Just Another Love Story: One Direction

Cynthia Morales is your average seventeen year-old: she sings into a hairbrush in front of the mirror, sort of a geek, and plain. Oh, and she has a major crush on Zayn Malik. But when she and her BFF Iliana go to a One Direction concert and Cynthia gets the chance to sing with the UK boyband, her world transforms. She suddenly becomes the center of envy for girls everywhere, and how will she cope when Harry Freaking Styles says he likes her (and she falls for him!)? Who will she end up with: The Flirt, or the Bradford Bad Boi?

*Rated PG-13 for language, some sexual content, and HARRY STYLES.* :D


8. I Have To Do WHAT For Publicity?!


"Are you OK?!" Niall asks frantically.   I nod, feeling lightheaded. "Don't worry about it, Nialler. I'm fine, just a little shaken up is all."   Liam rubs my back. "Do you need to go to the restroom?"   "No, no, I'm fine, honestly." But my shaking hands gave me away.   "You sure?" Zayn raises an eyebrow incredulously.   "You fell really fast," Harry whispers.   I close my eyes and try to take calming deep breaths, and I feel Louis fanning my face with a magazine. In a minute, I stand up unsteadily. "I feel a bit better," I say.   "You had us all worried for a second there, doll," Liam says.   "Are you completely sure you're ready, love?" Zayn asks me.   "Of course." I take a strong step forward, kinda testing my strength. "I'll be fine. Promise."   Simon appears, signaling for us to go. I lightly grab Liam's hand and we all walk into a room where there were a lot of cameras flashing and loud noise. My knees get weak again, but I force myself to continue by leaning against my guide a little.   We take our seats, and Louis speaks into his microphone. "Good morning to everyone." Everyone goes silent to hear what was going to be said next. He continues. "As you all know, One Direction now consists of six members as of today at nine."   "We are honored to have and to present Miss Cynthia Analisa Morales," Zayn states sincerely.   "I'm no longer the youngest," Harry adds, making the reporters laugh a little.   "I have a question," a woman exclaims. "Why did you pick some random girl to join one of the most successful bands in history?"   "That's easy," Niall retorts. "Tia has amazing talent."   There's squabbling among the crowd and a man raises his voice. "Would a new member change One Direction completely, including your fanbase?"   "Of course 1D is going to change, but we're still essentially going to be the same, just with one more person," Liam says. "We live for our fans."   "Is it true that she's already romantically involved with several of the band members?" another woman asks.   "No---"   "Could I hear it from her personally, please?" she asks, interrupting Harry.   All eyes turn to me, and I put on my best professional smile. "Most certainly not. I see them as my fellow colleagues and even like great friends of mine. And," I add coolly, "one must have their private life and work life very much apart."   I feel Liam squeeze my hand, almost as if he were congratulating me. The reporters cough uncomfortably, hoping to find something extraordinarily amazing about me, but like the first woman said, I'm just some random girl. I'm not here to create conflicts.   The press seems to calm down after my reply and ask basic questions, like what we had in mind, what song I liked the most, and if the fans were to expect another single soon.   "Tia's actually going to personally write a song," Zayn says. "She's a great writer."   After a couple long hours of normal questions, the conference ends and we get up. My heart was beating super quick, and my stomach was getting mad at me for starving it. "Excellent job," Simon claps, praising us. "I like how you handed the press, Tia. Great work."   "Thank you, sir," I say.   "You all must be hungry," he says. "The photo shoot's going to be at the hotel, so go back to rest. Tia, your clothes will arrive to the room."   Simon stays behind, talking to more members of the press, and we hop into the limo. Everyone congratulates me, but the five-minute drive to the hotel is relatively quiet. When we enter the hotel room, Niall and Louis go order room service, Harry and Liam turn on the TV to watch the news, and Zayn lights a cigarette, opening the window to let the smoke out.   I walk down the hall, heading out of the room to clear my head. I just start to walk, and I don't even notice that I went five floors above in a couple minutes. 'This Way To The Roof', a sign says, pointing to a door on the right, and out of pure curiosity I open it. I prop it up with a brick I found just in case, then step out.   The view is amazing, watching the cars below drive by and the other buildings' window glimmer and shine, reflecting the sun. I rest my elbows against the edge of the wall, glancing at the Rocky Mountains. And I stay there for about ten minutes, just... looking. This was going to be the last time in a while that I'd be able to see this view.   "It really is gorgeous," Zayn says behind me, cigarette still in hand. I jump in fright.   "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," he apologizes. He comes to stand next to me, gazing and letting out the smoke in cute, little puffs. He definitely looked like the Bradford Bad Boi he was. It was attractive, even though I wasn't a fan of Zayn smoking.   "Why did you leave?" he asks.   "I, uh, didn't think anyone would notice. I needed to be alone for a while," I blush. "Did I worry anybody?"   He nods, typing on his phone. "We all turn around and see that you're gone. Harry's freaking out and was about to call the CIA and SWAT and who knows what else."   