Just Another Love Story: One Direction

Cynthia Morales is your average seventeen year-old: she sings into a hairbrush in front of the mirror, sort of a geek, and plain. Oh, and she has a major crush on Zayn Malik. But when she and her BFF Iliana go to a One Direction concert and Cynthia gets the chance to sing with the UK boyband, her world transforms. She suddenly becomes the center of envy for girls everywhere, and how will she cope when Harry Freaking Styles says he likes her (and she falls for him!)? Who will she end up with: The Flirt, or the Bradford Bad Boi?

*Rated PG-13 for language, some sexual content, and HARRY STYLES.* :D


9. My First Date (Literally)


Liam, Louis, Niall, and I walk back to the room, me still wondering what in the world Liam meant. I was a little scared, truthfully, but another part of me was excited. This is my first date, after all!   I rush into Zayn's room to get dressed, and pop back out nice and ready.   Louis whistles at me. "Nice job, Tia. Definitely gonna win over Harry's heart with that outfit. And I'm definitely diggin' the stripes."   I smile. "Thanks, Louis." I wave at them all as I walk out to the elevator, Zayn nowhere to be seen.   The ride down gave me time to think things through. What was I to expect from Harry The Flirt? Why was Zayn upset? And why did Louis think I wanted to win Harry over?   The elevator dings, and I step out to gaze around the empty lobby. Where was Hazza?   "Surprise," someone says, covering my eyes. "Who am I?"   I ponder. "Could it maybe be... Sir Styles?"   He uncovers my eyes, his smiling face filling my vision. He raises one lone red rose, giving it to me. "Lucky guess, Miss Morales. I would like to take you out on a stroll before we hit the cinema."   "Sounds perfect."   He wraps his arm around my waist and we walk out into the cold air, something I was already used to. "If you had to choose between Paranormal Activity 4 and Breaking Dawn: Part 2, what would you pick?" he asks.   Tough choice. I loved scary movies, but I had a taste for a bit of vampire romance. "I guess Paranormal Activity 4."   He nods. "Aren't you cold?"   "Nah. I'm a Utah native, 'member?" I grin, bumping him with my hip.   "Ah. Right. You're all tough against the cold." He buries his face into my hair and exhales deeply, his warm breath tickling the skin on my neck. I giggle a little. I feel his lips on my collarbone, and they travel upwards toward my jaw, making me blush and feel jittery.   "You're doing this on purpose," I whine. "Trying to make me all nervous."   His mouth lingers on the edge of my bottom lip, and I notice we've come to a stop in front of an old-looking theater.   "Harry Edward Styles, I insist that we walk into the movie theater and watch a film," I say, my voice shaky.   He chuckles. "As you wish, Cynthia."   Goosebumps run over my body as he kisses my neck before grabbing my hand and walking into the theater. I smile kindly at the cashier as Harry says, "Two tickets for Paranormal Activity 4, please."   The dude's jaw drops, staring as us. "Uh, y-yeah."   I try not to laugh as he hands us the tickets, popcorn, and a Coke. I was totally psyched; I can't believe people reacted this way just because Harry Styles appeared.   "T-that'll be $36.87. The movie will start in theater room 7 in f-five minutes," the cashier guy stutters.   Hazza hands the guy a $50 dollar bill, and says, "Donate the change." He places the tickets in his back pocket, hands me the popcorn, and hugs my waist with his Coke-free hand.   The usher asks for our tickets with a bored look on his face, but his eyes widen when he takes in our faces. I expected girls to be all like, "OMG, it's Harry from One Direction!" but I guess guys freak out too.   We walk into the room as the lights begin to dim. We take a seat by the back, feeling everyone's eyes on us as the previews begin to roll.   "I have a bet for you," Harry suddenly whispers in my ear.   "What is it, Haz?"   "Whoever screams first picks the next date."   I could see his cute, smoldering smile even the dark, and I couldn't help but feel butterflies in my stomach fluttering around.   "Deal," I smirk. "Prepare to lose, Styles."   "I don't think so, Morales."   Ten minutes later, the movie starts. I roll my eyes; the first thirty minutes of these kinds of movies always bored me to death. There was a point where Harry grabs my arm fiercely, and I stifle a giggle.   When the kid gets sucked into the tub, I admit I jumped a little. So did Harry.   "How are you holding up?" I ask.   "F-fine. You?"   "Fantastic."   