CinDirection -Liam Payne Fan Fic-

Her life was amazing. Beautiful family, wonderful friends, fun school... It all turned away when her father 'died in an "Earthquake" unfortunately she wasn't able to go to a faster home, why unfortunately? She got stuck with her new evil step mum, bratty step sister, and surprisingly nice step brother. Its been 12 years now and shes in her last year of high school, her brother gone so just her and the witches. Once Direction decides to come back for an extra year of school and chose... Her?! to show them around! She usually hates one direction because her best friend Dylan constantly blabbers about them(He's Gay) What happens when Liam Payne takes a liking in Kelsandra/Kelsea/Kels? And what will happen once Liam takes a lying route to London?

Find out in CinDirection and come in the adventure with Kelsea, Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Mella(Step Mum), Sarah(Step sis), Channing(Step brother), and Dylan!


8. 7



OKAY STORY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





We broke apart after about 10 minutes of kissing, or snogging. The boy’s wolf whistles as I blushed looking to the floor. Did that really just happen? Am I dreaming?

Sarah stomped out and screamed, “NO! LIAM YOU DO NOT LIKE HER! YOU BELONG WITH MY BEBE! KELSEA GO CLEAN THE POOL!” she came to me about to slap my face when I grabbed her arm and stood up. “Sarah get a hold on yourself. And get away from me ok?! All you do is nag nag nag! And you’re a total brat to me! Why don’t you clean the pool yourself yeah?! Come on boys.” I stood up dropped my towel, and walked to the house. The boys glared at Sarah and followed me.


“Where are we going?” Niall asked me.

“My amazing room, your llucky to go up there, I only ever let Dylan and Channing in my room, which bye the way, I made ompletely.”

“Pffft it’s just gonna be a normal room” Harry said

“Oh you’ll think that”

By this time we were at the end of the hall and the guys were so confused, as there were no more doors.


They nodded still confused by this..

I took the necklace off my neck, that had a key on it, showed them it then got on my tip toes. I reached up and uncovered the latch, I smirked at their puzzlement and unlocked it, I then pulled down the latter.

“Follow meh”

They all followed me up the ladder to my hall, when you first get there it’s all bleak and wooden with some old carpet and a window.

Their faces fell and Zayn broke the silence after I re locked the latch and covered it. “Your not going to kill us in this old attic are you?...”

I burst into laughter, “Z-zayn y-your kidding?! HAHAHAHAHA this is my room, not an old attic. I just decorated the actual room not the area you first come in at!”

“Okay so where is it?” he retorted.

“THIS WAY!” I yelled skipping for about 4 seconds then turned the corner to my room, the soon got to where I was and their mouths flew down.

“Amazing right?”

“AMAZAYN! OMG THIS IS SO COOL!” Harry gushed walking around. I smiled as they all looked around in awe.

After they finally settled and finished taking in my room they sat on my tan and pink couch, I got an idea.

“Hey guys… Ermm… can maybe I take a picture to make my new computer background? I am tired of my old one… That Sarah made.”

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shes embarrassed for wanting to be close to us!” Louis winked as I slapped him on the shoulder, “Violant you are!” I just smirked and Liam yelled, “IDEA!!!”

We did his idea.


The boys all sat along the couch and I set the timer for the camera, I ran over and layed across their laps with my head on Liam’s lap and they all pulled different faces, mine was a model lay pose and face. Niall made a face and looked at my feet on him as if they stinking, zayn had my legs on him and he stroked them pretending to be fascinated. Louis and Harry were my favorite. Louis had my bum and pretended to smack it with a cheeky grin on his face. Harry had my belly and.. boobs. Oh Harry! He stared down in awe with his eyes wide, making me chuckle.

Liam. I looked up at him and he looked at me with love as he stroked my hair from my face and the camera went off. I got up and saw the photo and laughed, setting it as my screensaver. The boys all had to go except Liam…


The boys all left and I walked them to their cars, once they left me and Liam went fast to my room, not wanting Sarah to intrude.

We made it up and sat on my bed, deciding to play 21 questions!


(Liam, Kelsea)




Scared of?


Okay don’t laugh! Okay… Favorite singer?

