I try to hard to impress you

Angela is just an average 15 year old who is in love with Niall Horan from school. She is just a sophomore and he's a senior. Niall is a very good looking guy with good grades but a bad boy who can get any girl he wants. all Niall looks into a girl is a girl who he can have fun with. You know a girl who is willing to get wasted with him, party hard and the worst part is ... Have sex. Angela is a virgin and was planing on being one till she got married but she feels like she really loves Niall. What will she do just for him to look into her. Will she change for him? Will she go to the extremes?


6. Ben & Jerry's


Me and Angela are at Ben and Jerry's we got our ice creams. Angela got Cherry Garcia and I got Rocky Road, love that flavor. Anyways I wanted Harry to get out of my head and out of Angela's too. I don't want her to go through anything, she's special ... really really special to me. We sat on a round table beside a window "It's too quite" Angela laughed "yeah I know ... Its really awkward" I laughed back "Niall can I ask you something?" "Yeah of course what is it babe?" "What was Harry's plan?" She asked quietly "lets not talk about it right now, but I promise you ill tell you later yeah?" "Yeah okay but I really want you to tell me the truth even if it'll hurt me or not" she demanded "I will don't worry love" I said as I leaned over to give her a peck on her soft pink plump lips. After eating our ice creams Angela grabbed on to my hand as we walked to the park. She looks up at me nd she kisses my cheek and I blushed and she smiled. I then gave her a playful confused look "what?" She asked " I really like you Angela" I said "I like you too" she said and we keep walking on the path of the park. we find a bench to sit on. Me and Angela talked talked, she kisses me on the lips and then she lays her head on my shoulder and she streches her legs out. i play with her hair while we talk about our future together. After that we take a taxi to the mall and i takes her to a jewelry store and I  got a silver heart charm and clipped it on her long sleeve sweater and said "so you will always have my heart on your sleeve" She smiled big and hugged me tight and said thank you and kissed me. It was getting late and we get in the taxi again. But she feel asleep on my shoulder when I started to sing her "so sick" I stroked her hair out of her beautiful face to see her sleep. The taxi stopped in front of my house I carry her into my house bridal style and I opened the front door and close it with my foot to not let go out Angela. I carry her to my bed, i get her out of her clothes and I put her in one of my v-neck shirts and cover her with my bed covers. I walk into the living room and watch the Telly after 30 minutes I fell asleep. When I hear my cellphone ring and I immediately wake up and realize where I was and got my phone out of my pocket, my phone's bright screen made me flinch then when I could see the contact name. Maray. It was weird that she was calling me, so I answer. "Hello?" "Niall! Do you know where Angela is I have been calling her for 10 minutes now and she doesn't answer and I'm worried do you know where she is?!" She asked worried "yeah she's with me she" I answered "again?" She asked annoyed "yeah? Why do you need to tell her something?" " just tell her that she is becoming dead to me ... Oh and remind her that she has friends too Kay bye" and she hung up fast. Why did Maray say that? Becoming dead? Is she jealous that Angela has been spending her week end with me? I just let that slide i turned off the telly and decided to tell Angela Maray's message tomorrow morning. I got up and walked over to my bed and cuddled next to Angela and fell sound asleep quickly.

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