Hold My Hand

Maggie is abused by her step-father. Her mother died two years ago, leaving her with him. Not to mention, she is bullied at school by, the most popular kid in school, Harry Styles. When in one class, they are forced to work together, as partners, and Harry refuses to work at his house, he stumbles upon the abusing in action. When Harry realizes what she is going through, will he help her? Or just ignore it? Will they come closer through the project, or just farther apart? Find out in Hold My Hand.


21. Confusion

Chapter 21


Niall Horan 

I breath in and out, opening the door. 

I liked Maggie, I really did. 

I just couldn't have her, or Harry, knowing that.

I throw my keys on the counter, heading towards the kitchen.

"You want something to eat?" I ask, biting into an apple.

She grins, shaking her head, her brown curls bouncing.

I let out a shaking breath, containing myself. She looked beautiful.

She places a hand on the counter, looking around, bouncing on a foot. 

I realize I was staring, for she furrows her brows.

I fill the awkward silence by asking if she wanted to watch a movie.

Her grin spreads, nodding.

I place my hand on her lower back, in attempt to lead her to the TV room. 

I realize what I was doing, and my hand nervously snaps back. 

She turns towards me, with a quizzical look.

I turn my head, so she doesn't see the pain in my eyes. I plop down on the couch, reaching for the remote. 

I put on the first good movie I could see. Red Dawn. The new one. I hated how everyone said it was horrible. I found it inspiring and amazing.

(A/N: This Has spoilers for the movie if you don't want to know what happens, skip to the next author's note.)

We got through most of the movie, Maggie crying when their father died, we were now coming up to the part where Jed dies.

(A/N: It's all good now, haha)

She screams, hiding her face in my chest. I felt my heart race, and I was sure she could feel it. 

She raises her face to look at me. My heart stops, her eyes boring into mine.

She has a hand on my chest, and she glances between my lips and my eyes.

She pushes herself up with her hand, leaning closer. My breath comes out shaky and short. I lean a little bit closer, our faces not even an inch apart.

Suddenly Harry flashes in my mind and I fly off the couch. 

She looks at me startled and surprised.

"I'm sorry. I think... I think you should go." I state, holding my neck with my hand. 

Her eyes are wide as she steps off the couch. 

She steps towards me, arm outstretched. "Nia-"

"Please just go." I say, turning to hide the year coming to my eye.

It's silent for a while, then I hear the front door close.

I squeeze my eyes shut, and slam my arm that was resting above my head against the wall, harder into the wall.

The things I do for friendship. 


Maggie Butler

I stuff my hands deep in my pockets, confused at what just happened.

One thing I did know for sure though. 

I didn't feel the rush I felt when I was with Harry. I flinched at the thought of him.

I walk down the sidewalk, wondering where to go. 

I had someone cleaning my house at the moment, so I couldn't go there. 

I walk past Harry's house, turning onto the driveway out of habit. 

I stop in my tracks at a boy with dark hair stepping out of the house. 

"Bye Harry!" 

I turn on my heels, scurrying away.

I slow to a walk and pass by Gracey's house. I turn onto the path walk and walk up to her door.

I knock twice, waiting.

She opens the door, a fake smile on her face, with an ounce of surprise.

She slides through the door, closing it behind her.

"Maggie. What are you doing here?" She smiles.

"I was just wondering if we could talk." I say, glancing over her shoulder, almost in an attempt to see what was going on inside.

I finally get a glance at what she's wearing. A light blue robe with no shoes.

"Um, I don't know if right now is the best time... I have Jarod over at the moment..." She jabs a thumb over shoulder towards the door.

My eyes widen in realization.

"Oh. I'm sorry." I say, taking off down the steps.

"Maybe another time!"

Once I get a good distance away, I decide to go to the park. I sit on a swing, flowing back and forth.

"Need a push?" I hear a deep British voice say.

I half turn to see the boy from Harry's house standing there.

"Thanks, but no thanks." I smile. He sits on the swing next to me.

"Why the long face?" He asks, drawing lines in the dirt with his feet.

"Oh you know, the usual." I say, sighing.

He raises his eyebrows. "And that would be?"

I sigh. "Oh, you know," I trace my feet in the dirt. "My boyfriend cheated on me with a bitch. My good guy friend gets all jumpy when I'm around him. I went to my friend's house to talk to her and she was doing," I glance at him. "Stuff with her boyfriend."

"Hmm. What's your boyfr-"

"Ex. Ex-boyfriend."

"Okay. What's your ex-boyfriend's name?"


"And yours?"


"And your guy friend's?"

"Niall." Why was he asking all this.

Now it was his turn to sigh.


"Oh, nothing."

He looks at his watch. 

"Look I really have to get going. But," he stands up and puts a hand on my shoulder. "Maggie, I'm really sorry," he gives me a dazzling smile. "I'm positive things will get better." He looks at me like he actually knew.

I just hope he was right.

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