Liam Payne *wink*

Don’t blush! Okay… Favorite thing about yourself?

I like a beautiful girl                         (Kelsea frowns, thinking it’s someone else but soon recovers)

How did your dad die?

Tornado, although he only died and was with Mella so I think murder…

ANYWAY! Best friend?

You or Nialler

Okay, One Direction or Justin Bieber?

*Gasp* OBVIOUSLY JUSTIN! JK JK! One Direction


Your eyes.                           *Kelsea blush*

Favorite thing about me?

Your… so sweet and fun… and… your eyes.        *Liam blush and smirk*

Okay… Why did you kiss me?



“Why did you?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“Liam, answer the question”

“Because… I like you. A lot”


“Your perfect”

“I am far from perfect”

“Not in my eyes, in mine, you’re a beautiful goddess”

*Blush* “Thanks..”

“Why did you kiss back?”

“Because… Instinct?”


“Because I am falling for you…”

“Kelsea will you?...”


“Will I what?”

“Get me some water?... My throat hurts…”

“Oh, erm.. Sure.” *Stands up, fix shirts, unlock latch and leave*



Liam’s POV


I CHICKENED OUT! She likes me too, I kissed her TWICE! We admitted feelings, I almost asked her and I chickened out! She looked upset that, that was what I asked. Did she wasn’t to date me?! AHHH! I could have gotten my own water! I am an awful person…



Kelsea’s POV


Really Liam?! You ask if I liked you, what I like about you, and all that mushy stuff! Then you get me excited and be dramatic for asking for a glass of water?! God I really hate guys! Is he playing me? Did he lie? Does he even like me?! UGH! I unlocked the latch and went to get water for Liam, once I got it I debated on spitting in it.. No I am not THAT mean! I made my way back to my room, unlocked the latch and went on up.


I entered the room and Liam was saying colorful words under his breath and ripping at his hair, is he okay?

“Liam are you alright?” I announced and his head popped up and tears stained his cheeks, he was so sensitive and even cute when he cried! NO! YOU CANT LIKE HIM! Grrr mind.

“ I-I-I’m fine.”

“Liam don’t you dare lie to me!” I yelled as I wrapped my arms around his waist as he nuzzled his head into my neck as we sat on the bed

“What’s wrong sweetie?” I stroked his cheek softly, he began to speak.

“I am tied. I like this girl and, really like her, I even kissed her, but I don’t think she likes me back, and I chickened out on asking her out because of this, I think I may be in love with her.” My heart ached. He was in love with someone else and wanted my advice.. here goes nothing.

“Liam if she doesn’t love you back, she is stupid *titls chin and looks into his eyes* you’re an amazing lad, if she truly likes you then she will kiss you the next time, not you kiss her, trust me. She will open her eyes”

He looked at me in awe and I continue staring into his big brown puppy dog eyes. I didn’t know what I was doing but next thing I knew, I cupped his face and leaned in, I kissed Liam. When he loved someone else. Yet the sparks came back. When I pulled away he grabbed my waist and sat me on his lap then kissed me again, more passion though.

After a minute or 2 we split and rested our foreheads together, he broke our silence. “So you love me too?” he had a hopeful look in his eyes. HE WAS TALKING BOUT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH! “Liam, I always have.” He smashed our lips together again and then pulled apart making me pout.


He got on one knee and my eyes widened. NO!!!!!!!! I CANT BREAK HIS HEART! I AM NOT MARRYING HIM WE ARENT EVEN DAT- “Kelsea *Chuckle* I am not proposing you be my wife. I am proposing you to be my girlfriend. Kels will you do me the honor of dating me?” I smiled and hugging him “Wouldn’t want it any other way” I whispered in his ear. We both smiled and slow dances to the song of the silence.


“I love you kels” he whispered


“I love you too Liam” I whispered as my lips brushed his, teasing him.

After teasing him and then pulling away he grabbed me and kissed me and I chuckled into the kiss at how I could tell ge wanted it.

“Maybe I should tease more often? *wink” I said cheekily

“That or you could just kiss me?” He stated, “There’s an idea!” I said giving him a quick peck


Liam is mine

I am Liam’s

I couldn’t be happier!










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