CinDirection -Liam Payne Fan Fic-

Her life was amazing. Beautiful family, wonderful friends, fun school... It all turned away when her father 'died in an "Earthquake" unfortunately she wasn't able to go to a faster home, why unfortunately? She got stuck with her new evil step mum, bratty step sister, and surprisingly nice step brother. Its been 12 years now and shes in her last year of high school, her brother gone so just her and the witches. Once Direction decides to come back for an extra year of school and chose... Her?! to show them around! She usually hates one direction because her best friend Dylan constantly blabbers about them(He's Gay) What happens when Liam Payne takes a liking in Kelsandra/Kelsea/Kels? And what will happen once Liam takes a lying route to London?

Find out in CinDirection and come in the adventure with Kelsea, Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Mella(Step Mum), Sarah(Step sis), Channing(Step brother), and Dylan!


7. 6


Dylan and I headed back to his truck after 7th period but I was still texting Liam, with a smile stuck on my face as I laughed at his comment and the name he made as himself.

From, Leeyum_The_Yummy_Sexy_Monkey:

I miss you already love! Your mess of hair always made me smile ;)

To, Leeyum_The_Yummy_Sexy_Monkey:

Screw you! But I miss your stupid school abilities and cluelessness ;)

I then smiled bigger and Dylan looked at me with his look of ‘Knowing’ “What Dyl?”

He then screamed loudly when we got in the truck, “KELSEAAA HAS AAA CRUUUUUSH!!!!!!”

I smacked his shoulder and protested! “No I do NOT!”

We kept quiet for the rest of the ride and Dylan was smirking like a mad man. I do NOT like Liam in an romantic way! He is only one of my best friends. Period. Wait wait! Holds up! Dylan didn’t say Liam… I thought that on my own. Was I falling for him? I hope not…


We drove and I thought a lot, and dreaded when I would set foot in the house again. We pulled up and I stalled, and walked slowly to the house after grabbing my bag. I made it inside and decided to try going unnoticed up stairs when I felt someone stomping towards me. Crap.

“How dare you treat me like that today!”

“Oh I did dare.”

“Who do you think you are?!”

“WELLLLLLLLL if you must know, I am Kelsea, and I have a annoying bratty step sister who tried to seduce my friends infront of me.”

“Say your sorry.”

“For what?!”

“For defying me, and telling me what I can and cannot do.”

“No, you always do to me and I don’t complain.”

“Your useless”

“You’re a- I don’t use that language so I will just say a girl dog.”


Sarah is working my last nerve, I stomped up the stairs and made it to the second story, I then walked to the end of the hall and pulled the latch from the roof so the ladder would fall down. It did and I climbed up, closing it and locking it and walked to my bed. Yup I lived in the attic, no one dared coming up here, scared of spiders, but I cleaned it up and spent money on it and it is actually really cute, I have a key and lock also just in case. I heard yelling downstairs and then heard stomping up stairs. UGH!


My thoughts were interrupted by the baby monitor, that’s how ‘Mum’ talked to me when I was in here.

“Kelsea you spoiled brat! How dare you treat Sarah that way?! And over a rich boy who obviously was just being nice and hates you!” Mella yelled. Was that true? Did he only use me to get A’s and help him?


“Go away!” My voice sounded cracked and shaky, before I broke into a sob. She then left and didn’t respond probably happy with my tears she drew. I texted Dylan, he was the only one who knew about my evil family, other than the boys who I told earlier because I stupidly trusted them.

To, Dyl<3Pickle:

Is Liam using me? To get A’s? Should I not feel how I am? Are Mella and Sarah right?): xx


We always added xx’s if we didn’t we were obviously mad at each other.


From, Dyl<3Pickle:

No! he would never do such a thing, he is so pure, and are you stupid? Your really listening to those freaks?!


I laughed through my sobs and quickly typed thanks and I love you, then I shut my phone off ad placed it on my night stand. I listened to the radio and ‘Moments, By One Direction’ came on. NOT helping my state!




I sat and thought about my feelings. I couldn’t fall for Liam. Why? There’s MANY reasons.

Sarah would kill me

He’s a PopStar

He is out of my league

I am ugly

He could be using me

I have never had a boyfriend

He is not interested

I am not interested




No approve-ment


It just couldn’t happen. I opened my phone to his contact and pressed contact information. There was a picture of him smiling like a hyena with a glint in his eyes. He was perfect, this picture only proved it more. I was falling for Liam. Falling way too fast for my likings. Luckily today was Friday and tomorrow is Saturday!


I braided my hair and showered, rinsing my body and shaving, I decided that when the braid dried by tomorrow I would have some beautiful natural crimps in my blond hair. I dressed in some fuzzy SpongeBob short shorts and a white singlet. I lie under my teal and tan duvet just thinking about how sucky my life was, I soon fell into a deep sleep.




