The breaking point

Everyone has a breaking point. C'mon, you know you have. But Morgan doesn't know what will happen when she is forced to move from the sub-freezing temperatures of Alaska to the tropical island of Costa Rica. As she try's to find new friends, she mets the one person who could stop her from reaching her breaking point. Find out how in this action-filled romance.


2. Just this once

It was 2 days after his death when the funeral was set. I didn't want to go. I would obviously have to say something about him and everyone would be staring at me. I didn't feel safe. So, I wrote a long note to my dad and tapped it to his grave stone. I thought of how much fun we used to have. Fishing trips, baseball games, him dealing with my first boyfriend. Everything. A tear started forming in my eye as I thought and thought.

"I'm sorry for your lose, Morgan." A voice said.

I wiped my eye and turned around to a boy about my age. His hair was light brown and perfectly cut. He fixed his clip on tie and cleared his throat.

"I'm Josh, Josh Marley? I'm new at school. Remember? We were history partners yesterday?" Josh questioned.

"Oh, yeah." I mumbled. " Hi Josh." I flatted my short white mini dress and rocked back and forth on my high heels.

"Morgan, you seem"

"So what?"

"Sad. Yet you still smile and glow with beauty." He said smirking. I pushed my lips together and I didn't know if he was trying to be nice or if he liked me.

"Thanks Josh. I better get going." I said while starting my walk home.

"Wait! Um Morgan. I can drive you if you would like." His face got red and I took his offer only because it was starting to rain.

We walked to his car and I hopped in, actually proud of wearing my dress and heels today. I was staring at my silver shoes, thinking of how they looked like the fish me and my dad used to catch.

"Morgan, are you okay?"

I snapped back into reality and looked up at him, tears falling down my face. I wiped them with the back of my hand and answered him.

"Yeah. Sorry. Please take me home."

"You're hungry. I can hear your stomach rumbling." He said. And he was right. I held my stomach and sat there speechless.

"Let's go to Taco Bell. Okay?" Josh offered and all I could do was nod.

The drive was awkward. It was pouring rain now and I was watching as the rain warped the colored all around me. I touched the window and snapped back after realizing how cold it was outside. Josh giggled and I blushed, embarrassed. He was smiling until I turned to look at him. The smile left his face and turning to a small blush. His head quickly turned to the road and I was left staring at his bright blue eyes. Nothing like I've ever seen. I'm taken out of my transept when he asks what I want I tell him my order and he orders the exact same thing.

"Josh, your eyes are, wow." I said half smirking.

"Thanks Morgan." He said smiling to himself. "We can eat in the car."

He pulled the car into a parking spot and handed me my food. I took it and started eating slowly, watching his eyes and he glanced at me a few times but I didn't care. Oh my gosh. He eyes were perfect. I looked away to make such I wasn't being creepy. I was eating the rest looking down and he pulled a strand of my blonde hair out of my face. My brown-blue-green eyes were like comparing dirt to his perfect diamond eyes.

I finished my food without saying a word and looked at josh. He was looking at me smiling. I smiled back and I think I made his day. He looked at me to said something, then turned away. I pulled at his jacket and he turned back.

"Yes Morggie?" He asked smirking.

I froze. Only my dad called me Morggie. I asked what he was going to say, trying to stay calm and try not to cry.

"Yeah um can I please get home now?" I asked.
He nodded and drove the car to my house.

I don't know why I didn't block him out. Just his eyes were sky blue with bits of grey. They were amazing. I thanked him for driving me and got out of the car. I smiled a goodbye and he did the same. I walked inside to Ari and her friends doing yoga. They didn't notice me.

I walked into my room and everything in there reminded me of him. My walls, my light, my clothes, everything. I had to get away from then pain. And I knew one way how.

Two words.
Costa Rica
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