Just Another Love Story: One Direction

Cynthia Morales is your average seventeen year-old: she sings into a hairbrush in front of the mirror, sort of a geek, and plain. Oh, and she has a major crush on Zayn Malik. But when she and her BFF Iliana go to a One Direction concert and Cynthia gets the chance to sing with the UK boyband, her world transforms. She suddenly becomes the center of envy for girls everywhere, and how will she cope when Harry Freaking Styles says he likes her (and she falls for him!)? Who will she end up with: The Flirt, or the Bradford Bad Boi?

*Rated PG-13 for language, some sexual content, and HARRY STYLES.* :D


13. Welcome to L.A.


I have never been so happy in my entire life to see a limo in an airport parking lot.   OK, so here's what happened: the boys, Simon, and I arrived at LAX Airport and were immediately stuck in a HUGE crowd of fans.   They threw everything at us: shirts, dolls, stuffed animals, fruit... You name it. I got hit in the face with a giraffe that was meant for Niall. It wasn't very pleasant.   Oh, and I still haven't told you about the things the girls were constantly screaming.   "Louis, can I be your carrot?"   "Harry, gimme some of your gravy!"   "Potato!"   The comments were ridiculous. And not the kind of ridiculous that makes you laugh, but the kind that makes you stop and stare, all freaked out and fearing for your dear life.   The boys just waved kindly and calmly; I bet they were already used to this kind of thing. I don't know when I was going to be able to act like them. I guess only time will tell.   "Wave and smile," Simon says in my ear. I do what he orders, and I hear the crowd scream.   "We love you already, Cynthia!"   "You are so lucky!"   "You're my idol!"   I grin at all the comments. It felt good (and it was also nice to know) that I wasn't being rejected yet.   We finally break through the mob towards the limo. A person that I recognized from all my days trolling anything One Direction-related on the internet opens the door and lets us in.   "Hey, Paul," Liam greets as he passes by.   "P-Higgs!"   "The Higginator!"   I just nod nervously as I slide in last, after Niall.   "Thank God," I say. "I thought I was gonna trip or die or something."   Niall laughs. "Aw, Tia, you're with us now. You trip and we all fall down with ya."   "But please try not to. Last time I ripped my trousers," Louis says matter-of-factly.   The ride to wherever it was we were going was fun. Louis and Harry were telling awful jokes, Liam was keeping them both in check, Niall was complaining about being hungry, and Zayn got some shut-eye, snoring like I've heard him do.   I laugh along until Niall was snoring alongside Zayn. Now I was sleepy too, and I had no one to lean against. "Li-Li, could I sit next to you?" I whine to Liam.   "Sure, c'mere."   I carefully take a seat next to him (much to Harry's surprise) and rest my head against his shoulder, yawning. He puts an arm over me protectively, like a blanket, as he texts away at his phone. The only thing I can glimpse is a letter 'D'.   I must have fallen asleep because Liam shakes me awake gently about twenty minutes later. "We're almost there, doll. I'm sure you wouldn't like to miss the view."   I rub my eyes and look out the window. On the horizon was a beautiful-looking three story house. The beach was clearly visible in the distance, and my heart skips in excitement.   "Wow. It's amazing."   "You haven't seen the inside yet."   A minute later, the limo stops. The house looks grander up close.   "Wake up, lads. We're here," Liam says, tapping Niall's shoulder.   Niall mutters something under his breath, unintelligible, and Zayn stretches. We all hop out of the limo and take our luggage out thanks to Paul, and I stare back when our manager doesn't follow.   Simon rolls down the window, looking at us all. "Get settled, Tia; the lads will help you in anything. There's a spare car in the garage if you need to go out to the store. See you at vocal practice."   With that, the only responsible adults leave us. Louis lets out a whoop and runs towards the front door, keys in hand.   "Lou, come get your bags first!" Liam yells after him, but it's no use. With a sigh, Liam grabs his and Louis' bags and is the next one inside.   