The Sweetest Thing....

This is the story of how beauty fell in love with beast. Beauty being Jamelia Glowheart ,a tough cookie who hides from the world and from a painful past .And beast being Hayven Claw who's far from beastly with his wild charming looks and charisma. But he's a womanizing beast, a trouble-making reckless bachelor who happens to be son of a millionaire. So what happens when Jamelia emerges from her baggy hoods and Hayven's not just the rich brat she thinks he is. They both know falling in love is dangerous so what happens when the prince runs away with the pauper, what happens when a girl who's been on the run all her life shoved from pillar to post finds him, finds her safe Hayven? Well all I can say is it's The Sweetest Thing but why don't you find out for yourself......


2. Jamelia


Chapter 1- Jamelia   

I looked in the mirror admiring my new school uniform it was rare for me to get new clothes mine were usually from charity shops. The uniform was a pleated purple and blue skirt, standard white shirt, purple blazer with the dove emblem and white socks since it was spring term. I couldn’t believe it, me, Jamelia Glowheart was going to the Royal Dove Academy- a private school, I was so happy I got the scholarship, there was no way I would be going without it, the school was normally a thousand pound a term. I looked at the girl in the mirror one last time, her frizzy brown hair tied up with an orange ribbon; I swiped away the ink stain of mascara on her brown skin, no spots for once. She stared back at me with her olive green eyes, Kent was a fresh start for me, just three more months and I would be eighteen, I would be in charge of my life, everything would be perfect.  I tiptoed past my adoptive parents’ bedroom, Lee wasn’t awake yet so I’d have time for a quick breakfast. Usually I hurried out the door to avoid Lee, and his cold hard stares. He was always paranoid (which most criminals are) and I had to watch what I said around him, hold my breath. A simple remark could spark his anger. 

Ten minutes later I left for my walk to school.

I gazed around the little houses all in a row, this was definitely the best house I’d ever lived in, an April breeze swept past me. Before I knew what was happening, I slipped and was about to fall backwards into a ditch when a hand grabbed my waist.


“Watch where you’re going!” He said but before I could thank him, he jogged off into the distance and all I saw of him was his dark wavy hair, he looked my age maybe he was in year 12 like me.

Twenty minutes later I arrived at Royal Dove Academy, I was speechless. What’s your school like? Because I could bet my bottom dollar it wasn’t as amazing as this one, I mean I didn’t even know schools like this existed. There was no litter to be seen, the grass was the greenest grass you could imagine, the smell of lavender wafted in the fresh spring air. And the school was huge. The dozens of windows in front were all shining in the sunlight with matching blue shades. The clock tower was amazing it was like a miniature big ben, it was like something you’d expect to see on a church. It looked like a painting. I walked past the stone pillars into the calming pale blue corridors, my first day nerves evaporating. At the end of the corridor was the head teacher’s office, as I walked towards it the bell rang and the corridors emptied as everyone hurried to their form rooms.

I wondered what this head teacher was like, Mr Stewart my last head was a nervous wreck ( that’s probably why the school has now been shut down), then there was Mrs McGee, she worked in the army before becoming a teacher ,I shuddered remembering Grove High it was like a prison. I had had more wacko teachers then you could count.

“Good Morning, you must be Jamelia Rose, welcome to the Royal Dove Academy,” My new head teacher greeted smiling and I couldn’t be more surprised. She couldn’t be more than in her mid-twenties with her bright pink lipstick matching her bright pink blouse, her hair was in a tight blonde bun and her blue eyes looked ready to seize the day.

“My name is Miss Honeybee and reading the expression on your face you were understandably expecting a grey-haired old biddy I’m sure? Miss Rose as you can see I’ve accomplished a lot at an age younger than most, which makes me a perfect example of the schools value from teacher to student that if I can do it so can you!” Mrs Honeybee said. I nodded. Mrs Honeybee’s name seemed to match her personality perfectly, she looked as sweet as honey but she had the venom of a bee. She ran through the usual new-girl lecture, giving me my homework diary, timetable and I absentmindedly listened while she told me about big school events.

