Break it, mend it, cherish it. A zayn Malik fan fiction

Dylan Khloe Matthews is an amazing singer along with her best friend clarissa montessa. Her life is perfect until something happens in the VMA after party when she finds her ex zayn Malik who broke her heart 3 years ago. Will this love story have a happy ending?


1. Long time no see

Ah, the VMA's. The best time of the year if your someone like me, a singer. It was the after party and there were plenty of people talking and loud music pounding in my ear drums. I heard a laugh front the corner of the room and I channel everything and everyone else out. I'd reconise that voice anywhere. Unfortunately, it was the sound of my ex-best friend and ex-boyfriend. Also know as Zayn Malik. I look at him, correction glare at him as he is laughing with Ed Sheeran and the rest of the lads in his boy band. God where is clarissa. You might be wondering a bit about me. Well I'm british and auditioned a year and a half ago along with my best friend Clarissa. We are in a girl band called Vice Versa and we ended up winning the x-factor that year I might add. Out of the corner of my eye I see Zayn walk over to me. I turned to leave but he grabbed my wrist. I look down at it and try to wriggle out of it. " what do you want Malik?" I shouted above the loud music. "Long time no see?" he said and flashed his winning pearly white million dollar smile that would fool most girls. But not me. I've been fooled too many times by it. I nodded and walked to where I found Clarissa and grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bathroom. "what!?!" she screamed/said. "Zayn's here." I said very flatly. Her eyes widened. "We have to go." I said. We called the nearest taxi that brought us back to our hotel, the W. James, our body guard protected us from the fans as we sprinted towards the elevator. We got up to the room and changed into our PJ's. Clarissa crashed on the bed next to me. I wasn't nearly as tired as her so I went on Twitter. "@DylanMatthews I had fun seeing you tonight. ;)". It was from Zayn. God. Won't he jist leave me alone? I pretended I didn't see him and said : "@ZaynMalik1D funny I didn't see you. " I smiled and put the phone on the bed and fixing my hair into a bun. I heard a light knocking from the door, I answered it but quickly shut it because it was Zayn. "Dylan wait." he said. " What?" I answered coldly. "Dyl I want you back I know what I did was wrong and for this past year i've been misierable thinking about how you'll probally never take me back." he said. "Zayn what you did was wrong." I paused for dramatic effect. "But I forgive you and Yes I will go out with you under one condition. " I said. " anything ." Zayn said with a smile. " you have to promise to never ever cheat on me again. Understood?" I said. He nodded with a smile on his face. " My room is down the hall." he said and kissed my cheek causing me to blush hard. He laughed and walked back to his room. 

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