Just Another Love Story: One Direction

Cynthia Morales is your average seventeen year-old: she sings into a hairbrush in front of the mirror, sort of a geek, and plain. Oh, and she has a major crush on Zayn Malik. But when she and her BFF Iliana go to a One Direction concert and Cynthia gets the chance to sing with the UK boyband, her world transforms. She suddenly becomes the center of envy for girls everywhere, and how will she cope when Harry Freaking Styles says he likes her (and she falls for him!)? Who will she end up with: The Flirt, or the Bradford Bad Boi?

*Rated PG-13 for language, some sexual content, and HARRY STYLES.* :D


7. The Public WILL BE Informed


"I've tried playing it cool, but when I'm looking at you... I can never be brave, cuz you make my heart race."   I frown, turning around and looking for my phone to press snooze. Liam could wait ten more minutes.   "Shot me out of the sky! You're my kryptonite! You keep making me weak... Here watching you sleep," Harry sings. I freak out; that's not my alarm clock!   "Something's gotta give now, cuz I'm dying just to make you see, that I need you to wake up now... Cuz you've got a signing," Zayn snickers.   I open one eye slowly to see them looking down at me with grins on their faces. They sing again.   "So get up, get up, get up out of my bed, and fall onto the floor instead. We don't, we don't, don't know what you eat, but we brought some McD's cuz you've got that signing!"   I stretch, sitting up. "How did you guys come in?"   "The door, of course," Louis says. "Your mum let us in."   "Said to wake you up cuz she never can," Liam jokes.   I blush as they look around my room and their eyes stop on a small poster of them by my computer.   "We'll have to update that," Niall nods. "It's not just us anymore."   "How are you gonna pack for tomorrow morning?" Zayn asks.   "My mom's an amazing packer. I think she'll send the rest of my stuff later," I shrug.   Suddenly, Harry jumps onto my bed and hugs me fiercely. "Gooood morning!" he laughs.   "Harry, seriously, let Tia change. Don't girls take forever to get ready?" Louis points out.   "Not this girl, especially if she has McDonald's," I waggle my eyebrows.   "I could help you, ya know, undress," Harry offers as I push them out of my room.   "No thanks," I laugh. "Find a less cheeky quote next time though."   I close the door and lock it just in case, then start to put on my outfit. In ten minutes, I slip on my pumps and walk out to where the boys were waiting patiently.   "Please tell me you're going to leave your hair like that," Harry blurts.   "Of course not," I sneer, tugging out my messy hair from the braid. "Be right back." I step into the bathroom and quickly make another braid that wraps over my forehead like a crown, then make my hair as straight as possible. After brushing my teeth, applying light eyeliner and clear lipgloss, I walk back out. "Ta-da," I say.   They clap. "Marvelous!" Liam cheers.   "Sex!" Harry shouts at the exact moment my dad decides to walk down the hall. He stares at Harry weirdly.   "Excuse me, young man?" Dad asks, raising his eyebrows.   "Nothing, sir," he replies, smiling innocently.   Dad glares at him as he passes us. "Buenos dias, mijita," he says to me in Spanish.   "Good morning, Daddy," I grin, giving him a hug.   "Uh, sir, Simon is downstairs talking with Mrs. Morales," Liam tells my dad. "I believe they're ready to sign the contract."   "Yes, thank you," Dad says, walking downstairs.   After Dad is safely out of earshot, Niall says, "Hey Tia, I didn't know you spoke Spanish."   I nod. "I AM Mexican."   "True," Zayn admits.   We all walk to the living room where Simon and my parents sat at a table, reading a paper. "I hope your father doesn't rethink about you coming to live with us," Harry whispers in my ear.   "So do I," I say.   Simon turns to look at us six as we come to stand in front of him. He examines me the most, looking me over left and right, then does the same with the boys. "I like it very much. You guys look great together," he says finally.   "One can only try," Louis smirks.   Simon rolls his eyes, pretending to be annoyed. "I've heard you sing and you are definitely talented in that department. Cynthia, I need you to sign here to make it official," he tells me nicely.   I walk towards the table, looking at Mom and Dad. They nod, approving, and I grab the pen in my hand shakily. I take a deep breath to calm my nerves and sign as prettily as I could.   "And that's it," Simon says. "I didn't want the press present because it would make you nervous."   I nod. Was I really that predictable?   "Mr. and Mrs. Morales, we need to borrow Cynthia for the conference to introduce her. It's scheduled for ten a.m., so we should leave now if we are to make it. It should end around one, and they're going to do a promotional poster shooting around three. Around five or six, I have informed that the boys want to take Tia to dinner, so expect her back around ten."   "Can't she come back to have dinner with us?" Mom asks.   "She should start bonding time with the lads as soon as possible, admittedly, but she'll have the morning with you before we have to leave. I scheduled for them to leave at two, so of course she will have to be at the airport at noon. I would have the lads pick her up, but I'd rather you drop her off and see her leave," Simon concludes.   "Yes, thank you," Dad says, trying to sound tough. "We'll see you later, Cynthia. Hurry or you'll be late."   "Sure, just let me get my bag and I'll be off," I say.   I run back upstairs before noticing my mother was following me. "I'll start packing," she says.   I nod, then I realize something. Am I really going to do the promotional in these clothes?   "Um, Simon, should I bring different clothes for the photo shoot?" I ask, coming back down.   "Don't worry about that. The stylists have something for you," he says.   I run back to my room, going through my clothes for the clothes I was going to wear to my date. I carefully place my outfit [polyvore.com/tia_outfit_harry_date/set?id=67428925] in my big bag. Mom had my favorite clothes on my bed, sorting through my other drawers. "I love you," I say, giving her a big hug as I left.   She shudders, letting out a small sob, but says, "I love you too, Analisa."   I slide down the stairs. "Ready."   "Good. I'm going on ahead, so go with the boys in the limo," Simon orders.   "Yes sir," I affirm. I give Daddy a kiss on the cheek and a tight squeeze before following the guys out. Dad watches silently as I hop into the limo behind Liam and we drive off.   "Cynthia Morales, welcome to One Direction!" Niall says in a commercial-guy voice.   I look to the ground shyly, covering my face in embarrassment. "Thanks."   "No, thank YOU," Liam says, giving me a hug.   "Hands off," Harry growls.   We all laugh.   "Tia, do you know how to dance?" Liam asks.   "Kinda," I admit. "Trust me, I know how to do the Inbetweener already, and that rowing kind of move you guys do in the 'Live While We're Young' video."   "Do you know 'Stop And Let The Traffic Through'?" Louis grins.   "Yup, and the 'Pat The Dog, Screw The Lightbulb' and Harry's ' Sprinkler'."   "Excellent," he says.   Harry interrupts, raising a to-go bag and looking sad. "Your Egg McMuffin got cold."   "After the conference, we'll tell Simon to order breakfast," Zayn says.   We nod at him, and I can hear my stomach growl softly.   "Tia, wanna play a game?" Harry asks.   "Not the Nervous Game," I groan.   "No, no, it's the Information Game. It's like Quickfire, but I'll go slower."   "How do you play?"   Niall speaks up. "One of us asks you a question and you answer. Simple but effective."   "Hey!" Harry frowns.   I nod. "Ok, I'm in."   "I'll start," Liam says. "Favorite color?"   "Purple," I shrug, and he smiles in reply.   Niall goes next. "Do you drink?"   "No."   "Favorite food?" Harry says.   "Shrimp."   Zayn's next. "Favorite candy?"   "Reese's."   Louis asks, "How many kids do you want?" It was a weird question, but I answer. "Three; two boys and a girl."   And it continues from there. The weirdest question I heard was Harry's "Are you still a virgin?" which I had answered with a "Yes". Louis had even asked, "Who would most likely be your brother?" for which I said "Niall."   We arrive at a building downtown, and people were already swarming.   "Last one," Zayn says. "Would you change your name?"   "I don't think so. I like Cynthia," I reply.   "Who wouldn't? You're the Sinnoh champion," Louis says. "By the way, do you like Pokemon?"   I nod, and they cheer.   "Remember, don't comment anything until we're inside," Liam tells us all. We exit the limo, Liam first, then Niall, Harry, me, Zayn, and Louis. Liam outstretches his hand, and soon all of our hands are linked as we pass through the crowd. Harry's fingers are intertwined in mine, the same as Zayn's. I hold them both tightly, my nervousness slowly leaking out of my body.   We struggle to get inside the building, where Simon was already waiting. How'd he get here so fast?   "Cynthia, I know you're going to be nervous so don't answer anything you have no idea about. I want you to sit next to Louis and Liam so you can ask them for help," he says.   "They don't call me 'Daddy Direction' for nothing," Liam winks.   "You have five minutes to relax. I'll call you when it's time," Simon nods.   The pressure was killing me. In front of flashing cameras, people, yelling... Ahh! What could be more nerve-wracking?!   I feel myself wobble, and Zayn catches me before I hit the ground.
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