Break it, mend it, cherish it. A zayn Malik fan fiction

Dylan Khloe Matthews is an amazing singer along with her best friend clarissa montessa. Her life is perfect until something happens in the VMA after party when she finds her ex zayn Malik who broke her heart 3 years ago. Will this love story have a happy ending?


2. Is planning really the best policy?

Ugh! My birthday is today and i'm not even home with my family to celebrate! I threw off the covers and hopped in the showerI got ready and put of a blue cami and some blue jean short-shorts. I heard a knock on the door and answered it. I opened the door and there was Zayn dressed in a white tee and cargo shorts but he couldn't look any more perfect. " Happy Birthday Dylan!"he said. I could feel myself grinning from ear to ear. "we're going to the beach today bucause I remembered how much you loved the beach." He said. It was true I do love the beach. He held out his hand and I took it and did not let go until we got to the beach and saw something so amazing, so incredible I didn't know what to do. There in front of me was a 20 foot sculpture that said " Happy 19th Dylan!" I looked at Zayn and he was smiling. I turned to him and gave him a big hug around his neck. " I'm glad you like it, I was up since 3 AM building." he said. Knowing that he made it, made it so much more special. I knew he could build but not sculpt. I took a picture and tweeted " look at what @ZaynMalik1D made for me on my birthday! This is going to be the best 19th birthday ever! considering its the only one! :)"I hit send and instantly regreted it. We hadn't told anyone about us. We walked along the beach with the paparizzi no to far behind. I felt my ohone buzz in my pocket and didn't look at it knowing that it would probaly be Twitter anywhay. Plus I know what they'll say. The exact thing has happened once and it will happen again. I looked up at Zayn and my stomach grumbled. He looked at it and smiled and led me to a hotdog stand. We got food and sat down on a rock on the beach. I looked at the clock on my phone. 12:00 PM, great. Clarissa is going to kill me. I was supposed to meet her and hour ago to get facials for my birthday. " shoot" was all I said and Zayn looked at me with confusion. " I have to meet Clarissa. I'm sorry. "I pecked his lips and left. I ran to the spa and pushed open the doors. It made a 'ding' noise and everyone looked to see who it was. I found Clarissa and told her everything. "Why didn't you tell me?" she said excited for me. " He asked me when you were asleep and I woke up and you were gone. " I said. We sat up and went to the drying station for our freshly painted nails. We left and Clarissa took a shower when we got back to the hotel. I watched some t.v. and fell fast asleep. I woke to Zayn's georgous smile and his voice saying " love, you have to get up or we'll be late for our reservation."I forced myself to sit up and I looked up at him. "how long have you been here?" I asked curiously. " about 5 minutes. " he said. I got out of bed and Zayn led me to a table that looked like the scene out of Lady and the tramp. This is beautiful but Zayn knows I hate fancy resturants. We sat down and ordered our food. I sighed. " what's wrong love?" he said sounding concerened. " well it's just that I don't really like fancy food. " Is said. He nodded understandabaily. He payed the waiter and sat back in his chair. " well where do you want to go?" he asked I was thinking but jept getting distracted by the lights at the carnival. That's it! I grabbed his hand ans led him to the carnival. His eyes lit up. It looks like the one we used to go to as kids. "the carnival!" he said sounding like a little kid. I hugged him and pulled away but he pulled me back into a deep passionate kiss as the sun went down. 

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