Just Another Love Story: One Direction

Cynthia Morales is your average seventeen year-old: she sings into a hairbrush in front of the mirror, sort of a geek, and plain. Oh, and she has a major crush on Zayn Malik. But when she and her BFF Iliana go to a One Direction concert and Cynthia gets the chance to sing with the UK boyband, her world transforms. She suddenly becomes the center of envy for girls everywhere, and how will she cope when Harry Freaking Styles says he likes her (and she falls for him!)? Who will she end up with: The Flirt, or the Bradford Bad Boi?

*Rated PG-13 for language, some sexual content, and HARRY STYLES.* :D


4. A Day Out


As I said, there weren't many people. We jump out of the car and Harry whisks me away before anyone could complain.   "Let's play a game," he says as we enter the mall.   "I'm up for anything but the Nervous Game."   "Nervous Game?" he asks, confused.   Oops. "It's hard to explain, but all you have to know is that I always lose on the first round."   "I know what it is," Niall says, catching up to us.   "What?" Harry beams. "Tell me!"   Niall makes us stop and whispers in Harry's ear, and his eyes go wide in excitement.   "Let's play the Nervous Game," Harry grins widely.   "Wrong answer," Louis says as he passes by, hitting him THERE again.   "Ohh," Harry groans, kneeling down.   Liam and Zayn walk by, talking in low voices, and they almost don't notice that Harry's in pain. They backtrack, Liam laughing.   "What did he do?" he asks me.   "He found out about the Nervous Game and wanted to play with me," I answer.   "That's what she said," Harry says below us, trying to stand up. Niall and I offer him our hands, and we pull him up.   "Hey, where's Louis?" I ask.   We find him in a CD shop in the 'O' artist section. "Look, lads, I found our CDs!" he cheers, holding up 'Up All Night' and 'Take Me Home'.   Liam raises his eyebrows. "I thought they were all sold out of TMH. I tried to buy one on eBay a couple nights ago and there was NOTHING."   "Well, buy it then," Louis says, handing it to him. Liam looks it over.   "If only you could get signatures from the band members," I whisper in his ear.   "If only," Liam shakes his head, understanding my joke. Imagine the look of total surprise on the clerk's face to see One Direction buying one of their own CDs. It was priceless.   Harry snickers as Liam asks her for the fifth time if they have any posters.   "Umm, y-yes. In the back," she stammers.   "We should buy one next time," Louis sighs. "Zayn Malik's such a cutie!"   The clerk's mouth drops and we could no longer keep quiet. We all stifle snickers as we walk out, and we burst into loud laughter in the hall.   "Wow Lou, I never knew you felt that way about me," Zayn says.   We begin to weave through the mall, looking at this and that. Zayn buys me black vintage sunglasses to wear when I had my contacts in, and I buy Harry 'Love Actually'. He almost cried with glee.   "Merry-go-round time?" Niall pleads at the Aeropostale store three hours later, watching me go in and out of the dressing room.   "How does this look?" I ask first, twirling to give him a 360 look of a light purple spaghetti-strap top.   "Beautiful, Tia," Louis says, walking past us holding a striped shirt he was going to try on.   Niall nods, and I say, "Ask the guys if they're ready. I'm up for it if they are."   He runs off, cheering, to look for the other 3/5ths of the band (I would say 3/6ths, including myself, but I felt like I had to sign something legal before I could really say I belonged to 1D).   I walk into the dressing room to change, and when I walk back out, the boys were waiting for me patiently.   "Ready to go, love?" Zayn asks.   "Sure."   We pay for our stuff and head for the entrance of the mall where the merry-go-round was.   "Yes!" Niall says, jumping up and down excitedly. Harry helps me up onto a unicorn, sticking his tongue out at Zayn as he passes, and the ride begins.   "Could I ask you something, Tia?" he asks in a low voice so no one could hear.   I look around. Zayn was on a horse behind us, and Louis and Liam were in a sleigh ahead of Niall on a zebra.   "Uh-huh. Go ahead, Harry," I say seriously.   "Well, since you're in the band, I really want to get to know you."   "Sure. I'd like that too."   Harry fidgets. "But differently."   "What do you mean?"   "Will you go on a date with me this Saturday?"   I freeze. "You mean tomorrow?"   "Yes."   I blush bright red, blinking a lot. "Well, yeah, it's OK, I guess."   He beams. "Great." He kisses my cheek tenderly, and I hear someone (either Niall or Louis) say, "Ooooooooh!", making me blush redder.   "Poor girl, look how red she is! Harry, take it easy or you'll give Tia a heart attack!" Liam scolds.   "Ha. Heart Attack," Lou muses.   The ride comes to a stop, and as we get off Zayn's phone rings inside my purse.   I hand it over, reading 'Buncle Simon' on the caller ID. Zayn answers.   "Hello?"   There's talking on the other end and Zayn nods.   "Yes. I'll tell her the terms. No, I won't forget. Yes. OK. Bye." He hangs up, handing him his phone again. "Tia, Simon told me to summarize the contract terms for you."   