We're nearing the end, where the mom gets picked up and dropped onto the floor. A lot of people in the theater screamed.   Then comes the tricky part. The girl's friend is all looking at her laptop, and suddenly that Katie lady appears from behind and snaps his neck in one smooth movement.   "HOLY SHIT!" Harry and I scream at the same time, hugging each other.   The movie ends (stupidly) and the credits begin to scroll. I grin at Harry, realizing he was still hugging me. "So what happens now? We tied."   He gives me an angelic smile. "Then I guess that means two more dates." He helps me up but doesn't let me go as we exit. We pass a bunch of swooning girls as we walk back into the cold air, and of course, Harry takes it as an excuse to hold me tighter. I really didn't mind.   The walk back is easy, calm. I laugh at Harry as he stands to gaze at the sky and lets stray snowflakes hit his face. It was a mystifying moment.   "I guess you guys have a White Christmas every year."   I nod at him. "It's kinda annoying, actually. We also have White Halloweens and White Thanksgivings, and sometimes even White Valentine's."   "Hmm," is all he says before coming back to me. "White Halloweens."   I hold his hand as we reach the main street. "Let's see here," Harry says to himself, scanning the restaurants. "Do you feel like TGI Fridays' or Applebees?"   "Applebees," I shrug.   We cross the street carefully, and a cold blast of wind makes me shiver. Harry wraps his scarf around my neck tenderly before walking into the restaurant.   ____________________________   We reach the hotel about two hours later. I have to admit that it was one of the best nights of my life. In the elevator, Harry leans against me. "Just a bit curious here, Tia, but when did you have your first kiss?"   I freeze. "I can't tell you."   "Oh, c'mo---"   "No, I mean I literally can't tell you. I..." I blush. "I never had one."   His eyes widen in surprise. "Wow."   "Yeah," I say, turning away. "Pathetic."   "No, no, I think it's really sweet."   The elevator dings and we step out. Harry pulls my hands into both of his when we reach the door, staring at me. His green eyes had a deep, thoughtful look, and his words came out slow and precise.   "Cynthia," he murmurs, "I would like to be your first."   I bite my lower lip, gazing at him. I was caught up in the moment, full of mixed feelings and emotions, and I nod. Harry presses his lips against my lips, soft. I was confused; I had no idea how to kiss! So I try to replicate what I've seen in movies and move my mouth with his, synchronized. The hand that was on my waist pulls me closer, and I tangle the fingers of my right hand in his beautiful curls, wanting more.   "Eh-hem."   I quickly jump out of Harry's embrace to see Zayn standing in the doorway, just watching us. Heaven knows how long he was there.   "Hey, Zayn," Harry smiles, placing an arm around my shoulders.   "Hi, Harry. Tia." With a cold shrug, he walks back inside, taking my heart and my ecstasy with him. He made me feel guilty for some reason.   "Sorry about that," Harry says, holding my hand. "I hope I didn't embarrass you."   "Nah, I'm fine," I lie. "Could you take me home?"   "Sure, sweetheart," he replies, pecking my cheek. "Lemme gets my keys."   I smile as he goes inside the hotel room, but I mentally slap myself as I remember that I forgot my things. I trail behind Harry, tiptoeing behind Zayn (who was looking through the fridge) and step towards his room.   I pick up my bag and my clothes from the bed and walk out to bump into no one else but the person I was trying to avoid.   "Leaving so soon, love?" he says coolly. "Thought you might have wanted to stay with the boyfriend."   "He's not my boyfriend. Jeez, why are you an ass all of a sudden?" I retort angrily, dashing around him and into the hall. "Besides," I add over my shoulder, "I need to go home with my parents. I'm leaving, and they deserve my attention at this moment. I don't need your bullshit."   "MY bullshit?" he chuckles darkly. "So you think snogging with my best mate at our hotel room door isn't bullshit in any way? Just damn disrespectful, Tia."   "For your information, HE kissed ME."   "And you made the sacrifice to kiss him back, right?"   I growl. "Whatever. I'm tired, and I'm going home. We can talk like civilized people tomorrow when you fucking take a chill pill."   "Right back at you, love," he spits back. He turns around and slams his door in my face, and I try hard not to burst into tears.
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