1D one shots

i never done one shots before so go easy on me but tell me ur thoughts!!!!


2. one shot for victoria-louis

         as i finished curling my midnight colored hair, i thought about when i met him.


  exsited starbucks.the smell of coffie and pastries getting further away. as i slipped my hands higher up in the sleaves of my cartagen, i saw a small vetable shop. MHHH... CARROTS!!!! i made my way into the little shop/garden. i looked all around telli found them, CARROTS! god, i love carrots! i picked up abasket, my hand hovering above a carrot, as i placed my hand on it i met anothers. i looked up to meet bright blue orbs, i  felt as if my chocolate ones were melting! he came over to me not bracking eye contact.

  "whats your name?"his english accsent hanging thick in the air.

   "victoria,and yours?"

  "louis"an award winning smile crept apon his perfect featurs."you know love, i'm not going to let you pay for that carrot right?" hu?

  "and whys that?"i couldnt help but be a bit confused,

  "becuse a gentalman never lets the woman pay for the meal!"

                                                    <present day>

 me and lou are going on a picnic, i supose theres gonna be lods of carrots! i heard the door bell ring. i cecked my apperince one last time: red strip cartagen with white shorts and red TOMS!

                                                   <@ the park>

 the car ride was sorta awkward, we just sat there,nobody said a word. louis stopped outsde at a cute little park. he had set up a bunch of candles and flowers it was so romantic! it was about 7pm so the sun was about to set. louis came and opened my door and whent to the back to get the picnic basket. as we were walking to the picnic blanket, lou grew a pair and grabed my hand! i looked down at our intertwind fingers, then back at lou. our cheeks turning the exsact shad of crimson. if i wasnt biting my lip i might have just snoged him right then and there! lou sat down on the cloth patting a spot next to him. i quickly sat down . we just sat there houlding each others gaze for a bit until he broke the silence.

  "your so gorgeous!" he wispered more to himself then to me, but i heard it!

  "haha,thx,lou!"i spoke, my voice bearly above a wisper. like a switch he snapped out of his little daze and said,

  "um...want a carrot?" he questioned reaching inside the basket and pulling out a carrot.

  "MHHH...yes please!" oh my qawd, did i just yell that out loud? im so stupied sometimes!

  "teeheehee!" louis snikered. he handed me a carrot, i gladly tock a nibble out of it. lou also got one and quickly ate. we didnt talk much as we ate this thime it wasnt awkward, more of a silent agrement of our feelings for one another. i really like lou! 

 After i tock the last bite of my carrot i spoke. "lou, did you know that your eyes are mezmerizing?" honastly? i said that? lou just giigled at my quirkyness.

  "lets watch the sun set," lou laid down pulling me with, i placed my head on his cest. he started to play with my hair.

  "the sunsets so pretty lou, dont you think so?" i asked sitting up to get a better look.

 lou sat up too, he tugged my waist closer to him. then he wispered "not as you victoria." i once agin had the urge to kiss him, but now he also felt it. i staired into his blue orbs, his lips inches away from mine. he reached up and cuopped my face in his hands stroking my cheek with his thumb. we slowly leaned in, until our lips gently crashed into one another. my eyes fluttered closed. i wanted to stay like this forever! the sun slowly set in the back ground, a true fairy tale ending!

* A/N this my first one shot EVER! so i hope you like it victoria!!! the first cap exsplans how i take request soooo start asking!! ples leave a comment!!*   

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