The Sweetest Thing....

This is the story of how beauty fell in love with beast. Beauty being Jamelia Glowheart ,a tough cookie who hides from the world and from a painful past .And beast being Hayven Claw who's far from beastly with his wild charming looks and charisma. But he's a womanizing beast, a trouble-making reckless bachelor who happens to be son of a millionaire. So what happens when Jamelia emerges from her baggy hoods and Hayven's not just the rich brat she thinks he is. They both know falling in love is dangerous so what happens when the prince runs away with the pauper, what happens when a girl who's been on the run all her life shoved from pillar to post finds him, finds her safe Hayven? Well all I can say is it's The Sweetest Thing but why don't you find out for yourself......


4. Jamelia

Chapter 3- Jamelia

As I approached my house, I heard shouting, Lee had probably been down the pub all day I just hoped Michelle was alright.

I shut the door behind me but I wasn't quite quiet enough.

“Here she is the layabout decided to turn up did ya?” Lee shouted, school only finished twenty minutes ago you twat, I felt like saying but I knew better then to answer Lee back, I just looked down at the floor hoping, praying he wouldn't beat me today.

“Why did we ever adopt a kid, she’s just a waste of space, time and money!” He ranted shoving me against the wall. Michelle just stood there, fear all over her face.

“Lee, don’t hurt her because of me, I just want you to stop with the drugs, and this deal is too dangerous if the police found out-“Michelle whispered so quietly it was barely audible but Lee heard.

“I am the master of this house, you don’t rule me,” Lee boomed at Michelle, he slapped me and it felt like my face was on fire, I whimpered before I could stop myself. “If I wanna hit her, I’ll hit her, if I wanna deal drugs, I’ll deal drugs, understand?” Michelle nodded repeatedly. “Dealing with the Rodriguez brothers could be major, we could be millionaires in just a couple of weeks, and it’s just shipping some crack to Spain!” Lee said more to himself then Michelle. I wanted to do something…anything but what could I do? Who would care anyway?

While Lee was rambling on I tried to escape through the kitchen back door. Suddenly Lee yanked my hair and I fell backwards hitting my head. I put my hand to my head and all I saw was red, I stood up my head spinning. Michelle started talking and Lee turned distracted I ran for the door yelping in pain, I had twisted my ankle. I limped as far away as possible, but I could go to the moon and back and I’d still be trapped here until I was eighteen.

My phone bleeped. It was a text from Michelle: Lee just needs time to cool of come back in a couple hours k? She disgusted me sometimes, how could she love someone so vicious? But I felt sorry for her, in three months I would be gone and she would have to deal with Lee alone, she was trapped.

I limped along the unfamiliar roads, my vision slightly blurred I had hit my head harder than I thought. Suddenly my head began pounding, I leant against the streetlight, and the only sound I could hear was the thumping of my heart in my ears. I felt  a panic attack come over me; I got them sometimes when I let Lee’s insult go to my head, it felt like the walls of my life were closing in on me and I was surrounded by darkness, who knew darkness could be so heavy? I watched as across the road a little girl and her mother walk along, so happy, not a care in the world. But they don’t see me, it’s like I’m on the outside looking in, part of a different world; a world neither of them would ever know. I clutch the streetlight tighter, anxiety overwhelming me. The ground it seems so far down…

“Hey, are you alright?”  A boy queried  in the distance or maybe he was nearby…my eyes slowly closed, I was tired I needed to sleep, my legs crumbled beneath me and my head hit the concrete, the last thing I saw was the boy, he was running towards me…


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