CinDirection -Liam Payne Fan Fic-

Her life was amazing. Beautiful family, wonderful friends, fun school... It all turned away when her father 'died in an "Earthquake" unfortunately she wasn't able to go to a faster home, why unfortunately? She got stuck with her new evil step mum, bratty step sister, and surprisingly nice step brother. Its been 12 years now and shes in her last year of high school, her brother gone so just her and the witches. Once Direction decides to come back for an extra year of school and chose... Her?! to show them around! She usually hates one direction because her best friend Dylan constantly blabbers about them(He's Gay) What happens when Liam Payne takes a liking in Kelsandra/Kelsea/Kels? And what will happen once Liam takes a lying route to London?

Find out in CinDirection and come in the adventure with Kelsea, Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Mella(Step Mum), Sarah(Step sis), Channing(Step brother), and Dylan!


3. 2


I just haddd to give in!

"Okay give me all your schedule's!"

I soon got 5 new schedule's in my hands

I read the first one, Niall's

"Okay.. Neil?"


"Sorry Niall, okay so i will mark on the map 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 from where you go to hwre okay? And you have 2nd lunch, I have the same."

"Can i sit with you? I don't wanna sit with screaming girls."

"Sure Niall, Ohh! You also have... first, and seventh period with me!"

"Cool! So what period does lunch come after?..."

"After 4th period is our lunch, DONT eat at the fountain, unless you want to sit with the pops."


"okay next!"

I looked it over and a smile spread on my face! Okay so my favorite of the band was Liam.. He was like me.

"Okay this is good! Bye the way Liam your my favorite, no offence but coming from my friend on your likes and dislikes, we are practically twins and you have all my classes with me! Meaning Lunch with Niall and first and seventh!"

He smiled and thanked me, and i told him he could just follow me from class to class the first day. Louis whined...

"That's not fair! He has most chance on his own and he get's the tour guide! Pshh!"

"It's okay Louis, okay your next!"

I checked the classes and looked back up, "Louis you have our lunch also, wait everyone look at their papers, check the right top, does it say 1? or 1? Everyone said 2. "We are lunch buddies!"

"Your ina better mood." Harry stated. "Well you guys aren't what i'd though. now let's continue!

"Louis and Harry, I looked at both, You both have the same exact schedule and also you have... 1,2,3,4,5,6 period with me, I only have last period without you guys now!"

"You say that like it's a bad thing!"

"Well.. I am just kidding!"

"I like this chick." Liam said to me smiling

"Thanks, and Zayn you and Niall match so just follow Niall, I don't wanna re mark the places, i will later. First i need to set rules."

"Rules?" Liam asked?

"Well... You guy's after this can't really talk to, erm me."

"WHAT?!" They yelled at me! Don't yell!!! Dang Goats... Don't ask..

"You have to, in order to be cool."

"I don't wanna be cool, we came to do school and make new loyal friends, like you" Liam stated like it were obvious.

"Well..." Zayn and Harry said.

I frowned.

"Well Harry, Zayn what you have to do is this.

1. No talking to anyone besides the popular's and their friend zone, you can talk to the boys though.

2. You cannot talk to me, that is included in 1

3. Always do cheeky things and in class be kinda like a suck up and a trouble maker mix

4. Eat lunch at the fountain.

Okay now the rest of you who don't wanna be popular, you have no rules just advice.

1. Do NOT talk to the pops, they will try sucking you into their group.

2. they will use you, so do NOT befriend any

3. Once again Do NOT fall for anything at all!

4. The main popular is Sarah.. She's... Nice to the popular's and really mean to those who aren't stay away from her path, and don't walk or talk to me near her... I will get in trouble...

and fi-"

"Trouble?" Liam asked sincerely and they all listened...

"Ermm.. My dad died when i was a little kid, just after he married the meanest girl around. Mella. Sarah is my evil step sister and she loves you guys and i am basically their slave, Channing my step brother is nice but he goes to private school... and if you talk to me and she finds you then she will get mad at me and punish me.."

"That's terrible!"

"Agreed, anyways 5. Don't be a show off, the rest your on your own. I need to get to first period. Bye strangers"



"We want to be friends. We too your phone and got your number and we also put ours in. Friends. NOT strangers" Liam stated sternly. "Fine.."