I gaze helplessly at Niall and Zayn, since I brought four times the number of luggage than they did. Harry was hauling his suitcase into the house, humming one of their (I mean, OUR cuz I'm a member now) songs.   "We'll help," the last two boys chant at the same time. Zayn and Niall grab a bag each, leaving me with two to tug along. I pass the threshold last and feel my breath escape my lungs when I see the interior.   The house looked like it was made of glass. Everything was huge, and I guess it was on purpose because five, now six, people were going to be living under the same roof.   To the left was the living room. It was very open and comfy, with a huge plasma screen, kick-ass surround sound, and three couches placed in a C formation. Straight ahead was a flight of grand stairs that obviously lead to the second floor, where a balcony looked over the living room. To the right was the kitchen/dining room, which I couldn't see much of from the front door. If you went past the living room towards the big glass windows, there were French doors that lead out to a patio and possibly the backyard itself.   Liam, Zayn, and Niall had left their bags in the living room, exhausted, and they were now sprawled across the couches.   "What? Too lazy to put 'em upstairs?" I tease as I pass them, heading towards the stairs.   "I'm just taking a breather. This boy don't work as well on an empty stomach," Niall grins up at me.   "Well, if you help me put my stuff upstairs and show me which one's my room, I'll come down and make you a sandwich," I offer.   Niall perks up. "Sandwich?"   "As many as you want."   He jumps up without another word, grabbing two suitcases and running upstairs eagerly. Well, not really RUNNING cuz those bags were heavy as hell, but you get the idea.   I follow closely behind, struggling to pass each step. Finally, at the top, Nialler gives me the grand tour.   Along the wide hall were five closed doors and at the end, more stairs. "This is Liam and Zayn's room," Niall says, pointing to the door closest to us. We walk along to the next. "This is my room, and the next is the bathroom." We almost reach the next flight of stairs when Niall says, "This is the Larry Stylinson room, and the door by the stairs is yours."   He opens the door for me like a gentleman and I gasp. It was wide, white, and awesome. The nearest wall had a bunk bed against it, but it only had the top bunk. The bottom was designed like a desk, with a chair and lamp. Further along was a big walk-in closet, already stocked with some clothes.   "Eleanor picked it all out for you," Niall says, leaving me with a confused look. How did she if she's on the other side of the world?   "She had it shipped over for you yesterday," he explains before moving on. I reminded myself to find someway to thank her later. There was a coffee table and a medium-sized love couch that was facing a plasma screen, with an small array of books underneath the metal frame that held the TV.   There was also a set of French doors that lead out to a balcony. I could see the backyard, which had a pool, a tree with a cute makeshift swing, little goal posts that were set up, and a soccer ball. Beyond that was a breathtaking view of the beach.   "Wow. It's amazing."   "You said that when we got here!"   "Well, it is," I retort, hugging him. "Thanks for helping out, Captain Ireland."   "You're welcome, Bestie. That will be four meatball marinara sandwiches, please."   I laugh. "Why don't we convince Liam to go enroll me tomorrow that way you and I can go to Subway?"   He punches the air and does this cute Irish jig. "Be baaaack!" he calls, running off again. I smile. Gotta love that kid.   I place my laptop on my desk, the 1D poster on the wall by the TV, and my suitcases into the closet. I'll sort things out later tonight.   I walk back down the stairs to see all five boys waiting for me at the door, looking up at me expectantly. I frown. "Is everything OK, boys?" I ask.   Niall begins to blush. "I kinda maybe told 'em that we're gonna eat out and you're inviting."   I grin at him. "That's OK, Nialler, let me get my purse and we'll go, m'kay?"   "No, c'mon, I switch this to a 'Zayn' invite. Dinner's on me," a honest Zayn states.   "It is?" Niall asks, eyes wide as he scans Zayn's body.   I giggle as I join them downstairs.
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