Liam, Louis, Niall, and Harry surround us, wanting to hear.   "He's going to give you a two million record deal to start off with."   I almost choke.   "Also, he wants you to move with us to L.A. and he'll pay for your family's bills. You, in return, become an official One Direction member and will have to write at least one song. How does that sound?" Zayn concludes.   "I have absolutely nothing to complain about!" I say, wide eyed. "The only problem here that I see is convincing my parents to let me move to L.A. alone. I don't think they'll be too thrilled about their only daughter rooming with five guys older than her."   "We'll think of something later," Louis assures. "I really just wanna go to sleep. I'm bloody tired."   "Fine," we all yawn.   __________________   The boys' hotel was downtown, so it almost took us forty minutes to get there. I fell asleep about ten minutes in, resting my head on Niall's lap after he stroked and combed my hair.   "Wake up, doll," Liam says, rubbing my back. I slowly open my eyes, Niall helping me up.   "Have a good sleep?" Niall asks.   I nod, smiling. "You made me sleepy." I giggle when I see Louis and Harry leaning against each other, fast asleep. Zayn was out too, his eyes unseen behind his sunglasses and snoring lightly. It was too cute.   I stretch carefully as Niall and Liam wake up the others. I could see the hotel through the tinted windows, looming over us.   "Will there be enough room for all six of us?" I ask.   "'Course," Niall says. "There's three king-sized beds, so you'll have to bunk with someone."   "I said I'm up!" Louis snaps grouchily, glaring at Liam. Harry shakes his hair, patting Zayn's shoulder. Soon everyone's awake and out of the car, Louis walking around all disoriented and drowsy.   We file into the elevator, Niall pushing the button for the 36th floor.   "I need coffee," Louis complains loudly.   "Sleep first, lad," Zayn says.   The elevator dings and the door slides open. We walk down the hall until we find a door marked '36-O'. Liam slides the room keycard, unlocking the door and letting us in.   There were big, wide windows, a gorgeous view of the city visible. The walls were white and elegant; to the right was a kitchen, a small TV area with three small couches, and suitcases. To the left was two bathrooms with showers and the three separate rooms.   "Bed," Louis groans, pulling Liam along with him. Meanwhile, Harry walks to the kitchen, peeling off his shirt, shoes, and pants, leaving himself in boxers. He pulls a water out of the fridge, taking deep gulps.   "Did I mention Harry likes to sleep naked?" Niall chuckles, looking at my horrified face.   "N-no." I've heard he does, but it was just something else to be standing here and practically watching it for real.   He pulls Harry along, saying over his shoulder, "I guess you'll sleep with Zayn. I'll wake you up at brunchtime, Tia." They both disappear down the hall, leaving me alone with Zayn.   Zayn looks me over, then walks over to a suitcase with the initials 'Z.M.' on a tag. He pulls out a black t-shirt and white shorts, handing them to me. "I'm guessing you'll want to change to sleep comfortably."   "Uh, yes, thank you." I walk to the bathroom to change, folding my clothes after slipping on Zayn's. They fit loosely but not horribly so. I tuck my stuff into my bag and walk back out, stopping dead in my tracks when I see Zayn shirtless.   "Ready?" he asks.   "Mm-hmm," is all I could say.   I follow him down the hall, listening to Harry tell Niall to shut up and let him sleep from behind a closed door. Zayn opens the last one, revealing a clean room and tidy sheets. He closes the door behind us, pulling off a blanket and pillow from the bed and starting to situate himself on the floor.   "Y-you don't have to that. The bed's big enough for both of us," I say, embarrassed. I was already nervous from being enclosed in a room with a bed and the whole thing about him being shirtless, but I felt guilty that he would have to sleep on the ground because of me.   "You sure, love?" he says.   I nod, and he gets up. I climb into bed first, quickly turning around so that my back's facing him. I place my glasses on the nightstand and feel the bed move as he tucks himself in. He yawns.   A couple of quiet minutes pass by. "Did you know you snore?" I blurt into the silence.   Zayn laughs. "Do I?"   "Uh-huh."   "Am I really loud?"   "Oh no. It's soft and even sounds adorable." I go stiff. Why did I say that?!   "Thanks," he says, moving around. "You talk in your sleep."   My face pales. "It only happens when I'm really tired. What did I say?"   "It sounded something like 'I want you to stay'."   I turn around to face him. "Really?"   He nods. "It was sweet."   I blush, then suddenly I give him a peck on his cheek before turning back around. I smile widely. "Well, good night." I almost hit myself in the face. I'm saying 'good night' at, like, one p.m.   "'Night," he says. With that, I fall into a deep sleep.
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