I grabbed my bag but then Liam grabbed it from me and we all walked to our classes... I got glares all around for walking, talking, and Liam holding my bag. Sorry guys he took it! ):




 Kelsea and Liam-

1MusicMiss. Mays (Student Teacher)? -The Boys don't know but Kelsea is the Teacher-

2PhotographyMr. Jean

3MathMrs. Beckem

4EnglishMr. Crowley


5DramaMiss. Clarke

6World StudiesMr. Andrews

7Free Period –Chaperone, Miss. Jalie




Zayn and Niall-                                                                      

1              Music      Miss.Mays (Student Teacher)?

2              English    Mr. Crowley

3              Art           Mrs. Leam

4              Math       Mrs. Beckem


5              Literature                Mr. Williams

6              Home Ec.                                Ms. Sue

7              Free Period –Chaperone, Miss. Jalie




 Louis and Harry-

1MusicMiss. Mays (Student Teacher)? -The Boys don't know but Kelsea is the Teacher-

2PhotographyMr. Jean

3Free period Chaperon, Mr. Wells

4EnglishMr. Crowley


5Drama      Miss. Clarke

6World Studies      Mr. Andrews

7MathMrs. Beckem





 We all walked to my class, little did they know I was a singer too, and I needed a job and the music teacher who was mean died… Not many sad people... Not to be mean! True though… anyways! I have been working the Music Room for over a year and that’s why the popular’s were now all nice to be except Sarah. Sarah doesn’t take music but almost all the other paps do. And the only music class is 1st period! 1D was in for a treat.



I grabbed back my bag and walked to the front and set it down at my desk.

“Okay people we ready to live it up!” I shouted to them and Liam yelled back “Kels get down you might get in trouble!” everyone bust into laughed except the boys. “Mr. Payne, I am the teacher. It’s my job.” He still looked confused to I texted all the boys…

Guys! I am a singer too… yeah. And I need money to buy my own house so after the school music teacher died I applied and got it so I get to miss one period by doing this, haha I am your boss! Okay no texting in class.


They all got them and checked them and put them back grinning, knowing already I was a fun teacher.

“Okay huligans what did we learn yesterday! Teach it to the new puppies!” They all turned to the boys, then back to me and followed the wave of my fingers as they sang…


There once was a boy named Harry

Who was destined to be a star

His parents were killed by Voldemort

Who gave him a lightning scar


Yo harry, you're a wizard’ I Shouted pulling a gangster move then pulling out a sign saying

(Philosopher's Stone)


They continued singing’

Harry goes to Hogwarts

and meets Ron and Hermione

Mcgonagall requires he play for gryffindor

Draco is a daddy's boy

Quirrell becomes un-employed

The Sorcerer's stone is destroyed by Dumbledore

I held another sign..

(Chamber of secrets)


Ron breaks his wand

now Ginny's gone

and Harry's in mortal danger

Tom Riddle hides his snake inside a ginormous secret chamber

And another..

(Prisoner Of Azkaban)


Harry blows up aunt marge

the Dementors come and take charge

Lupin's a wolf

the rats a man

and now the prisoner is at large

They use time travel so they can

save the prisoner of Azkaban

who just so happens to be Harry's godfather

I don't really get it either....

OHH I like this one it involves FIAAAAA! *holds sign

(Goblet Of Fire)


Harry gets put in the tri-wizard tournament

with dragons and mermaids

...oh no Edward Cullen get's slayed

he's back

Almost done..

(Order of the phoenix)


Harry, Harry it's getting scary

Voldemort's back and your a revolutionary, Harry

Dumbledore, Dumbledore why is he ignoring your constant attempts to contact him

He is forced to leave the school

Umbridge arrives

Draco's a tool

kids break into the ministry

sirius black is dead as can be


Just about..

(Half-blood prince)


Split your soul

seven parts of a whole

there horcruxes!

It's Dumbledore's end


(Deathly Hallows)


there once was a boy named Harry

who constantly conquered death

but in one final duel between good and bad

he may take his final breath...


I clapped loudly as we all piled into laughter and the boys looked shocked at the song we sang

“Nice work class!”

Liam’s hand raised.

Yes liam?”


“You sing those songs instead of churchy ones?”

“That’s the fun part of being the teacher. I Pick. Plus I am your age and those crappy songs are Boring!”


All of One Direction gaped at me and then said at the same time.

“This is my favorite class.”

I chuckled and we continued class.



Once it was time for 10 minutes left, I always gave this time to socialize so they all ran to me before any blond chicks came.


“Girl you can sing! And you’re a teacher? What else..” Zayn said laughing.

“I am smart in all subjects, class clown, teacher pet, pops like me but aren’t my friends, Sarah hates me, I am a good actress and drawer…”

“STOP WOMAN! WE GET IT! You’re a freak in school..” Louis said and I hit his arm.

“Want detention?” I said raising an eyebrow..

“You Cant-“

“Yes, yes I can, Mr. Tomlinson.”

He pouted and sat down as we laughed at him.




The bell rang and Niall and Zayn left us as we continued to the next class.
















































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