All the major Harry Potter characters are locked in a basement for a truth or dare game....... YOU DECIDE WHO GETS DARES AND WHO GETS TRUTHS explanation inside!!!!
Please keep rated Teen
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*author has gotten bored with the story and refuses to write anymore. if you complain/comment incessantly for me to continue it i will block/report you*


6. Fifth Round

 The basement of ghettoness (yes it is a word) was still full of the characters from Harry Potter. Harry had just realized that he had his wand on him, and he was giving various obtects "swag factors". Neville's toad was now wearing an "obey" t shirt and a pair of tiny Ray-Bans, Snape was wearing a "Swag" hat, and wearing a gold chain, and Luna was wearing a red "YOLO" sweater, black Ray-Bans, and a "Obey" hat. McGonagall was telling him off when Dimples apparated into the room. 

"Thank goodness I finally learned how to do that. It was such a pain having to run down the-" 

"Dimples!" screams Snape.

"What?" snaps Dimples. 

"How did you manage to learn that? You aren't even a magical being!"

Shut up Snape I'm a special child don't question it!!!!!!" screeches Dimples.

Snape quietly sits down, a little afraid of Dimples.

"Now," she says, very dictator-like, "We have more dares!!!!! The first one is from Girl of Many Fandoms, and she dares Snape and Lily to kiss as, so she says, she ships Snily."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" screams James, "Nuh-uh no way no my wife is not kissing that greaseball who is a sad excuse for a human named Snivellus. Nuh-uh no I won-"

"It's all right darling," interrupts Lily, "I kinda owe him for getting his hopes up and then crushing them. I would have dated him instead of you and probably have married him is he hadn't called me a mudblood," she shot an accusing look in Snape's direction. Snape looked down, ashamed.

Lily stands up and walks over to Snape. She bends down and give him a quick peck on the lips, and walks away. James is crying, Harry is burying his face in Ron's shoulder, and Dumbledore and Voldemort are 'awwwwwww' ing in the corner. Snape's face goes bright red and he shifts uncomfortable on the floor. Dumbledore notices this, and screams, "SNAPEY HAS A CRUSH ON LILY!!!!!" 

"Yeah no shit Dumbly, we've all known that since the seventh book," says Ron, with a duhhhh tone in his voice.

"Uh Ron?" intrudes Hermione.


"Dumbledore wasn't in the last book."

"Oh yeah......"

"ANYWAYS" interrupts Dimples, "The next dare is from Louise McBear, and she dares Albus Severus, Lily Luna, and James Sirius to have a comperititon to see who can fit the most chocolate frogs in their mouths. Does she mean like chubby bunny?"

"I LOVE chubby bunny!!!" squeals Hermione.

Dimples scribbles in her notebook and a large pile of chocolate frogs appears in front of the children.

"Did she just produce that out of thin air?" inquires Ron.

"Argh. Ron. It is food. No one can produce food out of thin air. Food is the first of the five Principal Exceptions to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration. You can-" Hermione is interrupted by Harry.

"Oh shut it Hermione, we already heard about it in the last book." 

"A lot of shit went down in the last book that I missed....." mumbles Dumbledore.

"That is just the tip of the iceberg right there," says George.

"Okay," interjects Dimples, "You lot can shut it, I have a deadline to meet, which means I want as little dialogue as possible. The readers want as many chapters as quickly as possible."



The group looks terrified. 

"Good. Now, guys, start the chubby bunny challenge!"

The three kids start playing chubby bunny. At the end of it, Lily Luna had chocolate running down her face after only two, Albus Severus managed five, but gave up and ate them, and James Sirius had seven, his face looking quite like a chipmunk. He too then ate all of the contents in his mouth. There is still a pile of chocolate frogs that Dimples throws around the room to the various characters, all of them catching them and devouring them very quickly. Like rabid honey badgers.

Dimples was about to announce the next dare, when a suddenly very pregnant Hermione stands up. 

"Attention!!! As you all remember from when Ron, Harry, and I watched the Kiss You video, I stated that I was pregnant from those looks. Well, I have consulted a muggle doctor, and the baby is due today."

Gasps went around the room, Ron fainted.

Suddenly, Hermione's water breaks, and all of the female characters form a ring around her to support her during her birth. After like six hour of screaming , the male characters and Dimples are all slightly perturbed. McGonagall stands up and announces, "It's a girl!!!!!"

