All the major Harry Potter characters are locked in a basement for a truth or dare game....... YOU DECIDE WHO GETS DARES AND WHO GETS TRUTHS explanation inside!!!!
Please keep rated Teen
thanks :D
*author has gotten bored with the story and refuses to write anymore. if you complain/comment incessantly for me to continue it i will block/report you*


9. Does this even count as a round?

Dimples throws a bag of mail down the stairs, and runs down after it. She opens it up and makes it rain with letters. She faces the room and says, "HELLO MY DARLINGS!!!! TIME FOR- WAIT WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK?"

*earlier that day*

"Guys, we have to get out of here."

"Why Harry?"

"Ron, we've been here for almost a year, I don't think she ever plans on letting us out!"

"But Harry, she gives us brownies."

"That's a plot to make us stay here! I don't know how she did it, but she made these walls impenetrable to magic!"

Hermione joins the conversation.

"Actually, she just stole all of our wands and put them in her cupboard in the kitchen. I know she put it there because I was awake when she captured us, while the rest of you were unconscious."


"Ron, shut up. I have been observing her actions. Every day she has a three hour fangirl session over the stupid five singing idiots that she admires-"

"But wait don't you like them too Hermione?"

"Shut up Harry. As I was saying, she is currently in one of those fangirl sessions, now come on, we have to get all the wands."

The trio quietly venture up the stairs, they run over to the kitchen and find a locked cabinet. 

"This must be where she keeps the wands," Hermione whispered.

"How are we supposed to get them out? We don't have the key or magic!" whines Ron quietly.

Hermione pulls a bobby pin out of her hair.

"There are some things that you learn in the muggle world that are helpful."

Hermione slides the bobby pin into the lock and starts jimmying it. 

"I never understood how those work."

"Me either Harry, how do they keep the hair back?"

Harry facepalms.

"No Ron, I mean how does it work to open up a lock?"

"You're asking me? I'm the one who has lived in the wizard world all of his life."

Hermione gets the lock open and finds a large bag. She opens it and sees a large variety of wands. 

"This is it! You two, carry it down, I will go and tell the others my plan."

Ron and Harry sigh and pick up the bag, while Hermione runs downstairs. 

She quietly explains to the rest of the group how they will all apparate to just outside the Hogwarts gates, and then they will go their seperate ways from there, but how they must all keep a low profile, so that they will not be found again. Ron and Harry arrive with the wands, and everyone gets them back. 

'On the count of three. Kids, grab a trusted adult's arm. Okay? One, Two, Three!"

With a bang, they all disapparated. 

*present time*


Dimples runs upstairs and checks the cupboard. The lock lays on the floor, and the door is wide open, revealing it to be empty. 


Dimples then remembers that she put a small tracking device into each of the member's neck, just below their hairline. She checks her computer, and sees them scattered around England.

"Time to go catch some wizards."

*A/N. All right guys! Time for more suggestions! Where do you think I should find each member? Comment down below! Thanks for the idea Gia! And thank you to the rest of you for sticking by me. I never thought I would actually have such a success with this. Honestly, I thought I was going to have to just make up the dares by myself most the time. Thank you for being so supportive and sweet :) I will try to update more often but I have another two movellas going and I have schoolwork and stuff I'm really busy I'm trying my best. That's it for now. Stay fabulous! XOXO~Dimples*

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