I try to hard to impress you

Angela is just an average 15 year old who is in love with Niall Horan from school. She is just a sophomore and he's a senior. Niall is a very good looking guy with good grades but a bad boy who can get any girl he wants. all Niall looks into a girl is a girl who he can have fun with. You know a girl who is willing to get wasted with him, party hard and the worst part is ... Have sex. Angela is a virgin and was planing on being one till she got married but she feels like she really loves Niall. What will she do just for him to look into her. Will she change for him? Will she go to the extremes?


2. Telling Adam

Angela Pov:
I was at lunch, it was a typical Tuesday afternoon and I always sits with my best friends Maray and Adam. I had something to tell them and when I was walking towards the table they usually sit on laid her pack back and my binder down and went to go get some food. I returned to the table and saw Adam already sitting there he had his lunch tray in front of him and saw me and waved. I smiled back and as I was walking to my seat I saw Niall walking with his 4 best friends Harry,Louis,Liam and Zayn. I have to admit any girl would be lucky to even date any of them they were so attractive! Oh as I was saying I have a special place in my heart for Niall James horan. He is just so gorgeous. Yeah I'm friends with him we talk alot I just wish that someday he would ask me to be his girlfriend. But I need to work my way up to that level because I know a lot of girls want him. I'm really close to Harry and Liam. Liam is my cousin and he is so funny and immature at some points and Harry was one of my ex boyfriends ... I really liked him but one day he ask me if I wanted to have sex with him while I was at his house having a movie night and I was so scared I said " what? Harry no I'm sorry and you know the promise ring I wear you know I am going to wait" " "I know but I mean I really love you. Come on Angela please I really want you and it will be our first time" he said as he kissed my neck. I gently pushed him away " Harry no okay just no. And actually it would my first time you have already done it and I just don't feel comfortable talking about it" I said. " okay I understand" he said to me. One week later I called Harry one night "hey babe, do you want to come over my house and play just dance 4 I'm home alone this weekend." I asked " sorry love but uh I can't my mum is sick and I'm going to take care of her" he said in a sad tone " oh okay it's fine and tell your mum I said to get better soon" I said kinda disappointed " okay I will and I gotta go bye love you" " okay bye love you more" I said and hung up. So I invited Maray to come and hang out that night. My phone started to ring so we paused to game and I took a look at my phone , it was harry so i answered my phone happily " hey Harry" I said I didn't get an awnser from him but I did hear something " *moaning and groanings* ohh yeah Harry give it to me harder! Ah yeah baby give it me there!" A girl said on the other line " yeah you like that Kate?! Omg you feel so good and tight *moaning* ah! I'm gonn-" I hung up as I heard Harry say that I didn't want to hear more. I knew that girl 'Kate' called me on purpose since my name in his phone was " princess" I ran to my room and cried all night and Maray and Adam spent the night to comfort me. Harry broke my heart ever since then we just became friends I know it's dumb but I didn't want to lose him. He worked his way up to become really close to me. Anyway I was making my way next to Adam he pulled my seat out and I sat next to hima me as he was eating his burger I said " so there's this boy" his eyes widened like if he just sucked on a piece of lime " spill it" he demanded " he's ...Niall horan" I said with a big grin on my face " what the hell Angela!" He almost yelled " what?" I asked " you know he only wants a girl who he can get wasted with and all he wants is sex. Sex sex sex" he told me. I looked away " Adam well I feel like I really like him and maybe your wrong I mean me and Niall have talked a lot and I think he's special" I said playing with my food. We stayed quite. " ugh! Where's Maray?" I asked him " she got an early release" he answered with his mouth full, typical Adam. My felt my phone vibrate and I looked all over the place to make sure no teachers were looking as I take my phone out. I opened my back pack and acted like I were looking for something and shoved my phone in it and unlocked my phone . It was Niall, Niall texted " hey there's this party tonight and I wanted to know if you wanted to come with me?" " yeah sure what time?" I texted back " around 8 but ill pick you up" he responded " okay sounds great" I texted ending the convo as I heard a teacher coming in my direction and asking for my phone " phone now!" The teacher scolded me "*signs*" I hand her my phone and punch Adam on the arm " ow!" He screams " thanks for the look out " I sarcastically said.
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