hot British guy." i could some what see her smile and that just made me even more exited.

         With that being said i put my hands on her hips and lightly pushed her up against the wall. i slowly leaned in and pushed my lips onto hers. wow.. she has soft lips. after a couple seconds of our lips being pressed together she wrapped her hands wround my neck and i moved mine down to her bum. i pulled her up a bit so that she was closer and the kiss started to get heated. i stuck my tongue out, licking her lips as she opened her mouth. mmmm she tasted like skittles..

      The kiss just got better and better. i pulled her up so that her legs were wrapped around my waist and my hands were under her bum with her back still pressed against the wall. but someone always has to ruin the moment don't they..

       The door slammed open and i heard what i think was Kyra say "ahhhh, my eye's! ewww!!! Louis, you just had your tongue down my best friends throat!! eww! i saw it to! Niall my eyes are burning!"

     I pulled away to see Kyra with her hand over her eyes with Niall standing beside her or should i say laying on the ground from laughing so hard i turned back around to she Lindsey with a very read face, also looking some what shocked. i smiled at her and set her down.

" Don't worry love, that was the best snog i'v ever had."

    she looked up at me with an even reader face and said " we'll talk about this later." and walked away with kyra.. and Niall.

Today is the best day i have ever had.





hello (: Lindsey and i did half of this together but school has started so i wrote the other half.. so we wont be able to update as much. but when ever we get time we will update(: 

also if you want we both a twitter so if you want you can follow us and if you have any questions about the book you can tweet us or whatever.

mine is @kyravalcour1D  ( it has a picture of Niall if your not sure witch one i am) and Lindsey's is @Lindsey1D211 (a gif of the boys)


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