I woke up in my cozy bed and checked the clock, seeing it was only 7:30 AM I decided to go back to bed. I was laying there almost asleep when I heard the door open and close and I heard squeaky shoes… The squeaks rom Nike shoes… CHANNING! I happed out from my bed, unlocked the latch, climbed down, relocked it and ran down the stairs.

There he was.

“CHANNING!” I yelped running to him

“KELS!!! I MISS YOU, HOW ARE THEY TREATING YOU?!” he asked engukfing me in a hug.

I whispered in his ear, “Same ol Same ol”


“It’s fine Chan! Why you back?”

“Wanting me gone already? *Fake hurt* I’m just playing, I cam BECAUSEEEE I misssssed my swissterrrr”

“Sarah is in the kitchen..” I mumbled and he burst into laughter making me frown.

“I mentttttttt! My sister from another mister!” He hugged my again and I smiled, I missed my brother. He was so sweet to me unlike the menacing Mella and Sarah. He knew about my room, he loved to hang out with me there when we were younger, he protected me and my family was always nice to be when he stood by my side.




We sat on the window couch in my attic room, Channing braids my hair like no tomorrow and makes me look like Godzilla! “Gosh Chwanning! Trying to scware off de whole Towne?!” I stated to 10 year old Channing who just chuckled.

“Aww is wittle Kwelsea mwad?!” He laughed at my 7 year old self. “NO!”

We staying in a comfortable silence. “I will always prtect you from any harm. I am truly sorry about dad.” He said sincerely while hugging me. “Chan, it’s otay! Not chur fault, plus having you here makes it all the better” he smiled




I brought him to the attic and we talked like old times and I told him about the latest news with the school and family.

“Don’t listen to Sarah, your amazing” He said like it were a fact. “Thanks” I blushed.


We talked for a while longer and saw it was now 1:00 PM! Time flies!!!! We got lunch and ate my the pool, he was wearing his red swim trunks that I bought him a year ago. I was dressed in my black bikini that had ‘Sassy’ written on the bum, it was strapless also. I wore a see through white summer dress over and a black hat and white sunglasses with my red sandals.


Channing splashed me and begged me to get in the water. I finally agreed after about 20 minutes of him begging and splashing. I threw off the dress and everything else the I had over my bathing suite, diving in the huge pool in our backyard, MY backyard. I lived here since I was born, but now Mella was the owner.


We swam a lot and we heard the doorbell but didn’t bother getting it, now I was on Channing’s shoulder’s screaming my butt off as he ran around the pool.

“CHANNING PUT MY DOWN YOUR GOING TO KILL ME! AHHHHH!” I yelled at him, my hair blowing in the wind and him running all around.

“NEVER!” He shouted back running faster.


We then heard chuckled and a groan. We both stopped yelling and Chan stopped running and looked over at the door. There stood One Direction and a pissed off looking Sarah, I forgot what I was wearing and yelled, “Hey guys! What brings you here!” I looked at their expression, everyone but Zayn and Louis drooling over my half naked body. I smirked as Channing cleared his throat and they all bushed, espercially Liam.


“We knew you lived here and decided to come over to hang out”

“Oh, well I see you’ve he met Sarah”

Sarah actually smiled as I turned attention to her. “They came, and asked for you so here they are, Kelsea.”

“Sarah are you okay? You look like you’re going to explode..”

“I am fine! *Silence* Boys why don’t you hang out with me? I am MUCH more fun and cool than, her” she said looking at me with disgust. I got off Channing and stood by him as Harry spoke, “Your know Sarah you’re a real b— erm never mind, I know Kels hates cussing..”

“Thanks Haz” he smiled


Sarah stomped away, Channing went to shower and I got out, wrapped in a towel and sat talking to the boys




“Thanks by the way Harry, for sticking up for me”

“You did for Liam, We’re all friends and she’s stupid.”

I chuckled and Liam asked if the boys could leave, they soon left to the field and started playing ‘Football’ or as American’s say ‘Soccer’


Liam faced me and looked nervous, once he looked into my eyes, the glint came back to his.

“Ermm… I know I have only known you for a few days... But…” He took his gaze to the floor making me frown. Was he going to tell me we can’t be friends?!

“I really like you Kels.” I gaped at him words and he blushed, never had I became good with boys, but somehow I was well with Liam…

I tilted his chin up, making him look me in the eyes. “Liam… I think I am falling for you too” Our foreheads were pressed and I said it in more of a whisper.


Liam cupped my face in his hands as he leaned in, I leaned too. WAIT WHAT?! He’s going to kiss me! He likes me too! I think I lo- my thoughts were cut off by a warm feeling. I quickly responded to Liam’s kiss, wrapped my arms around his neck. Our lips moved in sync and we both smiled into the kiss.

I felt a firework show going on display from his touch! I was screaming with joy on the inside.




Liam then broke apart from me grinning like a Cheshire cat. I returned the same smile as he leaned in again, kissing me.





TOLD YA SOOOOOOOOOOOO! ROMANCE BREWING! =0000!!!!!!! CHANNING IS BACK ALSO!!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps!

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