Just Another Love Story: One Direction

Cynthia Morales is your average seventeen year-old: she sings into a hairbrush in front of the mirror, sort of a geek, and plain. Oh, and she has a major crush on Zayn Malik. But when she and her BFF Iliana go to a One Direction concert and Cynthia gets the chance to sing with the UK boyband, her world transforms. She suddenly becomes the center of envy for girls everywhere, and how will she cope when Harry Freaking Styles says he likes her (and she falls for him!)? Who will she end up with: The Flirt, or the Bradford Bad Boi?

*Rated PG-13 for language, some sexual content, and HARRY STYLES.* :D


5. Good News


I wake up to four things: the smell of cooking eggs in the air, the bright sunlight filtering into our room, the sound of someone knocking on our door, and Zayn's arm around me, holding me close.   I quickly close my eyes and pretend to be asleep when I hear the door open.   "Wake up!" Niall says, jumping onto the bed.   Zayn groans sleepily, pulling me to his chest. I feel my heart race, but I refused to open my eyes.   "C'moooooon," Niall drones obnoxiously, hopping up and down. "Waaaaake uuuuup!"   "Go away," Zayn growls.   "Zaaaaaaayn!..."   "Fine!" He must have opened his eyes and noticed our proximity when he says, "Um, Cynthia, love? It's time to get up," in my ear.   I raise a hand to rub my eyes lightly. "Mmh?"   "You can leave now," Zayn tells Niall pointedly.   "Yeah, yeah," he says, and I hear the door close once again.   "Did you sleep well, love?" Zayn asks, loosening his grasp but not entirely letting me up.   "Yeah."   "You talked again."   "Did I say anything embarrassing?"   He shakes his head. "You only said my name... Twice."   I cover my face shyly. "Oh my God."   He gets up, kissing my forehead as he leaves. "I'll let you change in here. See you in a bit." He closes the door and I have to cover my head with a pillow to scream my lungs out. WHY THE HECK DO I HAVE TO TALK IN MY SLEEP?!   Eventually, I roll out of bed, putting on my glasses and reaching for my purse. I walk out, fully changed, and the first person I see is Liam brushing his teeth in the bathroom.   "Hey, Liam," I call. He just waves.   Niall was in the kitchen, picking up Harry's stuff from earlier. Louis was busy making toast (and by the smell, he burned some), and Harry was making eggs, still walking around in boxers.   Zayn was pulling out a fresh set of clothes from his suitcase, grinning at me. "I need a shower." He heads for the other bathroom and I hear the water running.   "Cynthia!" Harry says happily, hugging me. "I missed you!"   "We were only asleep two hours," Niall says.   "Still," Harry scoffs. "So, tomorrow, Simon going to be at your house with the contract. He called to say he spoke to your parents and they agreed to almost all the terms."   I already knew the term they refused; there was no way I was going to California alone.   "After the private signing at ten, we have to hold a press conference and present you to the world," he continues. "After that, you and I will go on our date. I have a pretty good feeling that your parents will accept fully tomorrow, so Monday morning we're flying back to Los Angeles for a break before doing the Las Vegas concert in a month." Harry takes the pan off the stove and yells for Louis to prepare the rest.   I blink, amazed. "Wow."   "You'll make our stylists jump in joy," Louis says over his shoulder. "They've been waiting for a girl to glamorize. And Lux has been wanting for someone her own gender to play around with."   "Good morning!" Liam shouts before I could say anything. He kisses me and Harry on the cheek then does the same with Louis and Niall.   "Oh, put this on the breakfast bar, chap," Louis tells Liam, handing him two plates.   I watch Harry's face as he continues holds me. "Umm Harry, are you gonna put pants on?"   "Nah. I think I'm going to take this off," he grins maliciously, leading me out of the kitchen.   "Don't you dare!" I shout.   Liam laughs as he places four more plates on the bar, calling us to eat. Louis, Niall, and he take a seat on the kitchen side, leaving three seats on ours. I sit down in the middle one, Harry on my right, and I look at my plate.   It was an egg-and-ham sandwich, the bread toasted and crunchy with lettuce and tomato. My stomach immediately begins to growl, and I realize I haven't eaten all day. I check the time on my phone. Hmm, barely 2:30.   "Don't be afraid of digging in, Tia," Niall says. "It's really good."   I nod, picking up the sandwich gently, and I give it a measured bite. Let me tell you, it tasted like heaven. No kidding. "That is delicious!" I say after swallowing. "Wow, Harry, you're a great cook!"   "Thanks Tia," he smiles.   Down the hall, the door opens and Zayn runs to sit down to my left, his wet hair combed in his signature look and wearing simple-colored clothing; red-and-white jacket, a light grey shirt, black jeans, and red shoes.   "How is it, Cynthia?" he asks me curiously.   "Excellent," I say, this time taking a bigger bite. I take a sip of some orange juice I hadn't noticed earlier, everyone eating and enjoying in almost silence.   "Do you hear something?" Niall frowns.   We stop, struggling to listen. Sure enough, 'Payphone' is playing from Zayn's room. I run down the hall, rummaging through my bag to see 'Iliana Rodriguez' on my caller ID. "Hellooo?" I answer.   "Where were you today? I looked for you at lunch and Sociology, and you just weren't there. You promised me that you'd spill the beans, Cynthia!"   I beam. "Well, I'm kinda eating with the boys," I say quickly, walking back.   "Who is it, doll?" Liam asks.   "Here guys, say hi to my friend Iliana," I shout, putting it on speaker.   "Hi Iliana!" they yell, and we all hear her squeal, "OHMYGAWD!"   They all laugh, and I turn off the speaker to talk to her semi-privately.   "You are so lucky! Is it true that they picked you up?"   "Yeah. I'm going to sign a record deal with them tomorrow, actually," I shrug. "And I might be moving to California to live with them."   "OHMYGAWD!!!" she screams again, leaving my right ear ringing. "You have to take me to a concert!"   "OK," I groan, rubbing my head. "I gotta go. I'm eating, remember?"   "Oh, yeah. Tell them that I love them!"   "Will do. Bye." I hang up, smiling at them. "She told me to tell you guys that she loves you." I retake my seat, continuing to eat.   "Hey, Tia, we were going to ask you something," Louis says.   "What?"   "You see, in the group house in L.A. we have four bedrooms, three being used by us and the other used as an activity room of sorts.   "Harry and I share a room, and so does Liam and Zayn. You have two options. One, you bunk with Niall, or two, we clean the extra room just for you. What do you think?"   I mull it over, twisting my mouth to one side. I didn't want to make the guys feel uncomfortable by having to work to clean the other room, but I also needed my own privacy. "I'm gonna have to say option #2."   "Great," Liam says. "We'll make sure it's ready when it's decided that you move over."   I smile at all of them in thanks. "Now I have a question for you guys."   They nod. "What is it?" Niall says.   "Am I making you guys uncomfortable in any way by being here? You know, like, 'I can't do what I want because I have to be a gentleman' kind of thing?"   Harry is the first to shake his head. "Do you think I'm uncomfortable, sitting here in my boxers?"   "I guess not," I snicker.   "Do you think I'd cook toast for a total stranger just because?" Louis asks.   "Maybe," I shrug.   "And kiss you on the cheek?" Liam points out.   "Not... really."   "Would I let you fall asleep in my lap and stroke your hair if I didn't like you?" Niall says.   "Well, no," I admit.   Zayn holds my hand, giving me the most sincere look ever. "Would I let you wear my clothes and sleep in my bed?"   "Yes," the guys automatically, making him blush.   I laugh. "I really appreciate it, guys, truly. You guys are the best."   "You are too, Cynthia. We freakin' love you," Liam grins.   "I love you more though," Harry winks.   _____________________   "Shoot me down, but I won't fall! I am ti-taaay-niiii-uuuum!"   We all shake our heads to the beat, laughing like crazy people. The boys were dropping me off at my house after we had eaten and cleaned up a little bit. I just couldn't stop giggling at Niall's impression of 'Titanium', and Harry kept giving me googly eyes that made me laugh more.   The only one I couldn't face was Zayn, what with my little moment in his room. I was still totally embarrassed about saying his name in my sleep. He must think I'm a creepy stalker or something.   "Here you go. Welcome home, doll," Liam says, the limo coming to a full stop at my front door.   "Thank you guys," I say, grabbing my purse. "Before I forget, I still have your phone." I hand Zayn his phone and he thanks me with a kind smile.   Out of the blue, Harry comes up really close to me and, as quick as lightning, lightly touches my nose with his lips. My body paralyzes in shock, not believing what just happened.   Harry grins at me and says, "Remember, tomorrow here at ten a.m. for the signing."   I move my head up and down, still stunned. The look on Zayn's face reflected my own, but he seemed calmer.   "See you, Cynthia," he says. I hop out the limo and stand to watch them drive off. The door behind me opens, my mom coming out to greet me.   "Analisa," she says, hugging me and smoothing my hair. "I am so proud of you. They passed you singing at yesterday's concert on the news, and you were simply great! The doorbell rang heaven knows how many times, reporters asking for interviews."   We walk into the house together, my dad sitting on the couch. I see the glossy look in his eyes, and when he smiles at me, I smile back and burst into tears, running up to hug him and laugh.   "You are a girl who is very blessed. I love you so much, my daughter," he says, his voice shaking with emotion.   "Oh, Daddy," I sob, clutching him harder. "I love you too."   My mother joins us, and we end up in a group hug. "We... We decided to let you go to L.A.," Dad says.   "Really?" I ask.   "Yes. You're a young adult, and I'm confident that you know what's wrong and right. We gave you principles and morals."   I kiss his cheek. "Thank you."   He lets some tears fall, and he touches my face. "My little girl is growing up."   "I'm always going to be your little girl, Dad."   _______________   He paces the room, listening to the lads in the kitchen, commenting to Simon on the phone about her. Why did he feel this way about her? Was it OK to love her at just days of knowing her?   Well, according to Harry, it was perfectly fine. He DID kiss her, and it made his stomach and heart squirm in jealousy.   The phone rings, and he rushes to answer it. "Hello, love," he says.   "Hi, Zayn. I have great news!" Tia states excitedly.   "What is it?"   "My parents are letting me go!"   "No way! That's fantastic news, Tia!" He walks into the kitchen to give the others the news. "Tia's coming to live with us in L.A.!" he says, and Harry lets out a happy whoop.   "Oh, I gotta go," she says. "Mom's a-callin'."   "OK. I love you."   She laughs. "I love you too, Zayn. Bye."   He hangs up and slips his phone into his pocket, smiling. He really did, after all.
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