CinDirection -Liam Payne Fan Fic-

Her life was amazing. Beautiful family, wonderful friends, fun school... It all turned away when her father 'died in an "Earthquake" unfortunately she wasn't able to go to a faster home, why unfortunately? She got stuck with her new evil step mum, bratty step sister, and surprisingly nice step brother. Its been 12 years now and shes in her last year of high school, her brother gone so just her and the witches. Once Direction decides to come back for an extra year of school and chose... Her?! to show them around! She usually hates one direction because her best friend Dylan constantly blabbers about them(He's Gay) What happens when Liam Payne takes a liking in Kelsandra/Kelsea/Kels? And what will happen once Liam takes a lying route to London?

Find out in CinDirection and come in the adventure with Kelsea, Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Mella(Step Mum), Sarah(Step sis), Channing(Step brother), and Dylan!


10. 9


Chapter 9





Advantage you say? WEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL if I MUST explain thisssssssssssssssssss and my devious plannnnnnnnn…. OKAY!


So since he’s doing Q/A or questions and answers on his twitter cam I can send in a question! I will go on my fake account first and do it, YES I HAVE A FAKE ACCOUNT TOO DON’T JUDGE ME! Hehe.

I logged off MY twitter, KelseaMarchAprilMays, yeah yeah laugh. I think it’s creative! Last name mays you get it now? Yaaaaaaaaaa I’m a sexy beast. DON’T DENY IT! =OO

I quickly got on my fake one, June_Loves_Liam. Yes my fake name is June, I’ve always wanted that to be my name but my name’s Kelsea so I will name my child June! I wonder if my kids will be Liams or someone else’s… OOO I hope they have his ey- Sorry I get distracted.



Shut up brain.




I logged on quickly and saw the video up; he looked as beautiful as ever. It hurt seeing his face so innocent when I knew he surely wasn’t. I looked at a profile picture, it was me when I was 6 and on here it was my supposedly ‘little’ sister haha.


I looked back up to his face staring into the screen and typed my question the box waiting for him to say go.


“Okay you can start now! Hmmmm” he said as he read my question.


My question: Are you in love with anybody in the moment or have a girlfriend? If so who?


I got goose bumps as he began to speak. And at that moment everything went crashing down.

“Nope not exactly in love yet but I have a girlfriend, her name is Sarah.” Liam said proudly as I began to sob and try to hold back my tears. I looked at the viewers to see none other than… Dylan watching? I still need to ask for forgiveness. What better way than to have it all over the internet.

I began to type.




Everyone started to send in questions and I read one that made a smile zoom across my face. I thought of last night, oh Sarah.


About 10 minutes later came a question I’d never gotten before, and this girl looks familier in some way… Nope can’t put my finger on it!


“So June_Loves_Liam nice name by the way! Well she asks, Can you please help me out? My best friend hates me and he’s watching this, can you please tell him I am truly sorry. He won’t pick up any calls.” I read aloud and saw the comments blow up! I saw someone named, DylPickle_BFF_CoolWhipKels. WAIT A MINUTE! I know those names in his username… CRAP!


How could I be so cruel??!!

I flacking forgot about my girlfriend Kelsea and then lied to her about a business trip came here to meet someone I’d been pen pals with and it turned out to be her sister Sarah! And I announced the world that she’s my girlfriend… Kelsea’s best friend is watching this, OH CRAP! Kelsea has a fake account I remember her telling me that one time! And her best friend is Dylan.

I. Am. Screwed.




I continued to cry my eyes out. This is why Sarah was being nice right?! I absolutely hate you Liam. And I think that I will write a song about it.


Secret talent. Many people don’t know that I can sing and I write songs but no one ever hears them except Channing and Dylan.

I pulled out my song book and got to work.





Did that just happen? Liam announced to the world he was dating Sarah… I saw Kelsea’s question, I knew it was her because 1. I’m her best friend and she looks exactly the same except smaller, and 2. Because I’m in that picture with her.


She must be hurting. I put my anger aside and ran to my car and took off to her house.




I stopped writing and lay back on my bed letting the tears stream down my face effortlessly. I heard the latch unlocking, it’s either Liam or Dylan they are the only too that have keys. I looked up from my blurry water filled eyes and saw my best friend standing there.


I got up and ran into his open arms as I cried into the crook of his neck, god I missed him!

“Hun want to talk?” I nodded at this and started off the whole story from when me and Liam met in the hall to him leaving to Sarah being nice and then ending with what just happened.


“That ape head!” I giggled, Dylan NEVER would cuss so he said these weird things.


 “Listen Kels I’m so sorry I haven’t been there, it was a misunderstanding” I nodded and hugged him.



_5 Months Later_


Well in these months my life has gone back to normal. After what happened with Liam the boys left school, not even saying goodbye to me. I haven’t seen or heard from my ‘boyfriend’ since that night he claimed to date Sarah.


Afterwards I declared we were over to the school and guys have asked me out A LOT! Why? Because I dressed more nice and was the ‘Cool’ girl in school now. Sarah and her posy went to college so that drama’s gone to! My Mum and I don’t talk I just do my chores and leave for Dylans after. Life has been great.

Graduation was amazing. AMAZING! I’m going to online College as I write good songs and pick out clothes. Dylan and I had a plan.












This is what I had been working for these past months! I finally finished writing my 10th song and decided I wanted to start filming. Tomorrow.

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