I try to hard to impress you

Angela is just an average 15 year old who is in love with Niall Horan from school. She is just a sophomore and he's a senior. Niall is a very good looking guy with good grades but a bad boy who can get any girl he wants. all Niall looks into a girl is a girl who he can have fun with. You know a girl who is willing to get wasted with him, party hard and the worst part is ... Have sex. Angela is a virgin and was planing on being one till she got married but she feels like she really loves Niall. What will she do just for him to look into her. Will she change for him? Will she go to the extremes?


4. Hoe?

Nialls pov:
I heard something drop so I went to the living room to check what it was. " Angela!" I I yelled as I ran towards her to pick her up she was on the floor crying and her phone was next to her. "Why!? Why would they call me that?!" She screamed " what are they calling you?" I asked. She looked up with tears stinging her cheeks " there calling me a hoe and a whore!" She yelled angrily I took her into my arms " why are they calling you that?" I asked worried " because they saw me go home with you last night" she said into my chest " but your not anyone of them" I said trying to calm her down "how do you know" she said sternly " because your still a virgin I mean we didn't have sex last night" I said. "I guess your right" she whispered. She finally calmed down
"Idk think in changing my mind on using Angela I mean I don't think I should use her she is really sensitive about things and she is a really nice girl and doesn't deserve to be used" I thought to my self. Is it the right time to ask her?
Angela's pov:
As I were in Niall arms I felt safe and protected and better. I still couldn't believe that people are actually calling me all those things and hateful thoughts. I was interrupted from my thoughts when Niall asked me " Angela do you want to .... Be .... My girlfriend?" I pulled away and looked him in the eyes and he started right back at me I smiled and said " Niall .... I would love to!" I said as I gave him the most passionate kiss I have ever gave any of my boyfriends. He was different i don't know why though but every time I look, think or even talk about him I always feel butterflies in my stomach and a tingly feeling in my heart. I think I really love Niall , yeah you heard me I said love. I can actually see a future with him. " babe, you want some waffles?" He asked me in a sweet tone "yeah let me just get changed" I said walking to his room. All I could think about was YES YES YES finally I'm his girlfriend my wish came true. I guess it is true about the saying after all. I forgot I didn't have any clothes so I just walked out again when I heard Niall on the phone "no! Okay I'm not going with the plan Harry! I actually do like Angela now I always did have that crush on her.... Just before you couldn't convince her to have sex doesn't mean I'm gonna do it for you! No alright I'm not going with the plan anymore." And he hung up. He whisper shouted so that I couldn't hear I can't believe Harry wanted to do this to me !
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