CinDirection -Liam Payne Fan Fic-

Her life was amazing. Beautiful family, wonderful friends, fun school... It all turned away when her father 'died in an "Earthquake" unfortunately she wasn't able to go to a faster home, why unfortunately? She got stuck with her new evil step mum, bratty step sister, and surprisingly nice step brother. Its been 12 years now and shes in her last year of high school, her brother gone so just her and the witches. Once Direction decides to come back for an extra year of school and chose... Her?! to show them around! She usually hates one direction because her best friend Dylan constantly blabbers about them(He's Gay) What happens when Liam Payne takes a liking in Kelsandra/Kelsea/Kels? And what will happen once Liam takes a lying route to London?

Find out in CinDirection and come in the adventure with Kelsea, Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Mella(Step Mum), Sarah(Step sis), Channing(Step brother), and Dylan!


5. 4


Liam's Point of View!!!!




We had to sign up for school, i was excited to go back, the boys weren't at all.

We walked in and were immediantly surrounded by fans and screaming girls. ALL WE WANTED WAS TO GO TO SCHOOL ON OUR BREAK IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK DX



We tried finding someone, noncrazy to help us and i wandered the halls with my eyes. They landed on a beautiful blond sitting on a bench reading and texting. She saw us and rolled her eyes, she was gorgeous and had a smille of a bunny! SO CUTE! 

We made our way to her and asked for help. She first was sacrcastic but ended up being sweet and helping us. I HAVE ALL CLASSES WITH HER! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! 

So far i found out alot, her family sound like bum heads, except Channing. She was an amazing student as well as singer and actress. She was also verrrrrrry funny! Which lead us to Lunch..

At lunch she was so out going and didn't give a crap about what others thought and she was hyper and just plain amazing.

By the end of the day, I was head over heels. She was one of my new Best friends though. What if I ask her out and she says no?! And then it would be awkward the rest of the year! Especially because we have all classes together!



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