Just Another Love Story: One Direction

Cynthia Morales is your average seventeen year-old: she sings into a hairbrush in front of the mirror, sort of a geek, and plain. Oh, and she has a major crush on Zayn Malik. But when she and her BFF Iliana go to a One Direction concert and Cynthia gets the chance to sing with the UK boyband, her world transforms. She suddenly becomes the center of envy for girls everywhere, and how will she cope when Harry Freaking Styles says he likes her (and she falls for him!)? Who will she end up with: The Flirt, or the Bradford Bad Boi?

*Rated PG-13 for language, some sexual content, and HARRY STYLES.* :D


3. A Fangirl's Dream Come True


BZZ. BZZ. BZZ.   I raise my head, forcing my eyes open. I turn off the alarm clock and stretch, yawning. I couldn't believe it was morning already.   The light on my BlackBerry was flashing. "Hmm?"   I put in my password and see I had a message from a number I didn't recognize, at 1:57 a.m. <Hey Cynthia :-) It's Zayn. Just wanted to say that the boys and I love you so much. Harry sends kisses. :-P We'll see you tomorrow in the morn. Goodnight!>   I suppress a fangirl squeal as I save his number under 'Zayn Malik'. My phone rings as soon as I put it down, the caller ID saying 'Iliana Rodriguez'.   "Hello?" I answer.   "You. Are. On. The. News. Channel 5."   "WHAT?!" I fumble with the remote control and turn on the TV to see a picture of Zayn carrying me next to two pictures, one of Harry kissing my cheek and the other of Liam resting his head in my arm. Underneath was a title that read '1D's Mystery Girl: The Center of Attention of Payne, Styles and Malik'.   My mouth drops. This couldn't be happening. "Oh my God."   "I know! I can't believe you, Cynthia. You're dating three guys at the same time!"   I sigh as the news reporter says, "Paparazzi caught One Direction dining at a local Olive Garden with seventeen-year-old Cynthia Morales, whom earlier that evening was invited to sing with the British boy band at the concert held at the Maverick Center.   "Cameras quickly focused on the group, trying to get a clear glimpse of the Utah native guest, and pictures revealed several of the band members getting cuddly with the girl."   There's pictures of Zayn hugging my neck, me wearing his jacket, Harry pushing Liam to be next to me, Zayn whispering in my ear, me singing onstage, and Louis, Niall, and Liam laughing.   "Are you still there?"   "Yeah, Iliana, sorry. Can I call you later?"   "You better. I'll see you at school."   I hang up the phone and fall on the bed, burying my head in my pillows. I am so dead.   "This morning, the members of 1D confirmed the rumors on their individual Twitter pages," the reporter continues. "Zayn wrote 'Yesterday's concert was a big success. Thank you SLC for having us and introducing us to your best singer. We <3 you, Cynthia!' while Harry Tweeted '1D <3s SLC! @cmorales Whatever the lads say, you were my GF first! ;-)'.   "In other news, we'll find out if schools really are introducing healthier foods for our children right after the break."   "Cynthia!" my mom screams from downstairs. "Are you up?"   "Yes," I say meekly. I was expecting her to yell at me, asking why the hell I was on the news, but she doesn't add anything. A thought runs through my head. Zayn said in his text that they'll see me in the morning! I get up frantically, taking off the clothes from last night and slipping on a turquoise top, a decent-length black skirt, and blue-colored flats that matched the color of my shirt.   I check the clock. "7:15?!" At Taylorsville High, school started at 7:25, so if I didn't get out RIGHT NOW, I was so gonna be late.   I run down the stairs, bag in hand, when Mom stops me. "Cynthia Analisa Morales! Why didn't you tell us when you got home last night?"   I try to scoot by her. "Sorry, I was tired and I forgot. Can I go now? I'm gonna be---"   "This is the first and last time this happens, young lady. I'm trusting you, Analisa, and you do this to me."   I hug her and kiss her on the cheek. "I said I'm sorry and I promise it won't happen again. I gotta go cuz I'm running late. Love you!" I snatch the keys of my Bug and jog out of my house and into my car. I hope my math teacher wouldn't mind me late.   ________________   It's exactly 7:24 when I slip into my desk, head bent down as I reach for my math notes. I can hear several girls gasp, putting two and two together.   "You're that girl who sang with One Direction last night! I can't believe it! Do you have Harry's number?" a girl asks me.   The bell rings and Mrs. Davis walks in. "Miss Morales, you're wanted in the front office."   I feel the blood leave my face. What did I do?!   "Of course, Mrs. Davis. I'll be there right away." I leave my notebook on the desk and exit the room, feeling butterflies in my stomach. Could it be them?   I go to the main hall and turn left towards the office. By the door I see five similar silhouettes.   "Cynthia!" Harry yells, spotting me and making me blush. Behind him, Zayn fixes his sunglasses as he looks around.   "Good morning, doll," Liam says sweetly as I approach. "Missed us?"   "Cuz I missed you!" Louis cries, hugging me and fake crying on my shoulder. "Harry wouldn't stop talking about you the whole bloody night!"   I laugh. "Aww. I missed you guys too."   "Did you get my text?" Zayn asks.   "Yeah, but I saw it in the morning. Kinda fell asleep."   He rubs his head. "Oh. You didn't see the news this morning, did you?"   My heart beats harder. "Uh-huh. Some girl that looks exactly like me and is even named like me seems to be hanging out with a boy band that looks just like you guys," I tease, trying to be calm.   "There's someone else that's just as bad-looking as this chap?" Niall jokes, slapping Harry's back.   We all laugh at the angry expression on Harry's face.   "We called your mum already, Cynthia. She let us take you away," Liam says.   "No one can resist a famous and extremely handsome British lad," Harry grins, emphasizing heavily on the 'extremely handsome' part.   "More like extremely appalling," Louis coughs.   Zayn chuckles. "We talked to Simon and he says it's OK for you to join the band... If you want to, of course," he says quickly.   My jaw drops. "Huh?"   "We're serious. We want you to permanently stay with us."   Niall nods. "Four average-looking British lads, one sexy Irish chap, and a cute brunette from America! What could be better?"   "Free clothes?" Liam suggests.   "We have that already," Zayn laughs.   "And whaddya mean 'average-looking'?" Louis whines.   "And 'sexy'?" Harry glares.   "I'm definitely not cute," I say, raising my hand quietly.   "You're beautiful," Harry drools.   "Down, boy," Niall says, bumping Harry's head.   Zayn looks at me expectantly. "Anyway, what do you think?"   I hesitate. "I'll have to ask my mom first."   "She said whatever you decide. She even called you Analisa," Liam says.   "A beautiful name for an absolutely beautiful girl," Harry grins.   "Harold," Louis warns.   I take a deep breath. Any choice that made me be close to Zayn definitely deserved a big 'yes'. But how was I going to pull this off? I can't believe I actually sang in front of that crowd yesterday. I'm super shy!   After what seemed like hours I finally answer. "Yes."   Zayn flashes me a smile. "Really?"   I nod.   "I call dibs!" Niall yells, pulling my arm. "Where do you wanna go? The mall? A theater? Las Vegas? The moon?!"   I giggle. Niall was hard to resist. He was like a cuddly, small child! "Only the moon? What about Mars?"   "Well, girls think my kisses are transporting," Harry says, waggling his eyebrows.   Suddenly, my Physics teacher comes by. He was a tall man, balding, with icy blue eyes that calmed down any obnoxious teen. "No loitering in the hall, kids." He spots me and frowns. "Analisa?"   I blush (he's one of two teachers that call me by my middle name). "Good morning, Mr. Sanders. I'm being checked out."   "Mm-hmm," Harry beams, looking me over.   Louis rolls his eyes and hits him in the place where the sun don't shine, and Harry wobbles to the floor.   "My balls," Hazza wheezes.   "Hey! I can give you detention for that, young man!" Mr. Sanders scolds Louis.   "Umm, Mr. Sanders, they don't go here," I stutter nervously. I could imagine the teacher grabbing Louis by the neck and dragging him to the principal's office to be suspended. Funny, but totally undesirable.   "Then they shouldn't be on campus. Analisa, I'm very disappointed in you."   Niall shakes his hand. "Hi, I'm Niall from One Direction!" he interrupts, winking.   Mr. Sanders opens to mouth to tell him something until he realized Niall was telling the truth. "You can't be serious."   "We are, sir. I'm Zayn Malik. It's a pleasure to meet one of Tia's teachers. She told us you're her favorite," Zayn smiles.   Mr. Sanders grins, feeling proud. "Really? Well, Miss Morales is one of my best students."   Harry perks up. "What can you tell me about her?"   Louis raises his hand menacing and Harry cowers, backing up.   "You'll have to ask her," Mr. Sanders says.   I stick my tongue out at Harry, holding Niall's hand playfully. "I'll see you tomorrow, Mr. Sanders," I wave.   We walk out of the building to be surrounded by cameras again. I can already imagine them zooming in on Niall's and my hands.   "So you and Niall Horan are dating?" a lady asks.   "Oh no. She's my BFF," Niall retaliates. "Tia's a decent girl."   "Are you going to record with them?"   "Yes. Actually, I'm going to stay with them," I confirm.   "But, of course, we all need privacy," Zayn scoffs, "so if you don't mind, we'll be going."   I stop in my tracks. "I left my bag in my math class," I whisper to him.   He nods. "Harry, we'll be back. Cynthia left her stuff."   "Right." Harry starts to rush through the mob, parting it like butter.   Zayn tucks his arm around mine as we head back inside and down the hall. It was kind of an awkward moment, just walking quietly.   "Is that your mascot?" he asks, pointing at the Warrior statue. Poor boy had nothing to say.   "Yeah."   The silent walk drags on until we reach the door of my math class. "I'll be in and out quickly," I say.   "Oh, rubbish, I'm coming in with you." His smile takes my breath away, so I couldn't possibly resist.   "OK."   I begin to open the door when he says, "Wait."   He intertwines his fingers in mine and nods for me to walk in. Red in the face, I walk to my desk in the middle of the room.   "OHMYGAWD! ZAYN MALIK!" a girl screams.   Zayn's grip becomes harder to make sure we don't get separated as the class surrounds us. The teacher tries to make a barrier between them and us, and I slip my books into my bag and pull it over my head as Zayn listens to the girls' questions and comments.   "You guys were great last night!"   "Why are you here now?"   "Is it just you?"   "Will you marry me?!"   He laughs. "Thank you; I came to pick up my girl; the other lads came too; and sorry, I'm already taken," Zayn answers coolly. "You'll have to excuse us, girls, but we're running late."   The girls squeal as he blows them a kiss as we leave. I slam the door in their faces and glare jokingly at him. "'Pick up my girl'?"   "What?" he grins.   A phone starts to ring, 'Kiss You' being the ringtone (and Zayn's verse no less). He pulls out an iPhone and answers with speaker. "What, Louis?"   "Zayn, a crowd is starting to surround the limo! What are you and Tia doing that's taking so bloody long?!"   "Oh, you know, kissing passionately," Zayn teases, winking at me and biting his tongue cutely to suppress his laughter.   "WHAT WHAT WHAAAAAT?!?!" we hear Harry scream in the background.   Zayn chuckles. "We'll be right there, Boobear. Love you."   "Love you too. And hurry up!"   Zayn hangs up and puts the phone away with one hand, since he was still holding mine.   I laugh. "I think you can let me go now. Mrs. Davis won't let anyone try to mob us."   Zayn gives me one of those smiles again and says, "I don't wanna let you go."   I blush and look down, pretending to check to see something on the floor.   His phone rings again. "Yes, Haz?" he answers, activating the speaker again.   "HURRY! UP! And leave my girl A-L-O-N--"   Zayn rolls his eyes and hangs up. "Could you put it in your bag for me, love?"   "Uh, sure."   We run down the hall and out the front door, seeing what Louis described to us earlier. He grabs my hand tighter again, weaving through the crowd. People start to fangirl scream as we (somehow) get into the car and we sit down together, laughing, when Harry clears his throat.   "Tia, where to?" he says innocently.   I think for a while. "I have a great idea. We could go to this mall in Sandy that only floods with people in the afternoon and weekends. It'll be perfect. It even has a merry-go-round."   "I'm up for it," Zayn shrugs, accidentally pulling me closer. He must have forgotten that he still held my hand.   "Then let's go," Liam says.   I tell the driver the address and we leave the school.
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