Hold My Hand

Maggie is abused by her step-father. Her mother died two years ago, leaving her with him. Not to mention, she is bullied at school by, the most popular kid in school, Harry Styles. When in one class, they are forced to work together, as partners, and Harry refuses to work at his house, he stumbles upon the abusing in action. When Harry realizes what she is going through, will he help her? Or just ignore it? Will they come closer through the project, or just farther apart? Find out in Hold My Hand.


4. The Tattoo

Chapter 4
The Tattoo
Harry Styles
I run. I run as far as my legs can take me. I stop to rest and put my hands on my knees. God I was out of shape. Once I get home, I think, did that really just happen? No, it couldn't have. So I lay on my bed and wait for sleep to come.
Chase, Kyle, Logan and I, walk to our lockers, which happen to all be right next to each others. "So this girl was all like Chase..." Chase drifts off as he sees someone enter the hallway. "Nerd alert. 1:00." Chase whispers. I turn around. There was Maggie, still wearing a jacket and her hand still all wrapped up. Lacie comes up to my side and grabs my arm. "Oh Harry! You wanna come to my place after school?" I smirk. Just then, I hear someone fake cough. "Slut." I turn 90 degrees to see Maggie walking by. "Why you gotta be such a bitch?" Kyle asks. "That's Ms. Bitch to you." She says, strutting down the hallway. I grin. "She got you bro." I say. Kyle was frowning. "Oh come on man! It wasn't that bad!" I say, clapping him on the back. "Yes it was." I hear someone else say. I turn around, again. I see a girl with bright purple hair walking the rest of the way down the hallway. I scowl. "Okay, so maybe it was. But it's okay." Logan says. Kyle shakes his head. We make our way down to our first class. The first 2 classes were nothing special, just the teachers giving homework that I'm never going to do. I walk into the next class, Drama and groan. We were going to have to go in front of the class and tell them what our play is going to be about. "Okay class, lets get started." Mrs. Peters says. I look around. No Maggie. That means I'll have to present myself. God, why didn't I see this coming. She was going to chicken out and not show up. "Lets take roll. Matt?" "Here!" Just then, Maggie comes running in, her papers flying every where. She puffs the hair out of her face. There was something different about her. She looked amazing. She looked gorgeous. What am I saying? Maggie Butler was in fact, not, gorgeous. "I'm sorry I'm late, Mrs. Peters, my glasses broke, now I don't have any." She says. Oh, that was it. She didn't have glasses. "That's alright Maggie, take a seat." Mrs. Peters finishes roll call then she tells the first group to come up. The first group was Lexie and Matt. "Okay we are like gonna do a play called Love. It's gonna be about two people who like, well, fall in love." Lexie smacks her gum. "Mrs. Abernath, please spit out your gum. Good job guys! Next group!" Mrs. Peters calls. The next few groups go by slowly. Finally, Mrs. Peters calls mine and Butler's name. I slowly stand up, and walk to the front. Maggie stands up and picks a paper tentatively out of her folder. She walks to the front and I follow. She rolls up her sleeves and holds the paper. I notice something on her left wrist. I try to get a better glance at it but she keeps moving her wrist. "Okay. Our play is called Serendipity. It's about a small-town girl, going to the big city and a famous boy meeting her and they don't feel too great about each other at first but they end up falling in love." Says Maggie. Wow. She added some stuff to that. Not that I was mad about that but... I don't know. She turned her wrist just long enough for me to get a good look at it. It was a tattoo. It said STAY STRONG. I wonder what that means. I shrug and look at Mrs. Peters. "Great job Maggie and Harry!" I go to my seat and slouch onto my book. Before I knew it, Mrs. Peters was yelling at me to wake up. "Mr. Styles! Class would be over, but you wouldn't know that now would you?" She asks impatiently. "Sorry Mrs. P." I say, slinging my back pack over my shoulder and walking out. I see Maggie getting books out of her locker. I go lean against the one next to hers. "So since I was asleep during that class, anything we need to do tonight?" I ask. "Nope." She says, slamming her locker door shut and walking away. I catch her wrist. "What's this?" I say, gesturing to her wrist. "Is that a tattoo I see?" I smirk at her. "No." She says, pulling her hand away harshly. She then walks down the hallway.
<><><><>NEXT WEEK<><><><><><><>
I walk into the classroom and take my seat. Lacie immediately comes up and starts kissing me. I gotta say, she was a damn good kisser. But she was annoying as hell. "Mrs. Abrahams and Mr. Styles! Please pay attention!" Mrs. Peters calls to the back of the class. I pull away and Lacie humfs and and crosses her arms. Mrs. Peters shoots her a glare. She sits down. "Okay. Now y'all need to start working on y'all's play. You need to do it on your own time, because we will be working on play writing during class." Mrs. Peters says. The rest of the class was a drag, like always. After class, I do my usual, leaning against the locker next to Maggie's. "so when should we get together?" I ask. "I don't know." She snaps. "Woah Butler someone's cranky." I say. "Styles! Why you talking to Butler?" Chase calls to me. I turn. "I have to work on a stupid project with her. I roll my eyes. "Mrs. Peters." I finish. "Oh, that explains it." Chase says. Chase last year, was placed with a complete freak in Mrs. Peters class last year. I turn around to face Maggie. But she was gone. "Shit." I say. At lunch, I look around. I see Maggie sitting with that purple haired girl. I go and set my tray down next to them. "Okay since obviously, you are not going to plan anything I will. Tomorrow. Your house. 5:00." She looks at me with wide eyes. I roll my eyes and start to walk away. Then I feel like I'm forgetting something. I turn around. I set my tray down again. I pick up Maggie's milk and I pour it over her food. "There. That's better." I say before I laugh and give Chase, Kyle, and Logan high fives.
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