The breaking point

Everyone has a breaking point. C'mon, you know you have. But Morgan doesn't know what will happen when she is forced to move from the sub-freezing temperatures of Alaska to the tropical island of Costa Rica. As she try's to find new friends, she mets the one person who could stop her from reaching her breaking point. Find out how in this action-filled romance.


1. New

I hate people.

There I said it. I mean I don't think I hate you, but maybe if you just let me explain then maybe you'll like me. Or not. But, who cares? You are who you are. I'm giving you a choice here, either set the book down and walk away or keep reading. I'm not stopping you.

People who are continuing to read, thank you and congratulations. You win nothing! Yay. Please, don't think I hate you though. It's just how I am. Enough about me, I'm boring. I can't remember much about what I'm going to tell you. So, I'll just tell the story from Alaska.

I've never really been mean to anyone. I think not. The snow and ice were my home, my life. I didn't know anything else outside of that. Alaska was like my very own pen that I never wanted to leave. I woke up one morning to screaming and crying. Half asleep, I dragged me and my long weird-colored blonde hair out of my warm cave-like bed out of my room and into the hall. I stepped out to see Arianna, my stepmom, crying on the floor.

First things first, I never liked Arianna. She spends way to much time and money on more hair and face. She looks like a broken Barbie doll just laying on the wooden floor.

"Hey, Ari." I said confused. "What's wrong?"

"Morgan, I- your-it's." she stammered.


"Your father, Drake, he um, he's dead."

I was silent. I was staring into her brown eyes. Looking for some kind of proof that she was lying.

"Morgan, I'm sorry." Tears started to roll down her cheeks. I helped her up and stood at the window, noticing a blue and red flashing light. An ambulance. I ran over and saw the 10 cars smashed in my driveway. I glanced at Ari and ran out the door into the snow barefoot.

"DAD!" I screamed. I searched through all of the cars and finally found his lifeless body in another SUV. I picked up his hand and placed it on my face. My face was now soaked with tears. No one bothered to move me away from him. Not even the paramedics. They just came and saw me, then stood there helplessly. I put his hand down and looked back at the 9 other survivors from the crash.

I didn't want to know how the crash happened or why. I just wanted my dad back. I glared at all of them. Everyone of them looked down or away from me. My body was getting cold sitting on the cars so I kissed my dads forehead and went inside, staying away from Ari.

I couldn't trust anyone after what had happened. At school, people cried with me and grieved with me to try and show they cared. But deep down, maybe they didn't care at all. I tried to see it in their eyes but to many wouldn't dare to look into mine, fearing that I might burst into tears any second now.

I blocked everyone out after that day. Everyone understood. Even Ari, who thought this would bring us closer when all it did is bring us farther away.

Some of them didn't deserve to be blocked out from me. While others needed to be pushed off of a bridge.
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