Hermione calls out, "HER NAME IS DARCY!"

Harry Styles then pops into the basement with Niall Horan, who is standing behind him eating gummy bears and saying, "Why am I even here? That's not even my baby......"

"OH!!" exclaims Dimples, "Perfect timing!!! The next dare is from Harry_Potter_Directioner (fistbump) and she dares Hermione to tell Harry that she prefers Niall instead. HERMY GET OVER HERE!!!"

"Do NOT call me that!" shrieks Hermione.


Hermione walks over to Harry and with Darcy in her arms. She looks up at Harry and says,"Harry......I-I p-pre-prefer N-n-n-Niall over y-y-you...."

Harry (styles) looks down at her and says, "And I prefer Niall over YOU!!!Now give me that baby! I'm going to leave with my husband and raise my baby!"

Harry plucks little Darcy out of Hermione's hands an disappears with Niall.

Hermione looks at the spot in which they disappeared.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" she screams.

"it's all right darling," says McGonagall.


The whole cast looks like this: O.o

Harry and Ron faint.

"Okay......." intrudes Dimples once more, "The next  dare is- wait, this one is a TRUTH!!!! ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! I HOLD A TRUTH CARD IN MY HANDS!!!"

The whole cast gasps and looks over at Dimples.

"This truth is from Takeover lion, and they ask, Fred, would you rather dare Pansy or Luna?"

"Pansy is a cow," begins Fred.

"THAT'S WHAT I SAID!!!!" screams Hermione.


"YES YOU ARE PANSY NOW SHUT UP!" screams the rest of the cast at her.

"As I was saying, she is a cow, and I heard she had a threesome in the potions lab with Blaise and Draco, before Snape walked in on them, and then she  fucked Snape to get out of trouble. And then Dumbledore heard what she did so she fucked Dumbledore too, which makes her a slut...."


"Well, Neville hear from Luna who heard from Ginny who heard from Seamus who heard from Dean who heard from Creevy who heard from Hannah who heard from Angelina who heard from Katie who heard from Oliver who heard from Hagrid who heard from Grawp who heard from the centaurs who heard from Umbridge who heard from McGonagall who heard from Hermione who heard from Ron who heard from Harry who heard Draco and Blaise talking about it to Snape that one time when Potter dropped all of his potions crap all over the floor like the blundering idiot that he is."

The whole cast is silent.

"Yeah... so to put is shortly, I would rather date Luna."

"You know," Dimples interjects, "That's all you had to say....."

"Yeah, but my way went for better ratings."

"True. Okay, the next dare is from Mrs. Lily malfoy and she dares Luna to kiss Harry and Voldemort to twerk."

"YES!!!!!" screams Voldemort.

Luna looks at Harry. Harry leans in quickly and pecks her on the lips before running back to Ginny and apologizing a million times. 

Voldemort on the other hand, is having a lot of fun with his dare. He is in a spandex suit with pandas all over it, and he has his hands on his knees, prime twerking position.He takes a deep breath, and screams, "GHETTO BASEMENT'S WHERE THE PARTY'S AT!!!!" and begins to twerk. (comment/like if you get the reference!)

Dimples makes him sit down after a good solid five minutes of twerking, because an excess of twerking is a public health hazard.

"Okay, so the last thing on here is.... another question!!!!! IronMansGirl asks, Luna, do you see dead people?"

"oh... well then...." mutters Luna. She looks up at the cast with a mischievous look in her eye. She begins to laugh. "I ca't believe you guys fell for that!!! There's no such thing as snargles and what not!!! I was only pretending to be a creepy werido just so that my father wouldn't disown me!! So to answer your question, no, I don't see dead people, and I definately don't believe in Crumple-horned snorknacks."

The whole cast has another 'dafuq' look on their faces. 

At that moment. The door slams open and Ollivander, Kingsley and Slughorn are thrown down the stairs. Takeover lion pops his head in the door. 



"Is it okay is Ravenclaw Princess and I steal some brownies?"

Dimples glares at him.

"Fine, but only two brownies."


Dimples looks at the rest of the cast.

"Well, I'm gonna go make sure that those idiots don't steal all of my brownies. See ya later!!!"

Dimples runs up the stairs screaming, "NOT MY BROWNIES YOU BITCH!!!!" (hehe harry potter reference) 

Hermione looks at Luna, "And to think, I defended you from these idiots for SEVEN DAMN YEARS."

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