Twinkling Skies Tell No Lies.

Addison. The one word that describes her is passion. She's had her picture perfect musical life planed out since she was a little girl. She was prepared for anything life could throw at her. Until she found out something that would turn her whole summer around. What will happen when she's stuck in a new place, with new people and new opppertunities? Will her future change for the better or for the worst...
A tale of a 17-year-old trying to find herself. Wondering through the treacherous waves of when love, misfortune and family collide. For the 'Young Movellist Of The Year' contest.


1. Chapter One.

“I was thinkin' 'bout her, thinkin' 'bout me. Thinkin' 'bout us, what we gonna be. Opened my eyes, yeah; It was only just a dream” Nelly blaring through the radio. Hot sun shining through the windshield toasting my skin, windows rolled down letting a breeze playfully run its fingers through my hair. Today is going to be a good day. My sunglasses hugged my face swatting away any trace of light from the sky. It’s the second day of summer and it’s the best feeling in the world to be away from that jail cell of a school; the feeling of closing one door, to open a new, more interesting one. It’s two more weeks till I start my new job at the diner downtown, “Dutson’s Diner” aka. DD’s. My mom’s co-worker hooked me up with the job promising good hours and awesome pay. How could I say no? Saving up for my secondary education is all that’s been on my mind for months. But the problem is Julliard isn’t even close to cheap. My whole life I dreamed of running off to New York where I could audition for Broadway and play in misty cafe’s and busk on the shiny streets where, I believe, I could find myself. I imagine myself finding true love and performing for a living. And I’d be crazy if I never thought about time square on New Year’s Eve, hello? And if getting a job at a stingy, greasy Diner for the summer is going to make all these fantasies a reality... well then bring it on! I’m known as a pretty positive person, always looking on the bright side so maybe I could turn this summer into one I’ll always remember.


    I parked my car in our large drive way, swung to the back to the trunk of my good old, 1997 sunfire to grab my towel and bathing suit that was still drenched from the salty lake at Steven Field, the campground 20 miles away. I hopped up the steps to my traditional house and creaked open the door. Quickly, I removed my converses trying not to let any water from my clothes leak on the brand new hardwood floors. Skipping to the basement, I hurried to the bathroom so I could hang the wet items in the tub. Entering my room, I found something horrifying. All of my things were in boxes. My picture frames, paintings and ornaments were all wrapped tightly in bubble wrap. My clothes were stuck in square cardboard hell. What the hell is going on...?


             I ran up stairs to find both my parents sitting at the kitchen table strategically place on each side of my usual seat. Great...

“Okay what is going on? Why is all my stuff in boxes?” I screamed very loudly.

“Honey, come sit.” said my mother trying to soften the tension in the room. I sat on the opposite side of them and demanded an explanation.

“Well, Yesterday I got a call from the head chief of Random House, and they want to publish my book!” said my mom with a dazzling, mega-watt smile.

“What? That’s amazing mom! I’m so proud of you. But please explain, what does that have to do with the boxes” I smiled back at her trying hard to hide my worry.

“Well, for me to except this offer... we need to move to the UK.”

I could feel my smile smack onto the floor.

“We’re moving?” I yelled. I can’t believe this is happening. Someone pinch me?

“Yes honey, to London.” My dad sighed. Why didn’t they tell me this even yesterday? I feel betrayed in a way. This isn’t just a decision they can make without me! This is my life to!

“Mom, Dad we can’t move! I just planed everything! I have a job, music lessons and my friends! Don’t make me go!”

“Addison, listen to yourself! You’re being very selfish! Your mom might have just got her big break as an author and your acting like it’s all about you.” My dad screeched. He never yelled at me. And how can he say I’m being selfish when they want me to leave my whole life behind to follow their dreams? What about my dreams? I take that back, I am selfish.

“When do we leave?” I said in a hostile tone.

“Tomorrow at 7:00am. I called your boss and talked to your music teacher. If you want you can go say goodbye to all your friends tonight. Darling, I’m sorry we have to take you away from all of this. We love you,” said my mom apologetically.

“I know.” I couldn’t stop the frown that spread across my face.

I walked to my room to re-examine the boxes that cluttered the ground. What am I going to tell my friends? I promised that we would go camping, go to socials and party. Have the summer of our lives. They are never going to forgive me for this. I picked up a picture frame with me and the girls in it the night we decided to go to the lake at 4:00 in the morning. That night we backed the truck right up to the dock and cranked the music real loud. We were all bobbing all our heads to Eric Church and Blake Sheldon. We felt like we had the world in our hands; like we were infinite. How can I leave this all behind tomorrow? This is my life, my world. This crazy, country province is my normal.

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