I frown guiltily. "Sorry. I'll head back now and apologize."   "Wait."   He places a hand on my shoulder, stopping me. In one smooth movement, he caresses my cheek and gives it a light peck. "I'm glad to see you're safe." With that, he walks away, leaving me alone and with a more-jumbled mind than when I came. I follow him out, closing the door and taking the elevator with him to our floor.   The elevator doors open and Zayn and I stride to the hotel door. I walk in first to see Harry darting in and out of the kitchen.   "Sorry, Harry, I didn't want to worry you," I tell him.   He spots me and runs up to give me a hug. "Where did you go? What happened?"   "I kinda felt lonely and went to take a stroll."   "Lonely?" Liam asks, walking into the room. "With five people here?"   "It's nothing really. I won't do it again, I promise."   Louis and Niall join us, Niall holding a plastic bag. "Here, Tia, your clothes came," he says, patting my hand. "I admit, we did act a little rash. You can blame Harry for that."   "I was worried," Harry pouts, crossing his arms like a child.   I hug him back, holding both of his hands. "Next time, try my phone."     "Fine." Harry grins goodnaturedly.   "Who's hungry?" Louis bursts.   ____________________   I step into the bathroom after the quick lunch to get dressed. It was already 2:49, so I pull the clothes out of bag to examine them. [polyvore.com/tia_photo_shoot/set?id=67437013] I'm guessing the stylists were trying to give me a cool, playful look.   When I'm done, I step out to see the guys getting dressed into their clothes.   Zayn had a white shirt, black Vans, and navy bermudas while Harry was slipping on a red v-neck and already wore white jeans and orange shoes. Louis had on a black-and-white striped shirt, black jeans, and grey Converse, Niall wore a green shirt, a white jacket, green shoes, and normal shorts, and lastly Liam had on a checkered blue shirt, beige shorts, and white Vans.   For once, they (well, we) aren't colored coordinated.   "You look cute," Liam says, looking at me.   "Mm-hmm," Harry agrees.   "So do you guys," I say.   Niall slips on green sunglasses, completing his outfit. "We should go. The photo shoot is on the fifth floor."   We all leave the room and Liam presses the elevator button. It dings, opening its doors, and we hop in. In less than a minute, we're all downstairs being swarmed by stylists and getting prepped.   "You look so radiant in that dress," the make-up lady coos, fixing my hair and applying white eyeshadow. "Pucker for me, dear."   With a bit of lip gloss, some blush, and a white flower pinned behind my left ear, I'm being led onto a set along with the guys, a garden in the background.   "Do whatever inspires you," a guy with a camera commands us, walking around daintily.   "May I?" Zayn asks, walking up to me. I nod, and he motions for the boys to follow suit.Together, they pick me up, having me on my side, almost as if I were lying in a bed. I prop my elbow against Louis' hand, resting my cheek on my hand. They all spread out, balancing my weight equally amongst themselves. Louis holds my elbow and my shoulder, Liam my arm, Harry my ribs, Zayn my waist, and Niall my legs. A helper adjusts my dress and the boys and I put on our best surprised faces.   "Perfection!" the camera guy exclaims, snapping away from every angle. After what seems like half an hour, he says, "Let's see something else now."   We form sort of a conga line, me in front then the boys behind, peeking around me.   "Beautiful! Niall, peer out a little more," the camera guy says.   After another long moment, he beckons for us to do one more.   We form a horizontal line and pose. Louis pretends to be Superman, Liam yawns and stretches, Harry tries to look serious, I blow a kiss to the camera, Zayn stuffs his hands into his pockets and stares at the floor, and Niall leans against him, asleep.   "Excellent, excellent!" Camera Guy takes more pictures of us and even pretends to pose like us.   "I'm tired of staring at floor tile," Zayn murmurs from the corner of his mouth after a long while. "Is it really necessary for us to stand in the same position for twenty minutes?"   I shrug a little, trying not to move out of my pose.   "I think Niall's really asleep," he says, and sure enough, Niall lets out a quiet snore.   "That's it for today," Camera Guy trills, and Zayn shakes Niall.   "Thank God." Niall rubs his eyes and his head, yawning. "I'm so tired."   "Ditto," I say, rolling my stiff, aching shoulders. "That felt like it took forever."   "It did," Liam replies, checking his phone. "It's about to be five."   I look at him incredulously. "Are you serious?" "Yeah. Well, we don't want you late to your date," Louis says, pushing Harry and me ahead. "Ha. Late. Date."   I smile nervously. "I need to go change first."   "That's fine. I'll run ahead and meet you in the lobby," Harry grins. Without another word, he dashes out.   "He looks excited," Louis snickers.   "Good for him," Zayn bursts neutrally, reaching into his pocket for a lighter. "Don't wait up." He also disappears down the hall.   I stare in shock. Was it just me or did he sound hurt?   "Ignore him," Niall says. "I'm surprised he lasted this long with just one cigarette."   Ah. That must explain it, then.   Liam holds my wrist softly as we walk along. "Harry told me that he's gonna take you to watch a movie, then dinner."   I could already imagine him, doing the typical 'yawn and wrap your arm around your date' move. "Why'd you tell me?" I smirk.   "To prepare you, of course," he smirks back. "Expect the unexpected, doll."   What the hell was that supposed to mean?!
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