I try to hard to impress you

Angela is just an average 15 year old who is in love with Niall Horan from school. She is just a sophomore and he's a senior. Niall is a very good looking guy with good grades but a bad boy who can get any girl he wants. all Niall looks into a girl is a girl who he can have fun with. You know a girl who is willing to get wasted with him, party hard and the worst part is ... Have sex. Angela is a virgin and was planing on being one till she got married but she feels like she really loves Niall. What will she do just for him to look into her. Will she change for him? Will she go to the extremes?


3. The night of the party

Angela's pov:
I waited for school to end so I can go by the office pay my $15 and get my phone back. I know it's crazy that I have to pay for it back! But whatever it's school. I walked to my bus and when the bus stopped at my bus stop I quickly off and walked home fast. When I got home I ran upstairs to my room and blasted through my closet and I had to wear something sexy for the party I mean Niall is gonna be there with me and pick me up and drop me off! Ahh I'm so excited! But I need to keep it cool. You know? Well when I found a cute sexy dress it was short, tight and dark grey and one sleeve strap I layed it on my bed and walked to the bathroom and took a long nice shower and of course shaved. I may be a virgin but you need to trim it down there. Girl stuff haha. After I got out of the shower I wrapped my hair in another towel and looked for some heels I found my black heels just some causal ones. While I let my hair dry I started to apply prouder and rosy pink blush on my cheeks and mascara. I added a sparkly pink lip gloss last. While I was curling my hair I was just thinking about what Adam told " you know he only wants a girl who he can get wasted with and all he wants is sex. Sex sex sex" it just kept replaying in my head over and over and over again. When I was zipping up my dress I saw it was 8 I look at my phone Niall's calling I awnser " hey" " hey are you ready I'm outside your house?" " yeah I'm ready ill meet you outside" "okay bye" " bye" I hung up and walked outside. My mouth dropped when I saw Niall standing outside of his car and had the car door open for me . I walked up to him and he kissed my cheek I blushed.he was just so adorable. It took like about 15 to get to the party. Once we got there a lot of cars were parked everywhere. At the party, it was packed. Drugs. Drugs everywhere. Drunk teens in the corner throwing up while their "friends" recorded them, laughing and making fun of them. I knew right away this wasn't going to end well ...
There was a mini bar in the house Niall walked me over to it he got us both shots. I felt kinda hazy and Niall asked me If I wanted to dance I grabed his hand and lead him to we're everyone we're dancing. I can tell after all those shots he knew what he was doing. I knew what I was doing but I just couldn't control my actions. As I turned around to dance on Niall he grabed me by the waist and our bodies touched we were both sweaty but that didn't stop me from dancing
Nialls pov:
I grabed her by the waist so me and Angela were really close together. She was a really good dirty dancer. I kissed her neck and left love bites on her shoulder I whisper some naughty things into her ear and she giggle just thinking about. I actually do have a crush on Angela. I mean Angela isn't such a goody goody she partied hard and had some fun with guys she just did have careful with some things she does. She is still a virgin even though she has had adventure with guys. And I always wanted to be one of those guys. Angela was one of the most beautiful girls in school and she was a popular one too. "You wanna go home." I asked her after some hours at the party she was drunk just how I like it. " yeah sure if you want" she said all giggly. We walk to my car and drive to my place I didnt want the night to end. I carried Angela out of the car bridal style and I opened the door and she was just laughing not knowing what's going on. I had the flat to myself since my parents left for the week. And it's a holiday tomorrow we don't have school tomorrow so it was perfect I put Angela down as she tried to catch her balance she tripped a little so I caught her every time. As I walked her to the couch she pushed me against the wall. And she crashed her lips onto mine and I felt sparks I know it's weird but I did feel them. " stay still and enjoy me" she said in a naughty voice. I liked it I have never seen her like this before she bend down slowly and she unbuttoned my pants and I kicked my pants off and she came back up to kiss me and I slid her off and she kicked it to the side and she was in her bra and matching panties. I took my shirt off really fast and we were both half naked I picked her up and took her to my room and as I got there I laid her on my bed "stop teasing and come here" she said in her innocent voice as she started bite her lip and admire my body i did the same with her and I did what she said and climbed on top of her and started to kiss her neck she moaned quietly and my hand reached down to her area and I felt how wet I got her she let out a gasp and palmed my boner. I moaned as she palmed harder and harder on it. We were on my bed making out for like 30 minutes. " are you ready?" I said as I started to tug at the band of her panties " uhh ... Niall I'm sorry but ... no " she said with fear in her eyes " oh . Uh it's fine" I said I was disappointed I didn't get any action tonight but I still have feelings for her " do you want to stay the night at least? " I asked " yeah I'd love too" she said smiling. So I just cuddled up next to Angela she buried her head in my firm chest I brushed her hair with my fingers and she feel fast asleep I covered our self with a blanket and as she sleep I started to think if I should ask Angela on a date or something and maybe she will start to loosen up and I will get what I want I smirked. I feel asleep as the house was really quite.
Angela's pov:
I woke up and didn't see Niall next to me. I look at his clock and saw it was 9:48 a.m. I got up saw nialls shirt on the floor so i picked it up and put it on. i just stand there thinking about the most amazing night i had last night. i walked to the kitchen and I heard someone cooking. I looked over and saw the back of Niall head I tripped on something and that's when he saw me and he walked over to me and kissed the top of my head and wrapped his arms around. " good morning gorgeous" he said " goodmoring" I said in my awful morning voice. He walked back to the kitchen and I heard my phone ring I walked over to go pick it up "Maray" I said to myself " hey" I said "Angela are you at nials house ?" She asked " ummm how do you know?" I said kinda nervous " omg! What the - what did you do now!?" Nothing we just had a heavy make out session" I said quietly " dude cause its all over Facebook that you went home with Niall after the party and now there calling you a hoe and slut!" As she said that I dropped my phone and fell on my knees . I felt a tear creeping out of my eye "What ..." I whispered to myself
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