1. The club

Kaylee's Pov:
I chug down my sixth drink, I was with my Best friend, Tori. Intoxicated as ever I go out to the dance floor. Suddenly I feel the warmth of two hands on my waist and the pair of full lips on my neck, causing me to moan. "Why don't we take this back to mine and Zayns flat?" He says In a deep raspy voice. "S-Sure" I respond with a slurred voice. Before I knew it, I was in the car. Zayn and Harry were in the front, and Tori and I in the back. I didn't recognize this part of town, which was unlike me because I basically knew the whole State. "Where are we?" Tori's face read fear. "Ummm...well-" "Somewhere" Harry says with a smirk. Zayn was grinning mischievously which made Tori tear up. "We're here!" Zayn says with a smirk dragging tori by her wrist inside. I refuse to go inside but before I knew it, I was being thrown over Harry's shoulder. I try to get away but that just makes him grip tighter, causing me to whimper. "SHUT UP!" Harry growls putting me down in his room. He locks the door with a growing smirk on his face. Fear comes across to the pit of my stomach. I run over to the door trying to unlock it, until I feel a tight grip on my wrists pulling me back. "Be a good Girl, and I won't tie you up" Harry threatens, throwing me on his bed. I lay there petrified with fear. Harry rips off his shirt getting on top of me. I gulp looking down, thoughts jumping around my head.

Tori's POV
I was crying and shaking as Zayn threw me in his room. All the horrible memories of when I was 13 came back through my mind causing my sudden urge to cut bubble up. I looked around the room until I found something sharp and grabbed it. I was about to cut deep into my arm when Zayn came over and screamed " NO!!" and took the object away. I shook my head and pushed him away teary eyed. " I HATE YOU!!" I screamed. His face frew serious and his eyes became black. He let out a deep husky growl. Causing my body to shake. I took out one of my earring and used the metal to cut into my arm. I pressed hard so it went in deep and I was all bloody. " STOP" Zayn yelled, but I didnt listen. " This is what you get for kidnapping a girl who was abducted and raped when she was 13.. this is what you get for hurting a girl that looked up to you.. this is your consiqunce.." and then with that.. I passed out cold
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