Hold My Hand

Maggie is abused by her step-father. Her mother died two years ago, leaving her with him. Not to mention, she is bullied at school by, the most popular kid in school, Harry Styles. When in one class, they are forced to work together, as partners, and Harry refuses to work at his house, he stumbles upon the abusing in action. When Harry realizes what she is going through, will he help her? Or just ignore it? Will they come closer through the project, or just farther apart? Find out in Hold My Hand.


24. Epilogue


Maggie Butler

I tear through the building, racing for the correct classroom. I pick up my gown, so I don't trip.


Harry and I had been together since we the talent show and have been going strong with no problems what so ever. 

I push open the classroom door and Mrs. Peters looks up with a start.

I rush over to her. 

"Thank you." I say, hugging her as tight as I can.

"You're welcome, but what for?" She asks.

"Putting me and Harry as partners." I say, as recognition flashes through her eyes.

"Sweetie, I had a feeling you guys would turn out alright." She looks so wise as she says this. 

I nod and say goodbye, rushing towards the auditorium. 

I push open the doors and take my place in line just as they begin to read the names out. 

I was near the beginning but I took a look back and saw Harry give me a thumbs up. I laugh and turn around.

"Maggie Butler." I plaster on a smile and make my way up on the stage. 

I look back at Harry who is clapping like a mad man which makes me smile more. I see Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis in the crowd.

Liam and Louis, I had figured out, we're the other two members of the band.

I look over at Gracey and Julia who are standing in line and laughing at me. 

I think back to my entire year. This whole thing has definitely been a rollarcoaster of emotions. 

Lacie didn't graduate, so she was stuck in summer school while the rest of us went of to college. She had said she planned on college, but nobody thought it was going to happen.

Chase, Kyle, and Logan are all standing in line clapping, looking bored. Once Kyle sees me up there, he starts clapping harder. Kyle an I had become closer over the time, I don't know why, but we had. 

Logan perked up a bit at the mention of my name, but Chase just looks up. I smile at him and he has to turn so I don't see him laugh. 

I walk closer to the principal to shake his hand, but it seems to be going in slow motion. I see my entire life just play out in my head. I reach for the diploma and I grab it, shaking his hand and seeing camera flashes from the audience. 

As I shake his hand I look out to the crowd and I see families. Happy families. The families where the mom is busy taking pictures, the dad tries to pay attention but is failing horribly. Then you have the kids. The kids who keep playing little hand games with each other to stay occupied. Thinking back to my hectic family, I became sad, but I kept a smile on my face. I walked off, waving as I did so.

I waited and as they called Gracey's name, then Julia's I clapped loudly. Then they called Harry's. I began to yell and whoop and clap. He walks towards me and waves it in front of him excitedly as I clap and jump on him. He holds me up and kisses me. 

"Congrats, babe." He whispers. I say it in return and he sets me down. 

Once they finish, they call up the valedictorian to make a speech. Which happened to be me. 

I walk up there, heart racing.

"Wow, college." I exhale into the microphone, getting a few chuckles from the crowd.

"Can I just say that I have had," I look over to Harry. "The most exciting year I've ever had before, this year. I like to think of this as the year I came out of my shell. At the beginning, I was a freak, a nerd, a kid who got bullied a lot. And now, thanks to Mrs. Peters, I have changed. I'm now dating the most amazing guy in the world and have the best of friends. I don't know what I would have done if this year would have gone on like normal." I choke back tears. "I'm definitely gonna miss this place. Maybe not all the people here, but those that I won't, they'd got what they deserved. All I have to say is, I will never forget these people here. They all changed my life forever. Even the bad people. Thank you!" I finish, wiping my eyes of the fresh tears. The crowd erupts in a torrent of applause. 

The salutatorian makes a speech, then we all begin to leave. I go up to Chase first.

"Hey." I say, smiling as he returns it.

"Great speech." He says awkwardly. I smile at him warmly. 

"Thanks." I pull him closer to me and hug him. "I'll miss you Chase." 

"I'll miss you too baby Butler."

I make my way over to Kyle. "Kyle." I say, getting his attention. He turns around. 

"Hey, Maggie great speech."

I thank him an hug him for a while before moving to Gracey and Julia. This one was going to be hard. They were both going to the same college in America. Immediately when I walk up to them I pull them into a tight, tearful hug. 

"There are no words." Gracey cries.

"There are three though." I say, wiping my tears with the back of my hand. "I love you." I say to both of them. We all start to cry miserably. 

"Promise to call everyday? That's everyday!" I exclaim to them both.

"You sound like my mother." Julia laughs through the tears.

We all share laughs and a few more cries together and a bunch more big hugs. After waving goodbye, I walk towards Harry.

He's staring at me with a sly grin plastered on his face. I wrap my arms around his neck and he picks me up bridal style. Harry and I were going to the same college, one near the beach. 

I kiss him slowly on the lips. "Shall we, Princess?" He asks. I let out a giggle.

"We shall." 

"Let us ride off on our trusty steed into the sunset." He laughs.

He carries me out the door and towards, ironically, our mustang. He sets me in the passenger seat and climbs in the window of the drivers seat.

"Like a boss." He says, doing a fist pump. 

"You're such a weirdo!" I laugh. 

"Off into the sunset with my princess!" He exclaims before peeling out. We already had our bags at the college, we had Harry's mother take them yesterday when she went to check out the college. 

The whole way we blared music and sang and danced in our seats.

Harry's phone begins to ring.

"Hello you're on speaker with Maggie!" He says excitedly into the phone.

"Harry!" Niall exclaims.

"Yeah buddy?" Harry asks questioningly. 

"We just got offered a record deal with Syco Records!" He yells.

Harry screams. So loud, in fact, I could still hear the ringing afterward.

Harry an I grin at each other and start to sing louder after we hang up the phone.

This was going to be a great year.


IT'S OVER!!! BOOHOO! Bye guys! -Abbey

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