Suddenly the door slammed open, I gasped silently at the boy in front of me. He had his blazer sleeves rolled up curling around his modestly tall, muscly frame. A strand of his dark wavy hair hung in front of his tantalizing green eyes, he had olive tan and he might have been the most gorgeous boy I’d ever meet but I had yet to find out that he would probably be the rudest boy I’d ever meet too.

“Mr Claw, you do not barge into my office like that, you’re not setting the new girl a very good example, your behaviour is getting out of hand and I will be phoning your parents, now wait outside!” Mrs Honeybee said firmly but the boy did not look happy.

“As I was saying Miss Rose your student guide is on her way to take you to lesson-“She started but ‘Mr Claw’ interrupted.

“You know what don’t bother, why don’t you shove your school where the sun don’t shine!” He shouted and then he turned to face me, “And babe I don’t need to set a good example, take it from me, this is a crap school but it’s a bloody good prison!” He spat slamming his fists on the table and then he dramatically slammed the door behind him.

“I’m sorry you had to witness that Miss Rose!” Mrs Honeybee said and then the door opened, she stood up angrily expecting the boy again but it wasn’t. “Yes Miss Rose, this is your student guide Melissa Dragomir.

“Hi!” Melissa said smiling, I smiled back at her. Melissa was like a little fairy; she had cheerful blue eyes and a sprinkle of freckles across her cheeks, her curly ginger hair was in a bun so wild she looked effortlessly beautiful. I knew straight away we would be good friends.

“Welcome to RDA!” Melissa said as we walked down the corridors.

“Thanks!” I replied, and then she stopped walking at looked at my eyes,

“OMG you have the amazingest olive green eyes ever, they have got to be contacts!” Melissa gasped I laughed as her bubbly voice echoed in the empty corridors.

“So Melissa is there a boy in our year with the surname Claw?” I asked; I was curious about that boy I’d met some nasty characters but none of them would swear so openly in front of a teacher but not just any teacher, the teacher that has the power to expel you. Melissa stopped dead in her tracks,

“Only Hayven Claw, the hottest boy in school!” Melissa said fanning herself over his ‘hotness’, I laughed although he was cute, “But seriously he has girls falling at his feet, he’s perfect, smart, hot and really bad!”

“Really naughty?” I repeated, I’d met Melissa five minutes ago and she already had me in a fit of giggles.

“Hun, seriously when I say really naughty mean really naughty, he hardly ever comes to school and he’s suspended all the time but Head Honeybee can’t expel him ‘cause his parents are major rich like Posh’n’ Becks  rich and they pay like thousands of pounds to the school, y’know to bribe them to let Hayven stay!” I knew his type rich brat who throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get what he wants and he’s definitely a player, it was written all over his pretty little face, I should of known.

“Feel bad for the guy all alone in that massive mansion of his,” Melissa said

“Where are his parents?” I asked confused.

“No one knows exactly who they are but their famous and they have work in other countries I guess, no one knows who they are ‘cause if it was leaked in the press Hayven would be on the front of Heat Magazine!” Melissa explained.

“Oh” I said, this Hayven guy was different, mysterious, I could say that much.

“They say when he bunks, he parties, and gets drunk, the usu’ but I say he puts on a knitted jumper, his reading glasses and does Algebra all day!” Melissa said, I laugh as an image of Hayven in knitwear comes to mind.

“And why do you say that?” I asked, choking with laughter.

“He’s mega smart, acts all blasé ‘bout it but everybody knows, he could get into Oxford if he wanted to, so there you have it, smart, gorgeous and really naughty!” Melissa said with a smile.

“Melissa; how an earth d’you know all this?” I asked.

“I wanna be a journalist, if I don’t know something it ain’t worth knowing!”

We had arrived at History and I had the biggest grin on my face. There was no doubt in my mind that I’d be okay in RDA, I had Melissa by my side.

“Hello Jamelia, I’m Mr Charleston, Welcome to my History class!”


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