I try to hard to impress you

Angela is just an average 15 year old who is in love with Niall Horan from school. She is just a sophomore and he's a senior. Niall is a very good looking guy with good grades but a bad boy who can get any girl he wants. all Niall looks into a girl is a girl who he can have fun with. You know a girl who is willing to get wasted with him, party hard and the worst part is ... Have sex. Angela is a virgin and was planing on being one till she got married but she feels like she really loves Niall. What will she do just for him to look into her. Will she change for him? Will she go to the extremes?


5. Ruined Harry's plans

Nialls pov:
I was going with the plan that Harry planned. He wanted me to steal Angela's sweet virginity. I agreed to the plan because I thought I would never fall for her. And I had to tell Harry I wasn't going with the plan anymore, he got really angry first because I ruined his plans and second I started to get feeling for Angela. He didn't like Angela but he always wanted to get her back that way which was cruel and cold hearted. I walked to my room to find Angela laying on my bed "Angie" that was her nickname from me. "Huh?" She said while she turned to face me she had a smile on her face trying to hide something "Angie you know your a really bad liar" I said laughing "what" she said smiling even more "okay tell what your hiding" I ask her "nothing" "no there is something you don't want to tell me" "we'll okay ..... I heard you on the phone" she said looking away from my eyes, my eyes widened "what did you hear?" I asked "just the ending" she trailed off "I'm sorr-" then she looked up at my lips and smashed her lips onto mine I closed my eyes and kissed back. It was incredible! We both pulled back "you don't need to be sorry" she said laying her forehead against mine "I do actually" "no you don't because you didn't agree with the plan" she said and pecked my lips again "so you wanna go for ice cream" I said changing the subject cause I did tell her I was going to take her out.
Sorry this chapter was really short I just had some homework to do but on Friday I will write some more! Anyways tell me how you like this fanfic so far and leave some comments below . Love ya! ♥ -Angela
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